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Computer System Servicing NCII - Review

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This training will teach you both technical and analytical skills for you to pass the National Competency II for Computer System Servicing and it is serve best for self-preparation in the assessment.

Review Covered:

COC1, COC2, COC3 and COC4 with practice oral questioning and practical exam.

We are accepting 12 person per batch. Contact us now!

Join our class now! Limited slot only.


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3 informatenterprising.com   (23 May 2016 9:16 PM)
We are only located in cebu central. Thanks for the inquiry. For more info. Pls. Do visit our fb page: http://fb.com/InformatEnterprising and official web: http://informatenterprising.com .God bless

2 Ella Concepcion   (23 May 2016 9:21 AM)
please email me regarding my question thank you

1 Ella Concepcion   (23 May 2016 9:20 AM)
I'm 20 yrs of age now and I Am Interested on it but I want to if thats free reviewing program?
do you have free reviewing and teaching here in Tarlac city?