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How to Register Marriages in Cebu, Philippines

If you are getting married here in Cebu, you need to read this vital information and steps in registering marriage in Cebu.

Marriage Registration in Cebu, Philippines

This service caters to filing and registration of all registrable documents of marriages, judicial decrees and legal instruments updating records on file and keep and preserve them per Administrative Order 1, s. 1993 of Act 3753.
CLIENT/S : Couples or their authorized representative

Atty. Evangeline T. Abatayo, Civil Registrar
Louella N. Dejito , Registration Officer
Contact/Telephone Number: 232-6664
LOCATION : Office of the City Civil Registrar (OCCR) Cebu City

AVAILABILITY:  Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 5: 00 PM

DURATION OF THE SERVICE:  26 minutes & 30 seconds



Follow the steps…
Wait while Person-in-charge…
It will take…
1. Submit accomplished Certificate of Marriage (COM).
1. Reviews COM entries according to guidelines.
Rosienisa Agot
7 minutes
2.  Assign  Registry Number to COM and forwards COM for signatory.
3 minutes
3. Signs the COM.
Atty. Evangeline Abatayo
15 minutes
2. Get copy of registration of marriage.
4. Clerk segregates and give copy to couple or representative.
1.5 minutes

Source: Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook
This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.

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6 Joann   (15 March 2014 0:39 AM)
Hi All Good Morning, I would like to ask maybe one of here can help me and get more info. I Married in Germany since January 30,2014. Now I want to change my Last Name to my Husband SureName. I just know I have to get a Certificate from CFO my NSOand so on. With Married Certificate legalize from Philippines Embassy in Germany. It's just confuse me and husband. Search again..there saying I have to or with my husband to register our married in Cebu City then we get a lot of requirements. Somebody can help me about this and how it takes and what's the requirements plz...PM Me Thanks... I wish you all have a nice Weekend All.

Joann R.

5 Ruthsen   (11 March 2013 3:50 PM)
Hi..I would like to ask about my marriage certificate if it is not fake coz it was register in Barili Municipal this is the registration no.2010-2180.Marriage License no.137420 on July 01,2010.Thanks poh..

3 monique   (08 February 2012 2:50 PM)
i am complying my requirements in geeting marrige license,my problem is i dont have any valid i.d,nagpunta ako nang COMELEC,di pa daw nagagawa ang voter's i.d ko at di pa daw naipapadala ng COMELEC sa Manila,tanong ko kung tatanggapin ba kung hihingi nlng ako ng voter's i.d copy ko,tatatakan lang ng purpose o kung saan gagamitin?

4 admin   (08 February 2012 3:35 PM)
monique, if you're problem is having a valid id. You can go and have a postal id.

2 Baldip Singh   (19 January 2012 0:17 AM)
Can you please contact me urgently at my mobile +6591653646. I need to make enquires on how i and my girlfriend can be registered as married in the phillippines.

1 rheena carissa abadia   (08 April 2011 2:45 PM)
how much will it cost us for a civil marriage ? the accurate amount from all due processess