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When the Creditors Decide to Sue You

When the Creditors Decide to Sue You
"Being sued is likely one of the most terrifying things that can happen to an individual. A lawsuit may result in hefty fines, probation, or even imprisonment. The first thought that may cross your mind is to flee, hide, or otherwise escape; however, you should not panic. If you have received a court summons, there is a better way to approach this event in your life, and there are even steps you can take to minimize the harm.

Remember that this is a Very Serious Matter

In the midst of all the craziness in our lives, we sometimes neglect the basics. The best response to receiving a court summons is to calm down and take the time to fully comprehend what is happening. The laws regarding court summons and procedures vary from state to state, and even between neighboring cities. This is why it is essential to devote a few hours to researching the information you are perusing about your lawsuit. This action could save your life. The worst course of action in this circumstance would be to discard your summons onto the table and examine them a few weeks later. Typically, summons has a 20-day turnaround time, and if you fail that deadline, your creditor will be granted a default judgment - with or without your participation. This may result in wage garnishment or unauthorized withdrawals from your bank account.

Respond to your Summons

Now that you are aware of the status of your summons, you can submit a response with the court. Though consulting an attorney is recommended in this circumstance, you can also do it yourself. Your response should include any defenses you have, such as if you were unable to pay your debt due to financial hardship, as well as any records you have with the company regarding your attempts to negotiate a settlement. Anything you can think of will be helpful when submitting your response. If you choose not to file a response, the debt collector is likely to prevail, whereas the likelihood of reaching a settlement is significantly higher if you do.

Hold Off and Plan - and Do So With Patience

Even for large corporations, court fees can frequently exceed the underlying debt. In addition, they must wait for your payment to arrive. Therefore, it is likely that they will contact you prior to court and attempt to resolve the matter outside of court. When they do, you must be prepared to negotiate. Find a monthly payment amount that is manageable for you and present it to them. They will almost certainly accept your offer.

Don't Repeat It

Everyone makes errors, so you have no reason to feel humiliated. Receiving a court summons is not the end of the world, particularly since your creditor is typically attempting to intimidate you into settling. However, learn from your errors and do not repeat them. This will save you a great deal of grief, anxiety, and credit score.""

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