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Construction Site Housekeeping Checklist for the Workplace

Construction Site Housekeeping Checklist for the Workplace
"""What is an illustration of a construction site cleaning checklist?

DO Pick up and remove debris to maintain order on the job site. Make a plan for how to dispose of scrap, waste, and extra materials. Keep the workspace and all of the tools organized. Set aside locations for trash and supply containers. Keep materials, supplies, and obstructions out of the gangways, ladders, and scaffold. Secure any light or loose items that are kept on open floors or roofs. Keep materials away from openings, roof edges, excavations, and trenches by at least 2 meters (5 feet). Nails sticking out of boards should be removed or bent over. Avoid leaving hoses, power cords, welding leads, etc. on walkways or other areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Make sure structural openings are suitably covered or protected (e.g. sumps, shafts, floor openings, etc.) DO NOT Don't let trash fall unhindered from any project level. Utilize chutes or other authorized equipment to move materials. Never toss objects, including tools. No tool or piece of equipment should be raised or lowered using its own cable or supply pipe. Explosive/Flammable Materials Oil, gasoline, and cleaning products are examples of flammable or explosive materials that should be stored separately from other items. Keep explosive and flammable goods in designated containers with their contents properly indicated. Dispose of combustible materials such as greasy, oily rags in containers that have been approved. Keep full barrels upright when storing them. Store oil and gasoline barrels on a barrel rack. Separately store empty barrels. In places where flammable and explosive chemicals are stored or used, post notices that forbid smoking, open flames, and other ignition sources. Store and link all pressurized gas cylinders in an upright posture. Empty cylinders should be labeled with the letters ""mt"" and kept apart from full or half full cylinders. Properly ventilate each storage space. In areas where combustible products are stored, be sure that all electrical fixtures and switches are explosion-proof. To avoid the development of static electricity on containers, use grounding straps with clamps. Extinguishers that are suitable for the materials on site should be provided. Keep fire extinguisher locations open and free of obstructions.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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