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Creating kindness, one comment at a time

Creating kindness, one comment at a time
"TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, through its recent #CreateKindness campaign, addressed important issues, including taking steps to end cyberbullying and negativity on the platform. One of the many initiatives under the campaign was a #CreateKindness hashtag challenge, which encouraged users to spread kindness within the community by sharing heartwarming videos, and leaving inspiring comments on each others’ posts. TikTok users in the Philippines were quick to rise to the challenge, showing how, among Filipinos, kindness always wins!

Since its launch, TikTok’s #CreateKindness campaign has already generated over 400 billion views from almost 50 billion video creations that reflect kindness. Over 2 billion videos that make use of heart stickers, and creative effects that celebrate kindness have also been shared on the platform by users around the world. 

With almost 475 million videos in total, the Philippines is the second market with the most content created using heart stickers, next to the US.

Hashtags centered around love and respect have also played a major role in boosting the #CreateKindness campaign, and spreading the word about it among creators worldwide. In the Philippines, the most popular kindness hashtag is #Puso, with almost 9 million posts.

Apart from #Puso, which is a Tagalog word that means heart, other popular kindness hashtags used by Filipino creators are #Tulong, which means help, and #Pagmamahal, which translates to love. 
In the Philippines, one of the activities done as part of the #CreateKindness campaign was a #CreateKindness webinar in July, which aimed to combat cyberbullying through kindness and compassion. Guest speakers included TikTok creators Julienne Ipapo and Alec Cuenca, Josel Anne Miolata from the Philippine Mental Health Association, Inc., and Maribeth Santiago-Chua from the Child Protection Unit of the Department of Education.
Creators advocate kindness and respect online
Additionally, TikTok recently teamed up with six popular creators from across Southeast Asia as well, on a video entitled, “From Meanies to Goodies”, to encourage users to behave responsibly online. 
In the video, each creator reacts to comments taken from their TikTok videos, ranking them from “mean” to “kind”. They also share the impact each comment had on them – both good and bad. This highlights how, while comments may seem insignificant or harmless to some, they can leave a big impact on the receiver and even their family members.
Among the six was Filipino creator Ayn Bernos, who has been using TikTok as a platform to inspire others through her self-love journey, advocate for body positivity, and challenge colorism in the Philippines. When asked how her loved ones feel about the comments she receives, Ayn shared, “I’ve talked to my family about this. Most of them are really proud, especially with the nice comments. However, whenever we would see mean comments, hurtful comments, I think it also hurts them.”
To view the creators’ reactions and hear their stories, check out the full video below:

“We’re constantly making TikTok a safe and supportive environment where creativity can thrive. Through this video, we aim to start more conversations about the importance of creating kindness online through the content users share or comments they post. We truly appreciate our creators for talking about their experiences on the platform candidly, and we hope that it’ll inspire others to think before they post,” said Kristoffer Rada, TikTok Head for Public Policy. 
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