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How to Recover Lost/Forgotten Metrobank ATM PIN (number/code)?
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Due to your busy lifestyle, you might lost or forgot the ATM PIN (number or code) of your Metrobank ATM card. That's why you cannot use your ATM card to transact to any ATM (machines). Metrobank provides a more convenient way to recover or generate a new PIN for your ATM card. How?

If you have forgotten or lost your PIN, you should go to any Metrobank branch and request for a new ATM PIN. Don't forget to bring a valid id for identity verification. The bank will happily generate a new PIN for you.

There is no charge in requesting a new PIN. So you don't need to worry for the cost of lost ATM PIN.

Note: PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. This the number key you need to enter in order to transact successfully to an ATM machine. A PIN serves as a security code or a security number in order for a process or transaction to be successfully done. It's like a door key of your home or office in which nobody can get inside without using that key.

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4 REGIE PEPITO   (16-May-2015 6:17 PM)
I forgot my atm pin. thank you for the information stated above.

3 armelinda cabreza   (03-May-2015 0:29 AM)
Is it possible to know the pin number of the ATM Metro bank through email address?

2 isaigapple   (10-January-2015 9:57 PM)
how can i know my forgotten pin

1 Renato M. Consignado   (06-March-2014 10:00 PM)
nalimutan ko po ung atm pin password ko, how to get a new one?

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