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The Oldest Man is Asian, Not African...

The scattered origins of human history has never been disputed. The confidence that human ancestors spread from Africa to the whole world is now getting a serious challenge. The discovery of fossils in Georgia shows modern humans first originated from Asia
Asian Human Ancestors Picture
Picture of Asian Human Ancestors

Reid Ferring of the Department of Geography, University of North Texas, and colleagues found the 1.75 million-year-old skeleton in Dmanisi, about 50 kilometers from the Georgian capital, Tblisi. "From the calculation of the age of fossils, the human head of Eurasia Dmanisi Homo erectus lives earlier than the inhabitants of Africa," Ferring said.

The framework has the mixture of bone structure. First, it found skulls and bones of the upper body with the older morphology. Second, lower body bones and leg bones that looked more modern. The mixture of this shape makes this fossil could be a foundation for the genus Homo.

Dmanisi fossil skull size is also confusing because it is smaller than Homo erectus which was originally considered a human ancestor. Homo erectus itself known to have come from Africa and spread around the world.

Although the 1.75-year-old, Ferring believes Dmanisi humans have occupied this region in the past. "North Caucasus region occupied by humans gradually Dmanisi since 1.85 million years ago to form a colony," he said.

On the discovery site, researchers also found penyerpih tool in sedimentary layers. In addition, there are also solid basaltic layer beneath it while there is a layer of sediment on top of volcanic ash. It is estimated that the thickness of the sediments associated with a span of 80 thousand years.

The idea of ​​the spread of humans from Asia this makes the theory of the origin of modern humans more easily because the starting point spread in the midst of a world map. Ferring own research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This theory is certainly contrary to genetic-based studies that believe Asian human origins. Professor Oppenheimer's world-class researchers from the UK and Professor Sangkot Marzuki from Indonesia still believe the ancestors migrated from Africa, Asia nation of about 100 thousand years ago. They then set foot in Southeast Asia about 60 thousand years ago with the way along the coast of southern Africa before spreading to other Asian regions.

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