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Submit an Article to Increase Your Page Rank and Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Here in affordableCebu, we installed another module called Article Directory. This is a section of AffordableCebu website where you can further promote your products, services, website, or  blog. If you are a web developer or a blogger, you will have the opportunity to increase the page rank and traffic of your website by submitting an article to this directory.
How You Can Increase the Page Rank of Your Website

Building backlinks of your website is the most powerful way to increase your website's page rank. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals know that.

In submitting articles here in affordableCebu.com, you can freely put dofollow links. Two links are recommended. If you exceeded more than two links, the other links will be removed. Only the website url will be posted with no link at all.

How You can Increase Your Website Traffic

Here in affordableCebu, you will not only given the chance to increase the page rank of your website, you have also the opportunity to increase your website traffic through our Email Subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google Plus followers and visitors from RSS Directories.

Our subscribers, fans, followers and visitors will read your articles. And they will have the chance to click your links and boooom....increase your web traffic.

But remember, readers will only read what's important, interesting and helpful for them. That's why as much as possible, write highly interesting and useful articles.

Don't forget one of our rules: Submit original and high quality articles. All articles are reviewed.

We do not accept non-original and duplicate articles. We aim to provide our readers useful information.

Do you want to submit articles? Register first. It's free. Then go to this link [Submit Article].

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