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How to Fix a Disk Error on a Toshiba DVD Player

How to Fix a Disk Error on a Toshiba DVD Player
"Clean the laser lens on a Toshiba DVD player to solve disc errors. With regular use, Toshiba DVD players may eventually display the dreaded ""disc error"" or ""no disc message,"" even though there is clearly a DVD inside the machine. Disc errors are usually caused by a buildup of dust and dirt on the laser lens inside the Toshiba DVD player, which may prevent the laser lens from being able to scan the digital information encoded on the DVD. Before taking the component to a repair shop, however, try a few simple cleaning techniques. Advertisement Step 1 Open the Toshiba DVD player's media tray and place the disc cleaner in the tray, then close. Allsop, Maxell and TDK are three well-known makers of laser lens cleaning discs. Step 2 Turn on the TV to view the main Toshiba DVD screen. Step 3 Press the ""Play"" button on the front panel of the Toshiba DVD player or use the remote control. The main screen for the disc cleaner should appear on the television, displaying the remaining time for the disc to complete the cleaning cycle. Advertisement Step 4 Remove the cleaning disc and replace with a pre-recorded DVD to test the operation of the Toshiba DVD player. Step 5 Unplug the Toshiba player from the electricity and leave disconnected for 30 seconds before restoring the power. This will cause the component to reset if the ""disc error"" message persists. Things You'll Need DVD laser lens cleaner TV Plastic spray bottle Distilled water Rubbing alcohol Microfiber cloths Tip DVD players accumulate dust and dirt mainly from the DVDs inserted in the machine. Keep DVDs clean by mixing a solution of three parts distilled water to one part rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray a fine mist over the shiny surface of the disc and wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Advertisement"

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