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Your Privacy And Bankruptcy

Your Privacy And Bankruptcy
"""The decision to apply for bankruptcy is accompanied by numerous stresses. There is a great deal of pressure resulting from the dearth of funds and the accumulation of debt. Numerous individuals worry that everyone will discover that they have applied for bankruptcy protection. As opposed to a punishment, bankruptcy is intended to be a tool that provides assistance to those experiencing difficult circumstances. Filing for bankruptcy is a matter of public record, but it does not have to have a negative impact on your life.Everyone has the right to privacy protection, even in bankruptcy. There are laws prohibiting the disclosure of some of your personal information to the public record. Certain personally identifying information must always be protected. Your social security number is given to creditors as a means of identification, but it cannot become public record. The greatest risk to your privacy during bankruptcy has nothing to do with people learning that you have filed for bankruptcy, but rather with the possibility that your personal information will not be entirely protected from public view.

Safeguarding Your Information

Personal identifying information must be redacted. Redacted means that the information must be edited so that it is protected, but you can still be identified with the information that remains. Displaying the last four digits of your social security number or the last two digits of your birth year are examples of redacting personally identifying information. Although the law requires that your personally identifiable information be redacted, it is not unusual for this rule to be broken. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to safeguard your information. Your bankruptcy attorney is responsible for redacting your identifying information from documents. Nonetheless, you should examine your bankruptcy documents with your attorney to ensure that your information is secure. If your personal information is not redacted on your initial petition for bankruptcy, you may be deemed to have renounced your right to redaction.

Against Identity Theft

Concerns about identity theft resulting from bankruptcy filings are increasing. In recent years, identity theft has taken extreme measures, including the theft of your personally identifiable information, the accumulation of thousands of dollars in debt, and the filing of bankruptcy under your name. In addition to becoming liable for the debts, it can take months to repair the damage to your credit. If you discover that you have been a victim of bankruptcy identity theft, take the following measures to minimize the damage to your personal information.

Immediately submit a complaint with your local police department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Send a letter to the U.S. Trustees in your region that includes identification documentation and an explanation of your identity theft case.
Contact the Internal Revenue Service with an explanation letter, proof of identify, and a police/FBI case reference number. You will also be required to complete Form 3949-A.
Employ a lawyer to represent you in court and assist with your identity theft case.

Time is essential for administering identity theft and fraud cases. To prevent identity theft, you should frequently monitor your credit reports and notify creditors of any unauthorized changes. Keeping your confidential information private can be a chore in and of itself, but the repercussions of leaking it can be much more severe.""

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