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How to Withdraw Money in the ATM (machine) in Philippines?

A lot of tourists or foreigners wanted to know how it would look like to withdraw money in an ATM (machine) in the Philippines. So, here's a quick guide for you (with safety tips).

Most likely, withdrawing money or transacting in an ATM (machine) in the Philippines is the same as in other countries.

Step 1

Go to your preferred ATM (machine). Choose an ATM which is located in a well-lighted area. Fall in line if there's a lot of people waiting.

Fall in line withdrawing money in ATM-Philippines

Take note of the CCTV surveillance camera above. All transactions are recorded in that camera. Other banks have installed camera in front of the ATM (machine).

Step 2

If it's your turn, insert your ATM card to the machine, and 

Insert ATM card to ATM Machine

Step 3

Enter your ATM PIN code

Enter ATM pin code

Step 4

Please select transaction. Choose WITHDRAWAL transaction or FAST CASH in the Menu or Options.

Withdraw in ATM machine screen

Step 5

Click SAVINGS if your ATM account is a savings account. A new screen (corresponding amounts of cash) will appear. You have to select how much money you want to withdraw.

Withdraw money ATM machine-savings

Step 6

After selecting the amount to withdraw, a message will appear which says "Your transaction is being processed". Within just a few seconds, the ATM (machine) will dispense the amount of money you want to withdraw.

Transaction Processed ATM Machine

Step 7

Get your card, your cash and transaction slip. Remember those three things: cash, card, transaction slip. Sometimes, some ATM machines will not dispense transaction slip (receipt). It's normal.

Get cash from ATM machine


  1. Memorize the PIN code of your ATM.
  2. Never use your birthdate, phone number or consecutive number as your PIN code.
  3. Observe your environment carefully in withdrawing in an ATM.
  4. Take note of suspicious faces.
  5. Do not let other people use your ATM especially in cash withdrawal.

If you have any question or problem on how to withdraw cash or money in the Philippine ATMs, just post them in the comment below.

Or do you have any tips or suggestions on how to safely withdraw money in an ATM?
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Chazam   (27 December 2016 2:39 PM)
I accidentally click credit card button to withdraw a money using savings account. Is it OK? Or it will deduct to my savings account? Please reply asap

nelisa watiwat   (01 October 2016 4:14 AM)
why some people withdraw in there a.t.m they help from guards? it is good to assist in guards? during your withdrawal ?

John John   (28 July 2016 1:14 PM)
Proper inserting card?

admin   (29 July 2016 8:57 AM)
John John, almost all ATM machines in the Philippines have a sample ATM card which is visible and implanted near the 'INSERT CARD AREA'. It will guide you the correct positioning of the card insertion.

Jane Senina   (10 March 2016 8:52 AM)
I dont know how to select amount