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Good news! ( Touch Mobile ) TM AstigTawag no longer requires maintaining balance.

TM P20 for 15 consumable minutes to all networks

TM ASTIGTAWAG 20! 15 minutes na tawag na pwedeng hati-hatiin sa lahat ng networks.

P20 lang! Valid for 24 hours.

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How to Register for ASTIGTAWAG20?

Text ASTIGTAWAG20 to 8888 to register.

How to Inquire Load Balance (Balance Inquiry) for ASTIGTAWAG20?

For status, txt ASTIGTAWAG BAL (P1/txt) to 8888.

How to Register for ASTIGTAWAG20?

To stop, text ASTIGTAWAG OFF to 8888.

Note: You cannot register to Astigtawag while you're still registered to Todotawag Magdamag.

To stop Todo Tawag Magdamag, txt TAWAG OFF. For status, txt TAWAG BAL. P1/txt. Send to 8888.














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1. What is TM ASTIGTAWAG 20?

ASTIGTAWAG 20 is TM's coolest new call offer. For just P20, you already have 15 minutes of call to all networks. The call can be one long call, or multiple calls totaling 15 minutes. Simply text ASTIGTAWAG20 to 8888 to register.

2. Is TM ASTIGTAWAG 20 available for 24 hours?

Yes. ASTIGTAWAG 20 is available for 24 hours. You may register anytime. Registration is valid for 24 hours. Just make sure that you are not registered to Todo Tawag Magdamag before registering to ASTIGTAWAG 20.

To unsubscribe to Todo Tawag Magdamag, text TAWAG OFF to 8888.

3. Can I register again instantly to ASTIGTAWAG if I have already consumed my 15 minutes of Astigtawag within 24 hours?

You may. But you still have to unsubscribe first even if you have already finished your

15 minutes before registering again.

Text ASTIGTAWAG OFF send to 8888. Once your subscription has stopped, you may now text ASTIGTAWAG20 to 8888 to register again.

4. Can I register to this promo?

Yes you may register, as long as you have an active TM SIM.

5. I have a TM SIM. Can i call my friends using SMART, Red, TNT or SUN SIM using this promo?

Yes you may call your friends even if they belong to other networks.

6. Is this promo available nationwide or to just selected areas in the country?

This promo is available nationwide. You may use TM ASTIGTAWAG as long as you are a TM subscriber, wherever you are in the Philippines.

7. How can I register to this promo?

Just text ASTIGTAWAG20 to 8888. Make sure you have at least P21 load when you register so that you can use ASTIGTAWAG20.

8. Why should my load not be lower than P21?

You will need P20 load to be able to register to the promo. The additional P1 is needed to be able to use the promo.

9. What if I have zero load already after registering to the promo?

You won't be able to use the promo. You need to have at least P1 to continue using the promo.

10. Can I call right away after texting ASTIGTAWAG 20 to 8888?

Not yet. You still have to wait for the confirmation message that you are already registered to the promo:

· 1/2 Maaari ka nang mag- TM ASTIGTAWAG! 15 minutes na tawag na pwedeng hati-hatiin sa lahat ng networks.

· 2/2 Mag-maintain ng P1 load pra tuloy-tuloy ang paggamit ng ASTIGTAWAG. For status, txt ASTIGTAWAG BAL (P1/txt). To unsubscribe,txt ASTIGTAWAG OFF.Send to 8888

11. Will my call be cut after 15 minutes?

Yes, your call with be cut after 15 minutes.

To check your status, text ASTIGTAWAG BAL to 8888. P1/text.

To register again, unsubscribe first then register again if you have consumed your 15 minutes in less than 24 hours.

To unsubscribe, text ASTIGTAWAG OFF to 8888.

To register again, text ASTIGTAWAG to 8888.

12. Can I still use other TM voice promos (TODO TAWAG 15/15, SAKTO CALLS, & TODO TAWAG MAGDAMAG) while my ASTIGTAWAG is still active?

You may still use Todotawag 15/15 and Sakto Calls while still registered to ASTIGTAWAG. However, you cannot register to Todotawag Magdamag.

13. Can I still use other TM text offers (SuliTXT, AstigTXT, AstigTXTALL) while my ASTIGTAWAG is still active?

Yes, you may still register to TM txt offers (SuliTXT, ASTIGTXT, TXTOTHERS, Todo Text).

14. How will I know if my promo will already end?

You may check the status of your promo by texting ASTIGTAWAG BAL to 8888. This costs you P1/text

15. How will i know if my promo has already expired?

You will receive a text message from TM informing you that your promo has already ended:

Ang iyong TM ASTIGTAWAG subscription ay expired na. Para mag register ulit, text ASTIGTAWAG20 to 8888!

17. What if I just have P1 balance while still registered to ASTIGTAWAG. Then I checked my balance. Will I still be able to call again?

Not anymore. Your P1 balance has already been consumed by your status check. You need to have at least P1 again to be able to make a call again.

18. What If I try calling to a landline number?

You will be charged regular mobile to landline rate of P6.50 per minute. Remember that ASTIGTAWAG works only for mobile phone to mobile phone calls.

19. How can I get extra information about this promo?

Text ASTIGTAWAG HELP or ASTIGTAWAG INFO to 8888 for more information about TM ASTIGTAWAG.


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