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Can I recover my Unionbank ATM PIN (number)?

This might be your scenario. You forgot the PIN code/number of your Unionbank ATM card. You also lost the copy of that PIN. That's why, you cannot transact to the Unionbank's ATM (machine) anymore. So you want to recover the PIN?

But is it really possible to recover the ATM PIN?


No. PIN recovery is not allowed. According to Unionbank, it's for security reasons and to maintain the confidentiality of an account. That's why the bank do not keep copies of their clients ATM pin number in their records.

So, what should you do if you lost or forgot your ATM PIN (number). The bank advises you to go to a Unionbank branch and have your  your ATM card replace. It costs P150.00 for the card replacement.

Take note: Don't forget to bring at least two (2) valid id's for the card replacement.

Did you forgot/lost your Unionbank ATM PIN?
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jose roy A. castillo   (23 October 2015 6:35 AM)

Jenica Ariane Bonaobra   (17 April 2015 11:54 PM)
I tried to enter my pin in the ATM machine and it was successful. But when I try to see how much my balance is, it doesn't allow me and the ATM machine keeps on showing "Enter Pin" and when I entered my pin again, "Enter Pin" showed again. Please help me.