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Hongxing machinery is the integration of innovation and management

The intersection between the integration of different scientific will generate new scientific focus, economic development and social progress of the mining machinery to generate new demands and expectations. Mechanical Engineering, the general trend of scientific development will be digital, intelligent, precision, miniaturization, life oriented, and ecological. Mining machinery, as a branch of mechanical engineering disciplines, but also follows this general trend. At the same time, combining the characteristics of mining industry and its development trend is the digital, intelligent, and ecological  and amenity oriented. Mining machinery manufacturing industry should continue to integrate into the human outstanding achievements in various fields, facing the major national economic development needs of the scientific outlook on development as guidance, to achieve sustainable development.

Mining machinery and computer technology, network technology, based on the formation of an integrated digital technology trends. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as hammer crusher and ore beneficiation machine, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. The development of a mining machinery of the technological progress of mankind, modern science and technology and is closely related to the overall industrial level, particularly with the mechanical engineering sciences and closely linked to the development of mining disciplines. Forefront of modern science and technology has obvious time domain, area, and dynamic properties. Information science, materials science, life science, nano science, management science and manufacturing science are changing the 21st century; mainstream science, the resulting high tech and the industry will change the world.

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The overall level of China’s mining machinery, compared with the international advanced level there are still gaps. In the run mining machinery manufacturing power journey, opportunities and challenges coexist. Product design is the soul of the manufacturing industry, product structure, function, quality, cost, delivery time and manufacturability, maintainability, and disposal post processing, and human, machine and environment relationship, in principle, are in the product design stage decision. Product innovation and design capability has become a deciding the status of global competition in the primary factor.

Mining Machinery is a high technological content and integration of equipment, development of new equipment constantly results in all areas of human integration in, along with materials science, manufacturing technology, information technology, computer technology, each product has a into new technologies, parts and components updates become shorter and shorter, faster and faster replacement of new equipment, in particular the development of large scale mining machinery, non mature experience to draw on, but the design does not allow any mistakes and must therefore be With the integration of multi-disciplinary technologies to improve design efficiency and design quality, enhance corporate capability of independent innovation and market competitiveness.


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