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Shapes [Mga Hugis] with Chart and Pictures: English To Tagalog Translation

Do you know the Tagalog translations of cone, sphere, parallelogram, trapezoids? Those are basic shapes in which you might not know their Tagalog terms. 

Shape usually refers to the geometric properties of an object. Shape is translated in tagalog as "hugis" (pronounced as hoo-gis). I made a "Shapes Chart" below with Tagalog translation under the English term. This could be very useful for teachers or parents who want to teach their kids about shapes. This could also be very useful for foreigners or non-Filipino speakers who want to learn the Tagalog (Filipino) language about shapes.
In singular form:
  • shape --- hugis
In plural form:
  • shapes --- mga hugis
Note: the term "mga" is pronounced as "ma-nga".

Shapes - Mga Hugis Chart

Shapes (Mga Hugis)
English to Tagalog (Filipino) Translation

PictureEnglish TermTagalog (Filipino) Term(s)
circlebilog (pronounced as bi-loog)
triangletatsulok (tat-su-lok)
squareparisukat (pa-ri-su-kat)
hugis tala
starhugis-tala (hu-gis ta-la), hugis-bituin (hu-gis bi-tu-in)
hugis buwan
moonhugis-buwan (hu-gis bu-wan)
rectangleparihaba (pa-ri-ha-ba)
pentagonpentagono (pen-ta-go-no)
hexagoneksagono (ek-sa-go-no)
octagonoktagono (ok-ta-go-no)
diamondhugis-diyamante (hu-gis ja-man-te)
hugis krus
crosshugis-krus (hu-gis krus)
trapezoidtrapesoyd (tra-pe-soyd)
hugis palaso
arrowhugis-palaso (hu-gis pa-la-so)
ovalhabilog (ha-bi-log), obal (o-bal)
hugis puso
hearthugis-puso (hu-gis pu-so)
parallelogramparigapay (pa-ri-ga-pay), paralelogram (pa-ra-le-lo-gram)
sphereespera (es-pe-ra)
conekono (ko-no)
cylindersilindro (si-lin-dro)
cubekubo (ku-bo)

There may be other shapes not listed above. If you know other shapes that you want us to translate in Tagalog (Filipino), let us know in the comment below.

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