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The Importance of Water Molecules in the Flotation Effect

In the flotation process of flotation machine, the liquid phase of the flotation is water. The structure and properties of liquid water have a very big impact on the surface properties of the minerals, the nature of the flotation reagent and flotation process, all the three parts decide the flotation characteristics and influence the flotation effect. Here we will from the three aspects analyzing how water molecules affect the flotation effect.
(1) the structure of the water molecules 

First, from the terms of the structural characteristics of the water molecules, it is composed of an oxygen atom, two hydrogen atoms, the structure is a two protons as the bottom of the isosceles triangle. Because the distance of the center of the positive and negative charge is far away, so the water molecules are a kind of strong dipole, have molecule function energy. Because it has a strong polarity, therefore has a high dielectric constant, the strong molecular association and high dissolving ability. These characteristics determine the important properties of the flotation phase interface. 

(2) the role of the water molecules to the mineral surface

Mineral after rupture, if the fracture surface is placed in water, then the unsaturated bond of the mineral surface with water dipole effect, partially compensated. If It is placed in a vacuum, and will not receive any compensation. Place it in the air, and the resulting compensation will be less. Water molecule is easy to affect with saturation mineral fracture surface, and forming a hydration layer to replace the original stored air on the surface. This effect will greatly affect the contact and the steady state of mineral and bubble process, thus affecting the flotation effect.

(3) ability to dissolve water 

As the water can dissolve some of the ions on the mineral surfaces changing the interfacial electrical resistance, the chemical composition and the chemical composition of the liquid phase of the mineral surface, and therefore changes the flotation process. Therefore, in the flotation process, in order to obtain satisfactory flotation effect, you need to pay attention to the effect of water to minerals.

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