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Requirements for Opening an ATM Account in BDO
Like any other banks in the Philippines, you cannot open or apply a BDO or Banco de Oro ATM account (or ATM card) without bringing the necessary requirements. Requirements to open a BDO ATM Account are listed below:

  1. 2 valid id's (original and photocopies):
    • school ID
    • Company ID
    • Driver's License ID
    • NSO Birth Certificate
    • Baranggay Clearance
    • NBI Clearance
    • Police Clearance
    • Postal ID
    • Passport
    • SSS ID
    • TIN ID
    • any other valid id issued by the Philippine Government...
  2. Two pieces recent 1 x 1 colored pictures
  3. P2,000 initial deposit
BDO ATM Debit Card (photo)

BDO ATM Debit Card

Take note: Concerning valid id's, make sure you bring at least 1 photo-bearing ID and another valid id. BDO requires you to bring a photo-bearing ID. If you don't bring that type of ID and you only bring non-photo bearing ID (such as NSO birth certificate, Baranggay Clearance, or Police Clearance), your application will not be accepted.

A bank like BDO want to verify your identity. That's why they need a photo-bearing ID.

If you want to know the complete process of opening a BDO ATM account, the article below might help you:
Do you have any concern in applying a BDO ATM card (account)?
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30 babygirl gargar   (23-June-2016 9:22 PM)
Hi..can i used my BDO CARD CASH ATM here in singapore to withdraw..

29 Jocel legaspi   (13-May-2016 10:03 AM)
Can i use my Singapore pass and passport to have a bank account in Philippines as my requirements? Hoping for your response.. Thank you !:)

28 Tiya   (27-March-2016 8:03 AM)
Will they ask for a BIR TIN aside from the 2 valid ID's? what if I don't have, but I wanna open an account?

27 Jessica   (02-January-2016 12:42 PM)
Hi! How can I apply for ATM? When I only have 1 valid ID, which is my passport. I do have my nso Birth Certificate or my Marriage Certificate is that acceptable or can I present them a my California ID? I remember when I went to PNB they did accept my passport only.

25 Rolyn I. Jovero   (17-November-2015 12:18 PM)
Good afternoon what are the requirements for students who wants to open an account?

26 admin   (18-November-2015 7:13 AM)
Rolyn, your SCHOOL ID and NSO Birth Certificate would be enough. You can also submit supplementary ID's such as Baranggay Clearance, Police Clearance, Postal ID, Voter's ID, etc.

24 Belle   (04-September-2015 8:12 AM)
I has an account with BDO but it was closed due to insufficient funds. Will I have a problem with them if I try to open another account again?


23 Rose Mae sSanga   (20-July-2015 8:11 PM)
Hi! How can I open a account with out any valid ID's? What should I do first to have an account? Thanks

22 Pilar Legaspino   (13-July-2015 9:59 AM)
Please advice me if the alumni ID.is valid for the photo bearing id?I want to open a new account with BDO but I don't have any valid id..

21 Michael angelo santos   (10-July-2015 10:41 AM)
How can i apply bdo atm card online. Thank you

20 Rosabella fuentes   (22-June-2015 9:01 AM)

19 Rosabella fuentes   (22-June-2015 8:45 AM)
Good morning...! I just want to have a question.I have a voters ID and police clearance,I just want to know if this is a valid requirements for me to join in BDO BANK and to have already an ATM CARD...?

18 jesieca levie   (17-June-2015 6:41 AM)
Goodmorning mam sir Ijust want to ask if you had an ATMcard that it has no maintaining balance..goodday anD GOD bless always

17 Lorivel Sagaral Fabaleña   (26-May-2015 2:30 PM)
good afternoon how long is the process for applying a BDO card?

16 Jomer   (22-May-2015 10:43 AM)
Good Morning,

How many days before the card will release?

14 Lorena Bagaipo   (05-April-2015 4:23 PM)

15 admin   (05-April-2015 7:02 PM)
Lorena, yes.

13 Albert Jabiñar   (12-January-2015 11:14 AM)
can i ask if a student can open a debit card in bdo tnx po

12 Odessa Fajardo Carian   (30-December-2014 8:17 AM)
Thanks for the info! :)

11 Krystel Averion   (03-December-2014 8:23 PM)
They asked my tin no. Why? While i have my passport and voters id

9 John Kevin Limbaro   (26-July-2014 8:02 PM)
can I ask a question. Can a 19-year old open an account?
Have a job but don't have an ATM. Salary is given in cash. Can they open an account?

10 admin   (28-July-2014 9:52 AM)
John, yes.

8 Jonalyne almerol   (20-May-2014 5:37 PM)

7 grace   (02-May-2014 7:39 AM)
Good Morning...Is it valid a voter's affidavit instead of voter's ID?I lost my voter's ID

6 mitz marie   (20-April-2014 9:53 AM)
i am 16yrs old this coming october i am 17yrs old can i open savings account for my self for someday i have a saving for my future thank u :

5 Trizia   (06-April-2014 1:14 PM)
I am a student just turned 18 can I open a debit card account all by myself? Isn't required to be at least 21 to open a debit account?

4 andy   (06-April-2014 3:31 AM)
I live in the UK and would like to have an account with BDO

2 kirsha kara b. radaza   (24-February-2014 6:28 PM)
what are the requirements if i would open an ATM? Do you have ATM cards for students and how much?

3 admin   (26-February-2014 9:11 PM)
kirsha kara b. radaza, requirements are listed above. Students like you can bring at least two (2) valid id's such as school ID, NSO birth certificate, Baranggay clearance, etc.

1 Eve   (28-November-2013 3:54 PM)
Hi, I am currently in Singapore, Can I open a savings Account Online and collect my atm or passbook when I go back to Philippines? I understand that to process a bank account it will take at least a week for me to get my ATM. However, I will only be in Philippines for 1 week, I'm worried I may not have enough time to collect my ATM card..