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How to Replace Keyboard Keys on a Toshiba Laptop

How to Replace Keyboard Keys on a Toshiba Laptop
"Toshiba laptop keys are often removed for cleaning or repair, and they must be put back on before the keyboard will function properly. Another scenario where a key would need to be reinstalled is when an entire key is replaced. Once a key has worn out, if the user doesn't wish to replace the entire keyboard, replacing the individual key is a simple alternative. This guide will walk through both the removal and replacement of keyboard keys on a Toshiba laptop. This process is relatively simple and requires no specialized tools. Advertisement Step 1 Remove the keys from the laptop by inserting a thin metal object under any side of the key, and gently prying away from the keyboard. Though a knife will work for this task, it is wiser to use an object that's not quite as sharp, such as a flathead screwdriver. The keys may pop off with considerable velocity, so make sure your face is not located directly above the keyboard, and that the immediate area will allow the key to be found easily if it lands across the room from the laptop. Discard the key if replacing it with a new one, or perform any intended maintenance on the key, such as cleaning. Advertisement Step 2 Put the keyboard keys back on the laptop. Toshiba notebooks use small, plastic hinges to secure them in place. These will normally stay put, but they sometimes come off with the key. Examine the empty slot on the keyboard to make sure the hinges are still in place. If not, slide them back into the holes they came out of. A slight click will be heard as they fit into place. To put the key back on, set it over the slot it came from, and apply gentle pressure until you feel it lock into position. Step 3 Boot the computer, and test the keyboard. Make sure each key that was removed functions properly. If it doesn't register, or feels unusual when it is depressed, remove the key again and replace it, double-checking that the plastic hinges are properly secured. Tip Some larger keys, such as the ""Enter"" and space bar may use larger metal hinges instead of plastic ones. A QWERTY layout image can be helpful in figuring out which keys go where. Warning Never work on a computer that is powered on. Advertisement" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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