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Workplace Housekeeping: General Inspection Checklist

Workplace Housekeeping: General Inspection Checklist
"""What does a housekeeping inspection checklist look like in practice?

Use the checklist below as a general workplace manual. Grounds and Other Locations Are the floors tidy and free of trash? Are there warning signals for moist floors? Are the floors in decent shape? Do any planks, carpet, or holes, worn or loose, protrude? Where there is a chance of spills, wetness, or grease, is anti-slip flooring used? Are there any projecting things, such as nails, sharp corners, cabinet drawers that aren't closed, or electrical cables that are hanging down? Personal belongings like clothing and lunchboxes are they kept in designated lockers or storage spaces? Is the workspace crowded? Do flooring have good drainage? Stairs and aisles Are there clear, unobstructed aisles? Do blind corners have mirrors installed? Are the aisles broad enough to comfortably fit people and equipment? Are skids, pallets, power trucks, and hand trucks all loaded safely? Is the office lighting sufficient? Are stairs illuminated? Do the steps have a non-slip tread? Repairs are made to damaged stair treads? Spill Prevention Are all spills cleaned up right away? Are the steps taken that are listed on the material safety data sheet? Are fatty, oily, combustible, or hazardous materials utilized with spill absorbents? Are used rags and absorbents properly and quickly disposed of? Is there a barrier around a spill spot to stop it from spreading? Maintenance of Equipment and Machinery Is the machinery in good operating order and are all the safety features in place? Is the equipment outdated or damaged? Are equipment and tools checked frequently for wear or leaks? Equipment is swiftly repaired? If leaks cannot be stopped at the source, are drip pans or absorbent materials used? Is an oil splashing machine equipped with a splash guard or screen? Are tools and machines cleaned on a regular basis? Waste Management Are there enough containers available? Exist separate, regulated containers for hazardous and flammable waste? Are there trash cans near the source of the waste? Are trash bins regularly emptied? Waste chemicals that are combustible and poisonous are they handled properly? Storage Are storage areas accessible and safe? Is the item safely stacked, blocked, or, if possible, interlocked? Are materials kept in locations that don't hinder exits, fire escapes, stairs, or firefighting tools? Are materials kept in locations that don't obstruct workers or the movement of materials? Where material cannot be heaped, are bins or racks provided? Are all storage spaces well-described? Do employees comprehend the protocols for handling and storing materials? Prevention of Fire Are flammable and combustible substances only present in the amounts required for the task at hand? Are flammable and combustible substances stored in safety cans while being used? Are hazardous materials kept out of the way and in authorized containers? Are sprinkler heads free of accumulated debris? Are fire extinguishers inspected, checked for proper operation, and placed near potential ignition sources? Are sticky or oily rags regularly disposed of in metal containers?""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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