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The Individual Role of Mining Machine in Production Line

The Individual Role of Mining Machine in Production Line

The parts which are rapidly running parts (such as the plate hammer of the hammer crusher and the impact plate of the impact crusher) can be used to impact the materials and crush them.

The grinding medium in the grinding machine, such as the rod mill can impact the materials in the cylinder from some height. In this way, the materials are crushed by the stone production line

The crushing mechanical parts move with certain speed of movement. The crushing work is completed in the operation of the crushers. In terms of the essence, it is unlikely to produce the pure squeezed crushing effect but the impact crushing effect. The impact crusher occupies a very important position in the crushing work in stone production line. In the crushing construction machinery, there are following four ways for the impact crushing effect.

The material blocks which quickly launched impact to the fixed plate. For example, the materials

The current crushing method used in the stone production line is still the mechanical force stone production line, which mainly includes the extrusion, impact, grindingand splitting. The non-mechanical force stone production line has not yet been used in the large-scale industrial production. The materials which will be crushed by the stone production line can be sandwiched between the two working surfaces. Under the relatively slow increasing pressure, the materials will be gradually crushed by the stone production line. It is the most common crushing method of stone production line.

in the impact crusher and the hammer crusher are crushed by the impact plate and the hammer plate so that they are strongly hit to be crushed. The airflow high-speed impact crusher also makes the particles hit the crushing wall so that the materials can be crushed.

The strike of the splash material makes the material blocks can suffer from the impact effect so that the materials can be crushed.

In addition, the materials may be crushed on the surface of the moving metals ot the grinding machine with different forms. The materials are crushed each other by the friction effect.

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