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7 Tips to Make Your Blog More Popular

Blogging is widely available and basically – free. This makes it possible for everyone to create their own blog. Even so, only a few of the thousands of bloggers on the web own and maintain a successful blog. Creating it might be easy, but making it popular is most certainly not.

Having a popular blog is a new dream. If a blog is popular, it can earn the blogger a lot of money, as well as fame and worldwide recognition. But, for this to happen to you, you need to know plenty of things about blogging.
So, without any further ado, we are presenting you with 7 killer tips you can make your blog more popular.
1. Post Fresh and Good Content

And frequently. Content is the strongest tool you have when it comes to blogging, and there are plenty of ways to use this for your benefit. If you want your blog to succeed, you can’t just publish any kind of content every once in a while and expect the audience to wait for your next online post.

Readers demand valuable information, which means that you need great blogs and frequent posting.
Firstly, you must find the right length for your blog posts. Some experts give a specific word count as the ideal blog length, but if you get some more information on this, you’ll learn that the ideal length is variable. Basically, you need to decide what the ideal length of each of your blogs is individual.

Secondly, you must put your biggest focus on SEO strategies. Content will only show up in search engines if you optimize it for this. Once you make it possible for search engines to find your blog and show it to the target audience, you have done the greatest thing a blogger can do.

Finally, and before you publish any blog post, you need to ensure that it is of high quality. Fresh content is essential, and so is the frequency of posting, but what remains to keep the readers interested is, of course – quality.

If you are struggling with the writing part, you can always use tools like Brill Assignment or hire other college paper writing services to take over the SEO content creation part.

The right essay writing service won’t just help you with content creation, but editing, too. Even if you are excellent in writing SEO content, you sure need a second pair of eyes to make sure that your content is ready to go online. Some affordable services such as Best Essay Tips can help a lot with this matter.

2. Customize the Design

Design is very important. The content might be the thing that gets your blog high in search engines and turns visitors into leads, but the design is the thing that makes those visitors open the blog posts in the first place.

Your blog design matters a lot and if you want it to be popular, you need to put it at the top of your list, right next to the content. Ideally, you should aim for a unique and attractive design, but also clear and simple to use.

When it comes to designing a blog, practice makes perfect. It never hurts to test different designs until you find the perfect ones. Compared to content creation, designing the blog is a much more flexible task.

3. Publish Pillar Articles

Have you heard of pillar articles? These are the articles that don’t get old with time. They remain on your blog and are useful to the audience whenever they decide to read it.

Some of your articles will speak of things that happened on a specific day, or something that is bound to finish or be outdated soon after you publish it. That’s okay – people love to hear real-time information. However, in order to keep your blog popular and always have plenty of content available for your readers, you also need pillar articles.

Pillar articles or content can come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular types are tutorials and how-to articles that solve a given problem.

4. Join Blog Communities
Nowadays, getting your blog out there is easier than ever. When it comes to blogging, you can add your blog to a blog community and reach thousands of other bloggers and people who search for similar content. For example, here are some reviews of such blogs as edubirdie review, superior papers reviews and ultius review
Of course, you should choose these communities carefully. There are plenty of options out there, but try to stick to those with decent page rank.

5. Start Doing Some Guest-Posting

If you decide to do this, you’ll find many blogs that accept a guest post from other bloggers. Some of these blogs are extremely popular, and being a guest author on them gives you wider recognition than you can ever get on your own. It’s your chance to get noticed and promote your blog – so why not use it?

Of course, you’ll have to create a unique piece of content that fits the content and requirements of the specific websites where you are posting. If you do this right, you can get your blog posts on some of the most popular blogs in your niche, and link back to your blog to get more traffic.

6. Give Out Free Things

Yes, you read it right – free things. People love free stuff and fortunately, you don’t have to give them something big or expensive. It takes small gestures to attract the attention of an audience, which makes gifts an excellent technique for gaining blog popularity.

Your free things can be almost anything. Start with a free tutorial or an eBook that visitors can download, a free online class they can attend, or some small gifts they get with each purchase – and you’ll most certainly get their attention.
A small gift is better than no gift because it demonstrates attention and makes the reader feel valued.

7. Use Social Media

We are witnessing the powers of social media platforms on a daily basis, so it would be a pity not to use this for your blog, too. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become extremely popular among bloggers, making them an essential tool for blog promotion.

You have plenty of options on social media, too. You can pay for sponsored ads, create a page and publish your content, make funny tweets that link back to your blog, or tweet pieces of your existing content to entice the readers to open it.
Social media is legit and it is huge. The more you focus on adding it to your blog marketing strategy, the quicker you can gain the popularity you desire to get.

Have you done all the things from this list? If you haven’t, the time to start is now. The harder you work on your blog, the more popular you can make it.

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