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What is a list of bankruptcies?

What is a list of bankruptcies?
"""A bankruptcy list is a list of corporations, businesses, and individuals who have legally declared themselves insolvent. All of their debts have been legally discharged by the United States Bankruptcy Court. Depending on the form of bankruptcy, the individual may be entirely debt-free.

The court publishes bankruptcy information as part of its public records. Numerous businesses specialize in accumulating and selling this information to marketing firms and consumer credit agencies. These bankruptcy list companies do an excellent job of locating nearly everyone who has recently received a court-ordered debt discharge.

As a result, marketing firms will quickly discover that your name is on the list of bankruptcies and send you various mail offers. These offers will include credit card information, financial management programs, consumer credit offers, and assistance with the purchase of anything from a house to a car.

About one month after judicial release, your mailbox will be flooded with these offers. If you take the time to examine them closely, you will notice that the majority of them are frauds. If you are prudent, you will consider all or nearly all of the offers to be junk mail and discard them. Numerous individuals engage in fraudulent schemes that position them back in substantial debt and ultimately back in court.

In addition, many individuals quickly tire of all the unsolicited correspondence they receive concerning their recent bankruptcy discharge. Renting a distinct mailbox for your legitimate mail at your local post office is one of the most effective solutions to this issue. Even so, you may shortly discover that your new address has been added to the new bankruptcy list.

There are legitimate offers from reputable companies. To find credible information that you can use effectively, however, requires diligent investigation and advice. The majority of mail-in offers will contain bankruptcy credit card information.

Prior to applying for any credit card, you should contact a credit counseling service if you have been working with one. The majority of these services will advise you to survive on cash for at least a year prior to acquiring a credit card. Excessive credit card debt was most likely a factor in the occurrence of severe debt. Your credit counselor is well aware of the negative effects of being on the bankruptcy list.

If you need a credit card to administer your business or home, you should only apply for a secured credit card. To obtain this type of credit card, you must post collateral in the form of a deposit to a special bank account. The card limit will be equivalent to the deposit amount. The collateral will be used to pay any past-due credit card balances. A secured credit card can help rehabilitate your credit score if you use it responsibly.

Inevitable consequence of a bankruptcy discharge is inclusion on a bankruptcy list. The consequent flow of financial and consumer offers can be enticing. If you are prudent, you will view the majority of offers as unwanted mail. Failure to exercise self-control may result in a return to significant debt.""

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