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Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano
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Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano (born May 21, 1995) is the son of famous and multi-awarded actor Cesar Montano and actress Teresa Loyzaga. He became populary known to public when he entered showbiz and signed a contract with ABS-CBN to play the major role of "Derrick" in a hit drama series "Mara, Clara" (2011). This is his first project in show business. The role of "Derrick" is formerly portrayed by the late Rico Yan.

Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano
Picture of Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano

Childhood and Education

Carlos was born at the Cardinal Santos Hospital in San Juan, Metro Manila. He took up a pre-school education in Marcellis School in Antipolo City.

In 2000, together with his mother Teresa, they moved to Australia. He studied at the St. Aidans Catholic School in Maroubra, Sydney and the John Forrest School in Perth during his stay in Australia.

Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano studied high school in OB Montessori Center, Inc. - Greenhills.

Showbiz Career

In his first venture of show business, Carlos signed a contract with ABS-CBN to play a major role of hit tele-series movie "Mara Clara".

Before Diego accepted the major role in "Mara Clara", he underwent several trainings and acting workshops under Laurice Guillen and Malu de Guzman.

Kathryn Bernardo, the lead star of "Mara Clara", claimed she's a schoolmate of Carlos Diego but didn't personally know each other. Diego reportedly said that he would be happy to know Kathryn more while working in the teleseries movie.

Why Loyzaga and not Montano?

In showbiz, Diego uses the surname Loyzaga and not Montano. It's her mother's decision to do so and to enter in showbiz even if it's against the will of his father Cesar Montano. Cesar wanted Diego to study first before going to showbiz. But it was Diego's mom to push him to work in showbiz at an early age.

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62 precious • 4:59 PM, 15-August-2013
diego,,I want to have a duet with you someday,,,,.
61 precious • 4:56 PM, 15-August-2013
hi diego,,,smile always
60 baby bea • 2:16 AM, 23-June-2013
You know what? my room is full of your pictures
I really really have a crush on you.
I hope I can see you someday!
59 baby bea • 2:14 AM, 23-June-2013
hi im bea from baguio
Do you know diego, you are somewhat similar to my ex but your more than cute to him!
58 baby bea • 2:12 AM, 23-June-2013
I have a crush on you. I'm your biggest fun but they said that you have GF already but it's alright and I'm happy for you.
57 kristine dalasen • 2:23 AM, 05-May-2013
wish you to go back to showbiz again....and hoping to see your face on the tv screen playing a role.
56 demie esteban • 2:14 PM, 22-April-2013
I still liked you and loved you than other young actor.....hope your good and have a project in abs CBN so that I can watch you again :-) miss ya
55 danica rynes cobilla • 4:19 PM, 05-January-2013
hai diego my sister really really likes you. I hope you can have another teleserye together with Julia Montes. And I hope you will be having a mall tour in Dasma. My sister wants to see you.

I wish all the best and good health
54 Jana Lugod • 6:14 PM, 13-September-2012
HI carlos diego!!!!!!!
wish you a good life and good luck with your life!!!!!!
more power!!!!!!
53 diego loyzaga • 10:40 AM, 23-July-2012
tnx guys love you alll
52 diego loyzaga • 10:40 AM, 23-July-2012
thanks for you guys love you :)
51 Marz Gwynneth Paniza • 6:37 AM, 27-February-2012
hey ! Diego is still studying in OB Montesorri?
50 ching • 9:46 AM, 13-February-2012
Can I get you number please
49 junnel granada • 2:24 PM, 29-January-2012
hello!!!! diego
48 angel • 7:27 PM, 12-December-2011
your so cute

diego loyzaga

you're my idol in growing up

tammy + jason = jammy

i love you

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