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Inspection Checklists: A Sample Office Checklist

Inspection Checklists: A Sample Office Checklist
"""What does a sample office inspection checklist look like?

The examples that follow don't include all the things that could be inspected in an office. A checklist created specifically for your workplace's requirements is the finest kind. Regardless of the checklist's layout, leave room for the date and the inspectors' signatures. Inspectors: Date:   (O) (O) Satisfactory (X) (X) Needs an Action Location Condition Comments board notices and signs Are they readable and neat? Is the content routinely updated? Do objects obstruct people passing by? Floors Are there any debris, loose materials, or damaged carpeting? Are the floors moist, oily, or slippery? Aisles and Stairways Are they unobstructed and clear? Are stairways properly lit? Are there handholds and handrails? Are the aisles recognizable and marked? Equipment Are there guards, screens, and sound-dampening equipment in place and functioning properly? Is the furniture sturdy and suitable for use? Keep an eye out for: - chairs that need repair - Cabinets and desks with sharp edges - bad ergonomics (desk height adjustment, keyboard elevation), crowding Are ladders safe to use and in good condition? Emergency Resources Is all fire suppression gear consistently inspected and certified? Is the fire-fighting equipment suitable for the kind of fire it must put out? Is there emergency lighting that is inspected frequently? Building Are structures up to code in terms of use, occupancy, building services, and plumbing features? Verify the following buildings for security: doors that swing open - Wall and floor openings - ramps, stairs, and ladders - a fence. Are materials safely stored? System for Handling Air Does the air exchange rate meet the required standards? Are there no sources of pollution in the system, such as asbestos, bacteria, dust, or fumes? Is the humidity within the ideal range? Dangerous Goods Exist any dangerous items (such as those covered by WHMIS)? - If so, are the products labeled properly? - If so, does each product have a related safety data sheet (SDS)? – If so, have employees received training on how to handle or be around these materials safely? Sanitation Are the locations where food is prepared and bathrooms clean? Are the following details given sufficiently? - restrooms and showers - Drinkable (potable) water - Garment storage - Restrooms. - Field facilities - Dining areas Are there policies in place to stop the spread of illness? Security Do the entry and departure policies offer personal security to employees at night? Are there protocols in place for emergencies (e.g., evacuation, fire, bomb threat, aggressive person)? Lighting Cleanliness of light reflectors Are any bulbs lacking? Is anything dark there? Material Retention Are things stacked safely and neatly? Are there stools or stepladders to reach items on upper shelves? Are storage shelves stacked to their rated capacity or beyond it? Are bulky, heavy items kept on lower shelves? Are there any obstacles in the way of traffic or workers? Is there a lot of use of extension cords? (If so, think about putting in permanent wiring) Are there exposed telephone or electrical cords in places where workers could tangle in them? Is electrical wiring constructed correctly? Machines are they appropriately guarded? Does any equipment have protrusions made of sharp metal? Fixtures on the wall and ceiling are they firmly fastened? Are garbage and paper disposed of properly? Are office supplies properly stowed, are file and desk drawers kept closed when not in use? Are items arranged on shelves or desks? Are the file cabinet drawers stuffed full? Are the lowest drawers of file cabinets usually filled with the heaviest items? When necessary, are shelves firmly fixed to the wall? Are trash cans and filing stools situated in areas where they could trip people up?""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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