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RCBC ATM Card Balance Inquiry Online

Do you want an easy balance inquiry of your RCBC ATM Card? No need to go to a physical ATM machine. Just few clicks of your mouse, you can check your RCBC Bank ATM account balance online. Here are the steps.

Step 1
Go to the official website of Bancnet (https://www.bancnetonline.com).

Step 2
Browse the list of Bank websites.

Step 3 
Choose and click RCBC (pointed by red arrow in the image below):

Bancnet website with RCBC Bank

Step 4  
A new window will open which is the RCBC Bank/BancNet Online Terms and Conditions. Click the I Agree button.

RCBC Bank Online Terms and Conditions with Bancnet

Step 5 
You will be redirected to RCBC Online ATM Banking interface. Enter the appropriate information in the given fields (ATM Card Number, Member Number, Account Type and ATM PIN). Then click Submit button, then, view your account balance.

RCBC ATM Balance Inquiry Online

Take note: Balance inquiry is free of charge.

Do you find it convenient to inquire your RCBC account balance online? Did you encounter any problems in checking your RCBC account balance online?
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Total comments: 63
63 edgar panares   (09 June 2016 3:27 PM)
how to check balance inquire

62 Janet L. Calyaen   (07 May 2016 6:53 AM)
check my balance

61 fredlloydz   (03 April 2016 4:16 PM)
let me know to inquire this atm card left to me the owner was barrowed my money.

60 Beverly Flores   (20 January 2016 0:15 AM)
Its not working!

59 Teddy Mercida   (21 October 2015 1:38 AM)
let me know my balance account

58 Clarz   (28 August 2015 1:58 AM)
Me too....before right after i deposit money..i could see my balance through this but now..they created something that is complicated...i dont know know how to make an account..could somebody help me?

57 WILSON CORREA   (02 August 2015 1:41 PM)

56 Nerlinda cinense fajardo   (12 June 2015 10:14 PM)
Why the rcbc online not working,I cannot see from the list.

55 Nerlinda cinense fajardo   (12 June 2015 10:12 PM)
Please let me know my balance I need to know my importation about my account.

54 Nerlinda cinensefajardo   (12 June 2015 10:11 PM)
I want to see my balance

53 Nerlinda cinensefajardo   (12 June 2015 10:10 PM)
Why I cannot see my balance,I want to see my balance

52 jefferson batiller   (22 May 2015 9:47 PM)
i cant see the rcbc on the list

51 Paul Andrew Nadal   (17 April 2015 4:01 PM)
I want to see my balance

50 Paul Andrew Nadal   (17 April 2015 3:59 PM)
I want to check my balance

49 LUZVIMINDA Agapay   (08 April 2015 2:20 AM)
Balance inquire at the Philippines

48 Porquis Kj   (04 November 2014 4:00 PM)
please help i can check my balance true online

47 Jane Casama   (02 October 2014 9:26 AM)
please fix this and i will give you 5 stars

46 Rey Vilando   (31 July 2014 11:49 PM)
i can not check my balance in my ATM please tell me how, thanks.

45 mabelle Nepa   (31 July 2014 0:06 AM)

44 Sheileon   (19 July 2014 12:57 PM)
Everytym i check my rcbc atm online the result is error..

43 Ronina C. Totanes   (04 July 2014 7:15 PM)
Different windows open once i click RCBC logo.

42 Loida Pagulayan   (24 June 2014 12:57 PM)
why i i cannot inquire or check my balance through online in RCBC?

41 Jenny Lyn Reyes   (13 June 2014 2:22 PM)
I didn't access bancnet even though I already registereed

40 Thess   (11 June 2014 8:17 PM)
I cannot access bancnet online balance inquiry same with the rcbc access one enrollment. I already put my card number and pin but it says un-authorised. What is this?

39 Maridel   (08 June 2014 6:23 PM)
i cannot inquire my balance through online in rcbc bank

38 mioses ganalon   (30 May 2014 11:11 PM)

37 nelg   (30 May 2014 2:25 PM)
Guys, i can access check now my balance thru this RCBC AccessOne. First you have to register as new to accessone, then you have to completely filled up the forms and print out and get it signed and email or fax to rcbc , then they will verify your account, then within 24/48 hours they will reply to your registered email for confirmation. The you can log in Access one with your registered USER ID and the PASSWORD. And it works.

Have a nice day!

36 catherine balbontin   (26 May 2014 9:26 PM)
I am very disappointed I cannot check my balance inquiry.what happen?

35 Hello Kitty   (26 May 2014 7:15 PM)
I cannot check how much is my Physical Balance... i followed the instruction given in the system but unfortunately i don't have get the good responsed until now, please kindly send it into my personal email. Thank you

34 charlie lumapas jr   (26 May 2014 10:53 AM)
I have an RCBC ATM Card, i try to inquire on line thru BANCNET, but unfortunately there's nothing shown on, as far as the update of my savings account is concern. before i was able to inquire it.

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