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Agriculture Lung

Agriculture Lung
"""Farmer's lung: what is it?

Farmer's lung is an allergic disease that is typically brought on by breathing in the dust from moldy hay, but it can also be brought on by any moldy crop, including straw, corn, silage, grain, or even tobacco. The technical name for Farmer's lung is ""extrinsic allergic alveolitis,"" ""hypersensitivity alveolitis,"" or more generally ""hypersensitivity pneumonitis."" The ""-itis"" word ending denotes inflammation, so ""alveo

Why does Farmer's Lung develop?

Spores from two types of bacteria, ""Micropolyspora faeni"" and ""Thermoactinomyces vulgaris"" and specific types of molds called ""Aspergillus"" are the main causes of Farmer's Lung. In regions where crops are harvested in wet or rainy weather, crops typically undergo self-heating while in storage. when this happens, heat-tolerating bacteria or moulds are frequently found on moldy crops.

The frequency of farmer's lung

A blood test has shown that 20 to 40% of farm workers in some areas have antibodies that react with the antigens responsible for Farmer's Lung, which indicates that people have had at least an initial exposure to moldy dust. Studies have shown that incidence varies from place to place, and there is little information on the precise number of people with Farmer's Lung in Canada. The disease seems to occur in about 2 to 10% of farm workers, depending on the region.

Who is susceptible to Farmer's Lung?

The risk of developing farmer's lung increases when farmers or farm workers are breaking open bales of moldy hay or straw inside closed barns or sheds. Children rarely get farmer's lung. The amount of dust that accumulates in the person's lungs determines the risk's severity. Working with loose hay in an open field poses little risk.

How do you recognize Farmer's Lung?

The allergic response of the person with Farmer's Lung depends on the sensitivity of the individual and the amount of moldy dust entering the lungs. The reaction can be a sudden attack or symptoms linked to a slowly progressing illness. Typically, people with Farmer's Lung do not link their health problem with exposure to moldy hay. Instead, they go to their doctors complaining of breathing problems. It is important to note that the signs and symptoms of Farmer's Lung vary greatly.

What Farmer's Lung tests are available?

It is crucial for a doctor to know if a patient with shortness of breath has been exposed to moldy crops because there is no single, easy test to distinguish between Farmer's Lung and other types of lung diseases. The most significant evidence for Farmer's Lung is the history of exposure to dust from moldy hay or other moldy crops and the development of signs and symptoms 4 to 8 hours later.

What is Farmer's Lung's course of treatment?

Avoiding further contact with moldy dust is the first line of treatment for those who experience acute attacks of Farmer's Lung. For serious cases, bed rest is advised, and oxygen therapy may be required to relieve shortness of breath. While some medications can provide relief from an allergic reaction and ease breathing during acute attacks, long-term use of these medications is not advised because it can hide the symptoms of Farmer's Lung without preventing lung damage.

How may Farmer's lung be avoided?

Farm workers must take precautions to avoid breathing in spores from moldy crops, and steps must be taken to prevent crop spoilage and production of bacteria or mold spores that cause the allergic reaction. The following precautions are advised: Wet hay, grain, or other crops can be dried at harvest; however, this is rarely easy and typically expensive, and it is frequently an effective solution.

How may Farmer's Lung be managed?

In general, hypersensitive people must avoid breathing dust from moldy crops; however, where the problem persists for an extended period of time, hypersensitive people may actually have to consider leaving the dusty environment and changing their occupation to prevent slow, gradual, permanent lung damage. There is no simple cure for Farmer's Lung once a person has the disease.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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