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Efficient maintaining steps offered to building equipment...

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First, establish a sound engineering machinery maintenance market

(1) Establish a regional service network.

(2) Establish industrial after-sales service network.

(3) Establish industrial management service network to promote the markets orderly operate.

Second, improve the mechanical maintenance system and management system

(1) Combined with China's national conditions, focus on reliability, integrating regular check and actual situation together;

(2) The maintenance system should be diversified, complex and flexible.

(3) The reform of maintenance system should be combined with the integrated management of the equipment.

(4) Set up management department with the rights and responsibilities unified as soon as possible that responsible for macroeconomic regulation and control of construction machinery maintenance industry, and planning the overall development.

(5) Construction machinery maintenance and management must be done from planning and design phase.

Third, strengthen the routine maintenance

Routine maintenance of construction machinery generally includes cleaning maintenance, lubrication maintenance and sturdy maintenance of three. In the building construction period, construction machinery should be given appropriate maintenance means according to different operating environment and operating temperature.

Fourthly, improve maintenance techniques and methods

(1) Base on condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology

Practice shows that the engineering with more advanced mechanical properties and more complex structure is more dependent on condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology.

(2) Develop improved maintenance and composite maintenance technology. Improved maintenance refers to repair the old machine by new devices, new materials and new technology to make machine close to the performance of new machine after the repair. In the future, with the wide application of advanced engineering techniques in construction machinery, the update cycle of new construction machinery will be further reduced; restorative maintenance will be replaced by improved maintenance.

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