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Pilipino: Redefining the Term

If you are a non-Filipino, you may be confused of the word Pilipino. You may find it difficult to apply in certain conversations with a Filipino (a person living in Philippines). Aside from the term "Pilipino", you may be confused of other terms such as "Pinoy", "Pinay" or "Filipina" and "Filipino".

Ako ay "Pilipino". I am a Filipino

In this article, let me help you clarify the definition and the usage of the term "Pilipino". The other terms, "Pinoy", "Pinay" or "Filipina" and Filipino are just derived from the term "Pilipino". Filipinos are fond of making shortcuts.

Defining the term "Pilipino"

What is the meaning of "Pilipino" or it might be a more proper way to ask how is "Pilipino" term used? I'll present to you here 2 definitions and usages of the the term "Pilipino".
  • "Pilipino" 
    1. Pilipino is define or used as a citizenship. It's equivalent or translation in English is "Filipino". Pilipino refers to a person living in the Philippines.
      • Example usage: I am a "Pilipino" (Filipino). I am born in the Philippines. My parents are Filipinos.
    2. Pilipino is also define as a language (national language) used by Filipinos.
      • Example usage: "Pilipino" ang pambansang wika ng Pilipinas. In English, "Pilipino" is the national language of the Philippines. I speak "Pilipino" language.
How about the other terms, "Pinoy" and "Pinay"?

Like I said before, "Pinoy" and "Pinay" terms are just derivatives from the term "Pilipino". "Pinoy" is a Filipino term (a masculine noun) which refers to a Filipino boy or Filipino man. On the other hand, "Pinay" is also a Filipino term (a feminine noun) which refers to a Filipina - (Filipina in others words, Filipino girl or Filipino woman).

So don't be confused anymore with the term "Pilipino". This is a big help in your communication skills with Filipinos.

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