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Cignal vs SkyCable Video Quality: Which is better?

As a fan of HBO, Starmovies and Sports channels, I really love watching movies and sports. That's why I cannot avoid to subscribe to a cable tv service provider. I'm a subscriber of both cable tv service providers: Cignal and SkyCable. I'm using my 40" LCD TV. Do you know which cable tv provider has a better video quality?
From what I observed Cignal has a better video quality than SkyCable. Here's my video quality comparison (SD channels) of both cable tv providers:

Cignal vs. SkyCable

I know you want to enjoy a better viewing experience. From what I've observed and notice, video quality of SkyCable has more noise and big pixels. Cignal offers very clear, crisp and better video quality than SkyCable. But SkyCable offers a lot more channels than Cignal. It's a matter of quality versus quantity.

My experience actually supports the result of the 2012 AGB Nielsen Clarity Test that Cignal offers a "very clear video".

Cignal Survey Result

I hope this helps a lot for your choice of cable tv provider. Are you a subscriber of Cignal or SkyCable? Which do you think offers a better video quality?

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ADRIAN JOSE   (13 November 2015 0:00 AM)

for me,,, i subscribe sky cable for almost 10 years and now, sky has already High Definition too,,, customers are very fine and entertained....,, i like sky because they have exclusive channels... when i checked channel line up another competitor... those channels they not carry... so i stay on sky or destiny...

Myla   (05 January 2014 10:55 AM)

I am currently a cignal subscriber. One thing that I hate about cignal is, the customer service really sucks. I love PLDT but that doesn't mean that Cignal will also have the same quality service as PLDT.

There's a lot to consider when you subscribe to this company. 1) Cignal is satellite base - that means, it only relies on good weather to deliver good channels. 2) Their technical service is only free for 6 months, after that, you have to pay the tech's visits. 3) Don't trust the signal booster, it doesn't work at all if they are trying to sell you one. 4) Cignal has less channels than the competition and a little bit pricey.

The only thing good about Cignal is, they can install wherever you are but you are not guaranteed with the quality service.

And also, you have to take note the company who installed your dish coz even if it's carrying a Cignal logo, they still won't honor you coz you are a subscriber from a "different" cignal territorial partner.

admin   (06 January 2014 7:43 PM)

Myla, thanks for the tips. It really helps us a lot.

mica   (25 September 2013 11:50 AM)

Skycable has more channels if you look at the same cost..

When we switched to Cignal the quality was so bad on rainy days that I begged my parents to switch back to SKY. What is great is that on sky we had more movie channels.. although si kuya looooooved the sports channels, mas marami talaga.

Vic   (01 July 2013 9:06 PM)

Cignal plan 590 has the sports channels Star Sports and Fox Sports (replacement of ESPN) that are only available in Sky Cable in plan 990