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How to Change Metrobank ATM PIN Code?
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For the new Metrobank ATM Card accountholder, Metrobank has provided you with a temporary Personal Identification Number (PIN). This six (6) digit system generated PIN will activate your Metrobank E.T. account upon use.

For you own protection, Metrobank advises to change your PIN through any Metrobank E.T. ATM machine as soon as possible.

Metrobank ATM Card

How to Change your Metrobank ATM PIN?

1. Go to any Metrobank ATM machine. Insert your ATM Card.

2. In the Main Menu, select <OTHERS> option.

Select the <PIN CHANGE> option.

4. Enter six (6) numbers of your own choice for your new PIN then press <ENTER>.

5. Re-enter the new PIN for verification then press <ENTER>. The message "PIN Change Completed. Please Take Your Card and Receipt" will appear if your PIN was successfully changed. Otherwise, it will display "You Did Not Enter A Correct New PIN. Please Try Again"; repeat 4 and 5.

To test your new PIN, you can do a balance inquiry transaction.


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9 ludeliza novilla • 2:22 PM, 13-June-2014
if i change my 6 digits pin code to 4 digits pin code its possible to me to withdraw the other ATM machine with 4digits pin code?
8 jhoana marie macapanas • 12:20 PM, 03-March-2014
how can i know my pin no.in my atm card i forgot it !?
4 chester ian mendoza • 8:32 PM, 12-August-2013
i forgot my pin number what will i do???
5 admin • 4:32 PM, 27-November-2013
chester ian mendoza, you must go to any Metrobank branch, bring valid id and request for a new ATM PIN (number).
3 Lizel Laro • 1:43 AM, 10-April-2013
I forgot my atm pin number , how to get a new one?
I opened my account abroad, and now am on my vacation!
6 admin • 4:33 PM, 27-November-2013
2 May-arnie t. Frago • 10:29 AM, 07-November-2012
your toll free no. is not working
1 Rosalie Sorallo • 3:00 PM, 26-August-2012
Hi sir / madam, I want to know how can I get a new pin. I forgot it. I'm here abroad right now. Can you help me. And I want to avail the online banking. How can I do it? Thanks.
7 admin • 4:37 PM, 27-November-2013
Rosalie Sorallo, to get an assistant in generating a new ATM PIN, you must email Metrobank Customer Service - customercare@metrobank.com.ph

Regarding Metrobank online banking application, read this: "How to Apply for Metrobank Online Banking"

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