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Cebuano / Bisaya Terms and Translation of the Human Body Parts

For foreigners or Cebuano native speakers who want to learn the Cebuano or Bisaya translation of major parts of the human body, here are some essential information you need to know.
Learning the Cebuano / Bisaya Terms or Translation of Human Body Parts is easy.
Human Body Parts
English to Bisaya/Cebuano translation
English Term Bisaya Term (Translation)
head ulo
forehead buna or agtang
ear dunggan or dalunggan (pronounce as dung-gan)
eye mata
eyebrow kilay
cheek aping (prounounce as ah-ping)
nose ilong (i-long)
neck li-og (li-ug)
mouth baba
Adam's Apple ubol-ubol
chin siwang or suwang
chest dughan (dug-han)
breast totoy
shoulder abaga
armpit ilok (i-lok)
arm bukton (buk-ton), braso
elbow siko (si-ko)
umbilicus pusod (pu-sod)
stomach tiyan (ti-yan)
forearm bukton (but-ton)
wrist pulso (pul-so)
groin bogan (bo-gan)
hand kamot (ka-mot)
fingers tudlo (tud-lo)
fist kumo (ku-mo)
penis oten (o-ten) / pikoy
vagina kiki, boto, bilat (bi-lat) or bisong
thigh paa
knee tuhod
calf kaunuran sa batiis or bagtak
leg paa
ankle tikod
foot tiil

If there some human body parts that are not included in the above list, let us now its translation in Cebuano or Bisaya. We will include these in the list. Just leave a message or comment below.

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Steven Lee   (04 May 2017 9:32 AM)


Mary   (07 February 2017 11:34 AM)

chin is not siwang, it's suwang

charlie   (16 December 2016 11:16 AM)

butt - sampot
anus - lubot

Lilane   (21 November 2016 2:03 PM)

Armpit - ( ilok ) i-lok to pronounce
Eyebrow - kilay
Chin is suwang not siwang
Eyelashes - piloka
Hair - buhok
Brain - utok
Butt - lubot
Hips - hawak
Heart - kasing kasing
Nipple - atngal or at-ngal
Teeth - ngipon
Tongue - dila
Lips - ngabil
Palm- palad or pad
Nails - kuko
Veins - ugat
Lungs - baga
Liver - atay
Intestine - tinae
Ovary - matris
Bone - bukog if many use mga
Bald - opaw
Sweat - singot
Mole - alum
Mustache/beard - bungot

eboy   (04 July 2013 6:05 PM)

ang cute kay ako

eboy   (04 July 2013 6:04 PM)

ang cow kay baka

Mel E.   (03 January 2013 3:33 PM)

body cells naa translation?

Jomarie de Villa   (12 October 2012 10:09 PM)

Nakalimot diay ko, ang forehead, agtang na siya.

Jomarie de Villa   (12 October 2012 10:07 PM)

Di ba ang arm, braso sa cebuano? Ug ang ankle, tikod, okay? Ang calf, bagtak. Cebuano gud ta bay.More power to us Cebuanos.

admin   (13 October 2012 7:53 AM)

thanks, Jomarie de Villa. We updated the article above and made some changes you suggest.

It seems that you are fluent in Cebuano and I appreciate so much of your suggestion/comment.

Pilit   (30 August 2012 1:51 AM)

"BISONG" is also bisaya term for vagina.
"PIKOY" is also bisaya term for penis.