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How to Get Your Lost PUK code in SMART or Talk 'N Text Sim
If you lost the PIN of your SMART or Talk 'N Text Sim or if you entered the wrong PIN, your sim card might probably get blocked. And it needs the PUK code in order to unblock it.

What is PUK? PUK stands for PIN Unblocking Key. Where can you find the PUK? It is found at the back of your SMART or Talk 'N Text sim casing like what you can see in the photo below:

PUK code found at the back of the sim casing

Take note that you can see two PIN and two PUK on the image above. The PUK1 is used to unblock your Personal Identification Number or PIN while PUK2 is used to unblock your PIN2 for your call/phone settings (ex. fixed dialing).

What if you lost the sim casing and you forgot your PUK code? You should follow either one of the two steps below to retrieve your PUK code:

Get PUK code through Cellphone or Landline
  1. Dial *888 using your SMART cellphone or (02) 888-1111 using telephone and follow the voice prompt.
  2. For SMART Postpaid subscribers, select the Aftersales option then PUK Release.
  3. For SMART Prepaid and Talk 'N Text subscribers, select the Account option then PUK Inquiry.
  4. Enter your cellphone number (09xxxxxxxxx) and ICCID number. Your ICCID is the 16 digit number printed at the back of your SIM card.
  5. Once validated, the system will dictate your PUK1 and PUK2 codes. Please have a pen and paper ready to jot them down.
Get PUK code through SMART's website
  1. Register and log-in to my.smart.com.ph. Registration is FREE.
  2. Once logged-in, link your Smart mobile number to your my.Smart account.
  3. Once linked, click the "Manage” option beside the account you want to have the settings activated.
  4. Under the Inquiries tab, select PUK Code Inquiry.
  5. Then, enter your ICCID number. Your ICCID is the 16 digit number located at the back of your SIM card.
  6. Once validated, the system will display your PUK1 and PUK2 codes.

Did you successfully retrieve your PUK code? Are you having any problems in getting your PUK code?
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231 eleareyledesma   (22-April-2016 10:27 AM)
How can I retrieve my puk code

230 Hannahmae   (14-April-2016 11:30 AM)
What Code

229 jezreel anne becina   (24-February-2016 8:27 AM)
please reply

228 jezreel anne becina   (24-February-2016 8:21 AM)
please help me.. ICCD number 0310232276511815 LMSO 104, my number is 09487651180

227 jezreel anne becina   (24-February-2016 8:19 AM)
i need my puk pin code...i need it urgent!!
ICCID number 0310232276511815 my number is 09487651180.please help me.urgent!!

226 raven   (23-February-2016 7:54 PM)
my simcard is PUK and i lost my PUK code i need help please help me

225 raven   (23-February-2016 7:53 PM)
my simcard PUK and i lost my PUK code i need help !

224 raven   (21-February-2016 10:02 AM)
i lost my PUK card i need a responce

223 richard   (14-February-2016 9:54 PM)
pls email me Alexandortaylor21@gmail.com
i lost my card and i really need the P.U.K code i really urgent

222 Lalaine   (05-February-2016 10:35 AM)
Please Help me to unlock my PUK SMART SIM. This is my Number 0479364391 . send to my email the PUK CODE if you already get it. Thanks

221 dante r garcia   (03-February-2016 10:51 AM)
hi can i get my code on my smart sim please i really badly need it please reply thank

220 RED   (24-January-2016 1:43 PM)
My card is already locked i can't verify the please help

219 leonard   (28-December-2015 9:41 PM)
i lost the card i can't verify the code

218 michelle   (23-December-2015 11:39 AM)

217 Laurenze Sillo   (17-December-2015 8:42 PM)
Please unlock my puk code. here's my number 09308752129, and ICCID 0312103216255474. email me at renze_avenue@yahoo.com.ph .. please help me

216 marcalfon   (16-December-2015 11:03 AM)
Please help me get my PUK Code for my number 09460723215 Kindly email my PUK Codes marco_alfon@yahoo.com

215 Mary Grace Federiso   (07-December-2015 8:13 PM)
Please help me get my PUK Code for my number 09122037365. Here's my ICCID # 0312065012192542 . Kindly email my PUK Codes @ marygracefederiso@gmail.com. Thank You so much.

214 Mary Grace Federiso   (07-December-2015 8:08 PM)
Hi! I lost my PUK Code for my Sim Card. 09122037365.
How to unblock? I badly need my Sim Card.
Thank You and God Bless

213 ej tan   (20-November-2015 9:02 AM)
Pls unblock my sim card puk I can't use it anymore #09297403767 and here's my 16 digit number at the back of the sim card 0313102225321748

212 roy cris castor crisostomo   (18-November-2015 6:02 PM)
may sim is block how to unblock #09071417001

211 roy cris castor crisostomo   (18-November-2015 6:00 PM)
my puk has block how to unblock

210 Antonio jay Lingahan   (11-November-2015 12:23 PM)
can i have PUK CODE on my Sim #09467686509

209 Michael A Domingo   (09-November-2015 10:35 AM)
hi goodmorning

can i have PUK CODE on my Sim #09077562700

208 sd   (21-October-2015 9:26 AM)
How can i register my sim?it needs verification code

207 lloyd dazo ala   (11-October-2015 0:49 AM)
i have problems in getting my puk code because my cp no. is blocked my cp no. is +639204601897 and my last 16 digit no . in the back of my sim card are 0312 3551 4178 4461,,,,, thanks

206 ruth mae dela cruz   (24-September-2015 12:56 PM)
my pincode please here is my number 09306114974 .................. please


205 DEIDREI ABALOS   (22-September-2015 8:50 AM)
My simcard is block. The number is 09078793504,the ICCID number is 0308181250935058. Kindly help me,im looking for your coordination and i really appreciate it. Please send my PUK through my gmail deidrei927@gmail.com or through this number 09466011086. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

204 DEIDREI ABALOS   (22-September-2015 8:42 AM)
My simcard is block and i lost my sim card casing. Please help me with my PUK. This is my ICCID number 0308181250935058. Please send my puk through my gmail ( deidrei927@gmail.com) or through this number 09466011086. THANK YOU VERY MUCH..

203 charlene payno   (16-September-2015 11:19 AM)
Here is my ICCID 0313024184488732, 09306571262 How to find my lose puk and please unblock my simcard thank you

202 Mj Carlos   (15-September-2015 7:15 PM)
What is my PUK number? This is my number: 09309204090, please reply...

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