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How to Request or Get Copy of Lost Deposit Slip in BDO?

Due to unavoidable situation, you might lost or misplace your BDO (Banco de Oro) deposit slip. A deposit slip might be very important to you for future reference or for documentation in case of account balance dispute. So you might need a copy of the deposit slip. Here's a simple instruction below for requesting a BDO deposit slip:

Request copy of lost BDO deposit slip

What to do?

Banco de Oro (BDO) suggests that you directly coordinate and go to the BDO branch where deposit was transacted as they are in a better position to assist you regarding the matter.

What are the requirements to bring?

You should bring at least two valid id's for identity verification. Inside the BDO bank, go to the New Accounts or Customer Service section. BDO might ask your for the transaction details such as time and date of deposit, amount of deposit, account name, account number, etc. So, make sure you prepare those information too. 

Are there any charges in requesting a copy of deposit slip?

Requesting a copy of deposit slip if free of charge.

Other options in accessing deposit transactions of your BDO Account

If you don't need the deposit slip but you need the list or history of transactions including the deposit transaction of your account during that time, you can request a statement of account in the bank. List of transactions are listed in the statement of account within your chosen covered date or period of time.

You may also check your deposit transaction on BDO's online banking website if you're enrolled on its online banking facility. If you're not yet enrolled, this article might help you: "How to Apply for BDO Online Banking?". There a lot of useful features in using BDO's online banking website. So, if you're not yet enrolled, it's highly recommended to enroll your account to BDO online banking facility.

Are you having a problem getting or requesting a copy of your BDO deposit slip?
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