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Student Transformational Leadership

This is a featured writing (article) about a Student's Transformational Leadership.

I am a butterfly.

The moment I woke up with brand new eyes, I was gaping on a world filled with kaleidoscopes colours. A cacophony of sensations ruled within me.
Along with the Earth’s finest natural architectures come dents and scratches. Despite its imperfection, I was still persevered to make a difference.

I don’t plan to revolutionize the world all at once and so I take one step at a time.

There were moments in my life that I got lost while I walk through the edges and paths of a misanthropic journey.

I once doubted the flame that was burning inside of me and thought to myself I that couldn’t carry on.

But beneath the wings of the horizon was a blazing light that inspired me to go on.

Then I grew fearless on the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire. I was in wanderlust as I searched for organizations where I could chase my passions and let loose of the beast from within.

And there it was ------ the Student Council.

The obstacles never left, they were challenging and somehow that kept me from aiming.

The next thing I remembered, I was flying and my hands touched a sky jam-packed with dreams because praise worthily, I’ve got what my being yearned for and that’s being an influential leader.

To have the power to touch young hearts and manipulate one’s mind, to be able to witness the windows of the soul turn into its brilliant smile and give meaning to one’s living.

And just like captivating butterflies that beholds its wings chest-devouringly; it has a thousand of untold stories before it could unfold its benevolentility.

As a butterfly, I embrace each metamorphosis I’m about to go by.

For we are alive, and that means the infinite potential to be anything, make anything, dream anything and change everything.

So I spread my wings and transform myself from within.

I start with small beginnings until they all add up to life-changing endings that could transform cities, nations, races, and yes, the world.

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Author: Patrish N. Maisog

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