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DepEd Rationalization Change Management Team (CMT) and Formation of Sub-Teams

In line with the review and redrafting of the Department of Education (DepEd) Rationalization Plan for submission to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) in December 2011, the Change Management Team (CMT) shall be reconstituted by the following members:
  1. Albos, Walter 0.
  2. Alidon, Domingo B.
  3. Almeda, Luz S.
  4. Andrada, Lolita M.
  5. Bayocot, Arturo
  6. Benigno, Gloria D.
  7. Borgonia, Recaredo G.
  8. Borres, Isabelita M.
  9. De Leon, Rosario
  10. Dino, Lorna D.
  11. Divino, Aurora
  12. Donato Ellen B.
  13. Dumlao Ma. Corazon C.
  14. Empleo, Arnulfo
  15. Esdicul, Angelita M.
  16. Estigoy, Susana Teresa B.
  17. Garay, Mildred L.
  18. Guerrero, Carolina S.
  19. Guifiares, Sinforosa A.
  20. Habijan, Eric M.
  21. Joson, Leonila G.
  22. Laguda, Reynaldo Antonio D.    
  23. Luistro FSC, Br. Armin A.
  24. Marcelo, Franklin
  25. Mateo, Jesus Lorenzo R.
  26. Miguel, Ligaya Soledad T.
  27. Muyot, Alberto T.
  28. Quijano, Yolanda S.
  29. Rivera, Rizalino D.
  30. Roberto, Louisa S.
  31. Ruiz, Armando C.
  32. Ruiz, Elena R.
  33. Salosagcol, Fidel
  34. San Antonio, Diosdado
  35. Siena, John Arnold S.
  36. Solana, Josilyn
  37. Torno, Beatriz
  38. Tumamao, Benito S.
  39. Thy, Orfelina 0.
  40. Umali Esq., Tonisito M.C.
  41. Varela, Francisco M.
  42. Velasco, Teresita M.
  43. Villanueva, Teofila R.
  44. Yu, Luisa B.
    * 2 open slots (to be announced)

The CMT shall have the following tasks:
  1. act as the champions for the review and drafting of the plan for the entire Department following the DBM framework and the DepEd management guidelines;
  2. determine and execute the steps towards arriving at the required outputs;
  3. manage the change and information/communication processes; and
  4. ensure the submission of the DepEd Rationalization Plan/Program by December 2011.
To facilitate an efficient and effective process, the CMT shall form the following sub-teams:
  1. CMT Discussion Groups (DGs);
  2. CMT Coordinating Sub-Team;
  3. CMT Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Sub-Team; and
  4. Field Change Management Team (FCMT).
The roles and responsibilities of the different sub-teams are as follows:
  1. Discussion Groups (DGs) shall be composed of CMT members from different levels of the department. There will be three (3) discussion groups within the CMT. Each discussion group shall have the following tasks:
a.1 conduct a review of the mandates and functions of all units in the Department;
a.2 conduct a review of the DepEd organizational structure; and
a.3 conduct a resource allocation review which includes, but is not limited to, staffing requirements, cost implications, human resource (HR) programs for transition.
  1. CMT Coordinating Sub-Team shall be composed of the CMT Chair and three (3) representatives each from the discussion groups. The Coordinating Team shall have the following tasks:
b.1 ensure the alignment, synthesis and integration of outputs from the 3 DGs;
b.2 take the lead in the presentation of outputs to the CMT Chair;
b.3 take the lead in the consultation of issues requiring direction or support from the CMT Chair; and
b.4 facilitate consensus-building and communicating correct information to ensure transparency.
  1. CMT Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Sub-Team shall be composed of the CMT Chair, CMT Secretariat and one (1) representative each from the DGs. The M&E Team shall have the following tasks:
c.1 ensure the alignment and compliance of the outputs from the 3 DGs to the standards and guidelines set by the DBM and DepEd management;
c.2 regularly check on the process and progress of the three (3) DGs; and
c.3 provide feedback and recommendations for plan adjustments to the CMT Chair.
  1. Field Change Management Team (FCMT) - shall be the champions of the DepEd Rationalization Plan/Program for their respective region. They shall have the follolowing tasks/functions:
d.1 participate in the consultations;
d.2 provide the data needed by the CMT; and
d.3 act as agents for managing and seamlessly implementing changes in their region after the Rationalization Plan is approved.
The Management and Personnel Divisions shall serve as the Secretariat for the CMT.

The CMT shall convene on December 15-16, 2011 for the Orientation and Planning Workshop. Incidental expenses to be incurred relative to the conduct of the activities of the CMT shall be charged to EPIP and local funds, subject to the usual accounting rules and regulations.

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