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General Luna Profile | Filipino Rock Band

General Luna is an all-female rock band in the Philippines. The group is composed of Nicole Asensio (lead vocalist), Alex Montemayor (bassist), Bea Lao (drummer), Audry Dionisio (rhythm guitarist) and Caren Mangaran (lead guitarist).
General Luna Filipino Rock Bank Picture
Picture of General Luna Rock Band members. (photo: generalluna.com)

Why General Luna?

When the group was asked the reason why do they call their band as General Luna? Nicole (the lead vocalist) said, "It has nothing to do with General Antonio Luna." It is just a combination of the two words: General (a masculine), and Luna (a feminine). There's a balance of the 2 concepts. They describe their music as a combination of 2 different concepts. Like their music single, "Red Heaven", - a mixture of loud guitar riffs and catchy melodic verses, that expresses the stomach-churning experience of a nightmare.

General Luna Album

General Luna's self-title debut album is attributed to the serious hardwork of various top artists and songwriters:
  1. Steve Badiola (Typecast frontman) - contributed for General Luna's first single, "Red Heaven"
  2. Monty Macalino (Mayonnaise vocalist and guitarist) - for the 2nd single, "Nandito"
  3. Ebe Dancel (songwriter from Sugarfree) - he wrote the song, "Maria"
  4. Pakoy Fletchero (Typecast guitarist) - produced "Walang Bintana" and offered very unique drum parts to the masterpiece
  5. Japs Sergio (Rivermaya bassist) - helped produced 2 tracks of the album, "Dala ng Ulan" and "Pagmulat", both have socio-political theme.
  6. Francis Brew Reyes (musician from NU107)
  7. Angee Rozul (multi-awarded recording engineer)
Here's the track list of General Luna's Album:
  1. "Red Heaven"
  2. "Nandito"
  3. "Dala Ng Ulan"
  4. "Maria"
  5. "Hinga"
  6. "Tila"
  7. "Pagmulat (acoustic version)"
  8. "Pavement"
  9. "Walang Bintana"
  10. "Wala Ng Mas Sasakit Pa"
  11. "Blind Man"
  12. "Usok"

General Luna Promotion

To further promote and popularize General Luna's Album, they utilized various internet tools, social networking sites and online blogs.
  • General Luna Youtube channel - youtube.com/user/GeneralLunaTV
  • General Luna's Facebook page - facebook.com/GeneralLuna
  • General Luna's Twitter page - twitter.com/generalluna2010
  • General Luna's Tumblr page - generalluna.tumblr.com
In a radio station, their single, "Red Heaven" got the number 1 spot of NU107's chart Stairway to Seven. General Luna gained several followers and listeners.

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