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DepEd Rationalization Plan/Program

In 2006, the Department of Education (DepEd) submitted to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) its Rationalization Plan/Program in line with Executive Order No. 366 dated October 4, 2004 entitled "Directing A Strategic Review of the Operations and Organizations of the Executive Branch and Providing Options and Incentives for Government Employees Who May Be Affected By The Rationalization of the Functions and Agencies of the Executive Branch."

The review seeks to fulfill the following purposes:
  1. Focusing government efforts and resources on its vital/core services; and
  2. Improving the quality and efficiency of government services delivery by eliminating/minimizing overlaps and duplications, and improving agency performance through the rationalization of service delivery and support systems.
In 2006, the DepEd Rationalization Plan/Program aimed at achieving the following goals:
  1. A leaner central office focused on agenda-setting, policy-making, research, standards formulation and overall leadership;
  2. A re-engineered regional office set up to provide field leadership in the enforcement of standards. Corollary to this, the regional office to be a technical support service hub for divisions;
  3. A re-engineered schools division office with a core competence in leadership and supervision; and
  4. High performing schools (as measured by high Education for All (EFA) performance indicators and high national test results).

However, the 2006 Rationalization Plan/Program has not been approved to date, for the DepEd has experienced changes in priorities, thrusts and directions. Thus, the current management requested from the DBM that the DepEd be given the opportunity to review and resubmit a revised plan in line with Republic Act No. 9155 entitled "An Act Instituting A Framework of Governance for Basic Education, Establishing Authority and Accountability, Renaming the Department of Education, Culture and Sports As the Department of Education, and for Other Purposes" and the new policies, thrusts and directions of the agency.

In September 2010, the DBM returned the plan to DepEd to "give management more time to thoroughly review the functions, the organizational structure and the staffing complement with the following reminders:
  1. Have the same or lower number of positions as compared to its filled items at the start of the rationalization effort in 2005;
  2. Not to exceed the Personnel Services (PS) level of the Department at the start of the rationalization effort in the aforesaid year; and
  3. The rationalization should be based on the core functions of the Department.
This is because the rationalization program is intended to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the government operation with the use of existing resources of government through the rechanneling of said resources to priority areas of concern.

In this connection, this Department will be reviewing and redrafting the rationalization plan/program, through its reconstituted Change Management Teams (CMTs) and its sub-teams, a team of consultants under management's supervision is now doing several rounds of pre-drafting and consultations in a separate Memorandum.

From the DepEd management, the following guidelines and policy directions are to be followed as provided in EO No. 366 in designing the rationalization plan/program and its consequent effects:
  1. The preparation of the rationalization plan/program shall go through a process of consultations and validations. Please note that the first round of regional consultations was already conducted in August-September 2011, and was carried out through the efforts of the Visayas regions and selected divisions. Further consultations will be conducted as such: the second round of consultations with the different associations; and the third round with the field executives.
The Central Office consultations to be led by the CMT will commence in early October. The process will be participatory and reiterative; hence, there will also be three (3) rounds of discussions with the different groups.
  1. The rationalization plan/program is expected/targeted to be submitted by the end of December 2011;
  2. The implementation of the Rationalization Plan/Program will follow Section 20 of EO No. 366 which states: "The DBM shall issue the implementing guidelines for the effective implementation of this EO, including the mechanisms for the agency utilization of savings, provided that savings shall not be used for the creation of new positions and hiring of additional personnel, either on contractual, casual, consultancy or job order basis."
  3. No one will lose their rank or position level. The options available as prescribed by EO No. 366 include the following:
    1. New assignments which will be at the same level or higher than their current position if their qualification so merits it.
    2. Movement (lateral or to a higher post) in a different level of the DepEd organization (e.g. from division to district)
  4. Professional development programs such as retooling will be provided to assist the personnel in the transition to adjusted/new tasks:
    1. No one will be forced out or retrenched from the organization other than by natural attrition. This wi11 be the option followed by management unless an employee opts to explore other career options within or outside the organization. Help will be provided for such employees (e.g. job leads, training, career transition counseling); and
    2. No one will be forced to retire unless the person volunteers. Those who will opt to retire wi11 be provided retirement benefits defined in EO No. 366.
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