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How to Deposit Money in Unionbank ATM

No need to go to the Unionbank branch to deposit your money to a human bank teller.
A quick and simple way to deposit your money in Unionbank - is to deposit it through ATM (Automated Teller Machine).

You might doubt, "Are you sure?".

Yes, you can deposit your money in Unionbank's ATM by following the procedures below.

But first, make sure you have a Unionbank ATM card. Then follow the steps below.

Deposit money in Unionbank ATM

Step 1.  Insert your ATM card in the ATM machine.

Step 2.  Enter your PIN number and press ENTER

Step 3.  In the list of desired transaction, select Deposit.

Step 4.  Choose the type of account (Current or Savings) where you want to deposit.

Step 5.  Enter the amount of money you want to deposit.

Step 6.  Place the money inside the envelope provided in the ATM vestibule.

Step 7.  Place your envelope in the depository. The depository is found in the:
  • Lower left hand side of the ATM below the place where you insert your card, for 5070 ATMs.
  • Lower left hand portion of the ATM, on the left side of where you get your cash, for 5085 ATMs
  • Lower right portion of the ATM, on the right side of where you get your cash for 5675 ATMs.
Step 8:  Your transaction will be processed by the machine. After successful transaction, you can get your receipt.

  • Bring 100, 500, or 1,000 bills for your deposit.
  • Ask a bank officer or the security guard if the ATM of the Unionbank branch where you want to deposit money is capable of accepting deposits. Not all Unionbank ATMs accept deposits.
If you've experience depositing money in Unionbank ATM, could you please tell us how is it going? Do you find it easy to deposit money through ATM machine?

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