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Workplace Cleaning - Workplace Cleaning Checklist

Workplace Cleaning - Workplace Cleaning Checklist
"""What does a Workplace Housekeeping Checklist look like?

DO: Reduce fire risks by keeping the workplace clear of accumulated debris and combustible materials. Ensure that exits and passageways are free of barriers to enable quick building evacuation. Put all waste and scrap in the appropriate bins. Oily rags should be kept in enclosed metal containers. Hazardous materials should be disposed of in approved, designated containers. Place your tools and supplies where they belong. To maintain ventilation effectiveness, clean the air vents and filters. Make sure that piles, drums, and boxes are positioned securely and are stacked correctly. After concluding a work or before leaving the job site, tidy up tools and unused supplies. Utilizing personal protection equipment (PPE) where required, clean up spills as soon as possible in accordance with protocols. Report risks including cracked or uneven boards and burned-out lights. Repair instantly. When not in use, bundle wires and hoses. Pallets and empty containers should be placed in the designated areas. Place little containers within bigger ones. Only keep the necessary amount of combustible items on the job site. Do not encroach on the space surrounding fire extinguishers, sprinklers, or emergency exits with materials. Do not wait until the very end of the shift or day to finish cleaning. Cleaning equipment without ""locking out"" is not permitted. Avoid reaching into trash cans. Empty the bag or the contents. Do not use compressed air to remove dust. Use a brush or a vacuum. Avoid putting metal straps and shattered glass in plastic bags. Don't collect trash with your bare hands. To prevent splinters and wounds, put on gloves. Don't pile things up on the stairs. Kegs and boxes should not be used as chairs or ladders.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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