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How to Recover Lost/Forgotten Metrobank ATM PIN (number/code)?

Due to your busy lifestyle, you might lost or forgot the ATM PIN (number or code) of your Metrobank ATM card. That's why you cannot use your ATM card to transact to any ATM (machines). Metrobank provides a more convenient way to recover or generate a new PIN for your ATM card. How?

If you have forgotten or lost your PIN, you should go to any Metrobank branch and request for a new ATM PIN. Don't forget to bring a valid id for identity verification. The bank will happily generate a new PIN for you.

There is no charge in requesting a new PIN. So you don't need to worry for the cost of lost ATM PIN.

Note: PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. This the number key you need to enter in order to transact successfully to an ATM machine. A PIN serves as a security code or a security number in order for a process or transaction to be successfully done. It's like a door key of your home or office in which nobody can get inside without using that key.
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25 Jayar canabe   (09 January 2018 8:26 PM)
Hi! everyone in my case pinalitan po nila ung atm card ko na bago ung may chip na then nagbigay sila nang bagong PIN then hindi ko na binago yun... kaso nakalimutan ko na sya then nawala ko na ung papel o ung pinaglagyan ng atm

24 Sarah Jane E. Cabingas   (13 July 2017 7:50 AM)
Can I possibly do the transaction through a third party in case I would not make it?

23 Jeselle Bionesta   (01 June 2017 3:43 PM)
hello po admin nakalimutan ko po pin code ng atm

22 timotio calub madriaga   (25 April 2017 10:06 PM)
can i request my pin code.thanks.

21 timotio calub madria   (25 April 2017 10:05 PM)
can i request my pin code.thanks

20 timotio calub madria   (25 April 2017 9:51 PM)
hello po admin nakalimutan ko po pin code ng atm..im working here in dubai....

19 guine   (30 March 2017 7:48 AM)
nag change pin po ako kasi bago ang debit card ko pero ndi ko na po sya maopen.. please help me. thank you.

18 Noel Madera Bodiongan   (23 March 2017 2:41 PM)
Dear Metrobank,

Good Day!!!

How to Recover and I"m Forgotten Metrobank ATM PIN.

Thank you.

Bet Regards,

17 laarni   (24 November 2016 9:16 PM)
Hi.i just to ask how to recover my pin code.im here in saudi arabia and im going for vacation next month.i want to deposit money to my metrobank account and to register it thru online.but i forgot my pin code already.please help

16 Jhonna Sumagui   (31 October 2016 2:46 PM)
Gagana pa din po kaya yung atm ko kahit po may yupi na po? Nakalimutan ko na din po pin code ko. Salamat po

15 florencio   (06 October 2016 4:32 PM)

14 John Paolo Moskito   (20 September 2016 10:52 PM)
Hi Good Day im John Paolo B Moskito working here in taiwan.i like to deposit my money but i forgot my pin.is there any possible way to request new pin online?

13 evalyn   (24 August 2016 8:55 AM)
how can i change my pin now that i am here in canada? im using an international atm card and i dont remember my pin. please can you help me what i need to do thanks.

12 Cecilia   (29 July 2016 9:37 AM)
Hi po.Tanong ko lang po if I can still access my ATM Metrobank Card kahit almost a year napong hindi nalalagyan ng pera?
Nakalimutan ko na din po yung pin code.

11 Elvira Estabillo   (24 July 2016 9:24 AM)
I would like to request a new pin number because i forgot my pin no.

10 ivory dalumbar apao   (10 July 2016 5:35 PM)
i forgot my pin..please help me to retrieve..thank you and godbless

9 jenny   (07 July 2016 4:02 PM)
please i want to know my pin code coz i forgot it

8 Jannie   (23 May 2016 8:18 PM)
for how many days could i possibly wait to fix my card if i want to change its pin number?

7 eleazar   (04 April 2016 7:51 AM)
forgot pass

6 ria grace bantilan   (23 March 2016 0:05 AM)
I LOst my pin

5 Elaine Villanueva   (29 February 2016 8:06 PM)

I am currently living in Dubai and I would like to request a new pin. I lost my old pin. I have been trying to call your hotline to no avail. Nobody is picking up the phone.
Any suggestion how to request a new pin?

I would like to apply for online banking and the pin number is required.
I dont want to deposit in my account if its not possible for me to check my account online to be sure that my money is indeed deposited.



4 REGIE PEPITO   (16 May 2015 6:17 PM)
I forgot my atm pin. thank you for the information stated above.

3 armelinda cabreza   (03 May 2015 0:29 AM)
Is it possible to know the pin number of the ATM Metro bank through email address?

2 isaigapple   (10 January 2015 9:57 PM)
how can i know my forgotten pin

1 Renato M. Consignado   (06 March 2014 10:00 PM)
I forgot my atm pin password, how to get a new one?