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How much is the maintaining balance of Metrobank ATM Account?

Please let me know how much is the maintaining balance of my Metrobank ATM Card Account?


Metrobank has different types of account related to ATM. Below is the type of accounts and their maintaining balance:

Passbook Savings with ATM - P10,000
e-Teller ATM Savings - P2,000
OFW e-Teller ATM- waived
SSS Pensioner ATM - P100.00
AccountOne with ATM - P25,000

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36 Jo   (14-December-2015 4:42 AM)
Hi i have an atm account at metrobank and the last time i deposited money was last july and now is december so its been 5months i didnt put money in there do they consider that as a dormant i mean do they charge me for that?i have almost 200k maitaining balance and now im woried they keep charging me if i will not deposit any money for 6months,pls i will wait for reply,thanks

37 admin   (15-December-2015 9:09 PM)
Jo, your account is still considered active (not dormant). Dormant accounts are those that are inactive (no withdrawal, no deposit, no pay bills, no transfer funds or without any transaction) for two years.

35 Joshua John B. Doria   (30-August-2015 2:54 PM)
Is sss pensioner earn interest in their account?

34 Ace Bejer   (12-January-2015 11:57 AM)
May I ask what is the default PIN for Metrobank Debit card? I can't inquire my balance untill I know the PIN, I also want to change my PIN

32 jg   (10-January-2015 8:53 PM)
Excuse me.. how about f you have 2000 maintaining balance then u never touch it.. i.close ba ng metrobank ang account mo??

I need a responce regarding with this...

33 admin   (12-January-2015 10:06 AM)
jg, inactive accounts within 2 years will not be closed. After 2 years, your account will be regarded as dormant and a corresponding dormancy fee will be deducted to your account balance. It's recommended that you should make at least one transaction in a year.

31 Reydelyn Padayao Bayaban   (14-October-2014 0:53 AM)
may I ask, how much will be the fund transfer charge of Metrobank from Paypal to my metrobank atm account? thanks.. waiting for reply

30 roselyn   (29-May-2014 8:07 PM)
what if kung 1000 nalang yung laman ng atm macclosed ba yung account?

29 Lowella   (05-April-2014 7:25 PM)
I'm discourage now to put money to my ATM because there's is deduction, is that true ?bcoz my sister when she went in the Phil, they deduct 3000 and also one of my sister 7000 when they withdraw.

28 blas mendoza   (19-March-2014 2:27 PM)
how can i get my atm bank statement? please

27 lorena   (13-March-2014 10:11 PM)
What happen if i dont used my Metrobank Atm Account?

25 elisa paragas   (04-March-2014 8:18 AM)
Sir i want to know why they still deducted me 300p..my balance is not below in my maintaining balance but still they deducted me

Wait for reply

26 admin   (09-March-2014 2:58 PM)
elisa paragas, you should go to the bank and check your transaction history and your monthly average balance.

24 mynaus@yahoo.com   (11-February-2014 7:33 AM)
I have etm card hasent been used for nearly 5years can I reactivate it or open a new one? Thanks waiti for reply

23 allan d. soriano   (16-August-2013 1:41 PM)
balance inquiry

22 GERAND BANDIGAN   (15-August-2013 4:38 PM)

21 Lyn   (05-August-2013 6:49 PM)
Hi sir ask ko lang po kapag 6 months po ba na ngzero balance ang metrobank atm savings account hindi na po ba e2 pwd magamit or auyomatically close na po ba eto?

20 kanxa   (01-August-2013 4:42 AM)
Bakit po nagddeduct ng 300php ung OFW atm q? Ano po ibig sbihin ng waived? Thanks in advance..

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