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How to Change BDO ATM PIN Code?

If you're a Banco de Oro (BDO) atm accountholder, you should know the importance of your ATM PIN code.

It's your key to access banking transactions in an ATM (machine).

Without it or if your forget or lost it, you cannot withdraw money or inquire your account balance in an ATM (machine).

So, if somebody knows your ATM PIN code, you must change it immediately to avoid ATM fraud or unauthorized access to your ATM account.

You may ask, "How can I change my BDO ATM PIN code?".

Simple. You can go to an ATM machine, insert your ATM card.

Read the menu on the ATM machine screen and choose the option where you can change your ATM PIN.
Be careful in entering your new ATM PIN or you might press an incorrect number.
Tips in Changing ATM PIN
  • Never use an ATM PIN which is related to your birthdate or to the number equivalent of your name. Don't use easy to guess PIN such as 113355, 224466, 336699 or 333888.
  • Use numbers related to a memorable event (not birthday, of course) or memorable place in your life. For example, the date when you first met your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. 
  • When entering your six-digit ATM PIN, cover button pad with your hand to avoid being seen by anyone around you.
  • Do not ever write your ATM PIN on your ATM card. 
  • Don't save it on your mobile phone either.
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3 rechello mataro   (20 December 2017 3:43 AM)
Where should i found my initial pin code? for me to change my pin code?

2 Rodel O. Gamboa   (07 October 2016 3:05 AM)
Can i change my BDO pin code in any atm machine?

1 edwin molina manzano   (15 May 2016 1:52 PM)
how to change pin code pasword such as i forgot my pincode pasword