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Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano

Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano (born May 21, 1995) is the son of famous and multi-awarded actor Cesar Montano and actress Teresa Loyzaga. He became populary known to public when he entered showbiz and signed a contract with ABS-CBN to play the major role of "Derrick" in a hit drama series "Mara, Clara" (2011). This is his first project in show business. The role of "Derrick" is formerly portrayed by the late Rico Yan.

Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano
Picture of Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano

Childhood and Education

Carlos was born at the Cardinal Santos Hospital in San Juan, Metro Manila. He took up a pre-school education in Marcellis School in Antipolo City.

In 2000, together with his mother Teresa, they moved to Australia. He studied at the St. Aidans Catholic School in Maroubra, Sydney and the John Forrest School in Perth during his stay in Australia.

Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano studied high school in OB Montessori Center, Inc. - Greenhills.

Showbiz Career

In his first venture of show business, Carlos signed a contract with ABS-CBN to play a major role of hit tele-series movie "Mara Clara".

Before Diego accepted the major role in "Mara Clara", he underwent several trainings and acting workshops under Laurice Guillen and Malu de Guzman.

Kathryn Bernardo, the lead star of "Mara Clara", claimed she's a schoolmate of Carlos Diego but didn't personally know each other. Diego reportedly said that he would be happy to know Kathryn more while working in the teleseries movie.

Why Loyzaga and not Montano?

In showbiz, Diego uses the surname Loyzaga and not Montano. It's her mother's decision to do so and to enter in showbiz even if it's against the will of his father Cesar Montano. Cesar wanted Diego to study first before going to showbiz. But it was Diego's mom to push him to work in showbiz at an early age.
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65 shayu   (05 December 2015 9:18 PM)
Ahm I am not really your fan but when the first time I saw you in Mara Clara I can say you're really cool and I admit you're handsome ,be humble and goodluck to your career.. :)

64 Emcee   (23 May 2015 3:39 PM)
hi diego Im one of your fan and I really like you. I hope I will see you someday in person :)

63 Chu che qtqt   (21 April 2015 11:48 AM)

62 precious   (15 August 2013 4:59 PM)
diego,,I want to have a duet with you someday,,,,.

61 precious   (15 August 2013 4:56 PM)
hi diego,,,smile always

60 baby bea   (23 June 2013 2:16 AM)
You know what? my room is full of your pictures
I really really have a crush on you.
I hope I can see you someday!

59 baby bea   (23 June 2013 2:14 AM)
hi im bea from baguio
Do you know diego, you are somewhat similar to my ex but your more than cute to him!

58 baby bea   (23 June 2013 2:12 AM)
I have a crush on you. I'm your biggest fun but they said that you have GF already but it's alright and I'm happy for you.

57 kristine dalasen   (05 May 2013 2:23 AM)
wish you to go back to showbiz again....and hoping to see your face on the tv screen playing a role.

56 demie esteban   (22 April 2013 2:14 PM)
I still liked you and loved you than other young actor.....hope your good and have a project in abs CBN so that I can watch you again :-) miss ya

55 danica rynes cobilla   (05 January 2013 4:19 PM)
hai diego my sister really really likes you. I hope you can have another teleserye together with Julia Montes. And I hope you will be having a mall tour in Dasma. My sister wants to see you.

I wish all the best and good health

54 Jana Lugod   (13 September 2012 6:14 PM)
HI carlos diego!!!!!!!
wish you a good life and good luck with your life!!!!!!
more power!!!!!!

53 diego loyzaga   (23 July 2012 10:40 AM)
tnx guys love you alll

52 diego loyzaga   (23 July 2012 10:40 AM)
thanks for you guys love you :)

51 Marz Gwynneth Paniza   (27 February 2012 6:37 AM)
hey ! Diego is still studying in OB Montesorri?

50 ching   (13 February 2012 9:46 AM)
Can I get you number please

49 junnel granada   (29 January 2012 2:24 PM)
hello!!!! diego

48 angel   (12 December 2011 7:27 PM)
your so cute

diego loyzaga

you're my idol in growing up

tammy + jason = jammy

i love you

more projects to come

47 Your Fan:))   (02 December 2011 6:21 PM)
super duper cute moooo:)))))
Hope Someday Ill work with you.

#take care:-*

46 <3 <3 0FFICIAL JULIEGO MARTIANS <3 <3   (30 November 2011 8:08 PM)
"" hello DIEGO i heard your take an exam sa OB Montessori ah "" Good Luck Diego pray lang po kami para makapasa we believe you DIEGO :)) go go go DIEGO


45 honeygrace   (16 November 2011 8:24 AM)
sana makta kta ng personal...

44 honeygrace   (16 November 2011 8:22 AM)
gwapo mo talaga,,,my similaroty kau ng bfq,,,,,,pero mas gwapo ka,jeje,,,

43 angelita   (15 November 2011 9:42 AM)
ang gwapo m tlga kmukhang-kmukha m ang crush q.. =)
god bless...and more power for your career..tc

42 lheenzhee   (13 November 2011 6:07 PM)
cute...gudluck po sa career

41 reinshield   (12 November 2011 2:57 PM)
go ! diego ag galing mu tlga.. hope mgiging sucessful ka sa career mu..


40 Maileen ..   (31 October 2011 7:48 PM)
hai poh.. cute mo tlga .. keep up 'da good work..

39 mark john montemayor   (25 October 2011 6:38 PM)
ang cute mo tlaga Diego :) !!!!

38 Joshua   (25 October 2011 5:11 PM)
Hi Diego pedeng penge ng no.

37 Donna is playing poker!   (23 October 2011 9:10 AM)
gus2 ko makiata ka sa personal at mayakap. ng personalan.. at bigyan ng magandang gift pag 18 bday ko

36 Diego   (20 October 2011 8:44 AM)
Haha thank u guys :)

35 erika   (07 October 2011 7:13 PM)
your so cute

34 mahiya kayo   (05 October 2011 11:26 PM)
hoy mga putangina kayo..hanap nalang kayo ng iba..ang landi nyo..pati post nalibog kayo..sa akin nalang kayo mag pagatas.. paliligayahin ko kayo..

33 CAMZ   (05 October 2011 4:36 PM)
pwede ba kitang maging boyfrnd?=) gwapo!

32 angel   (05 October 2011 4:35 PM)
pwede pahingi no. mo?=)

31 Archiel Fhe G. Cabeguin   (19 September 2011 4:32 PM)
Hai Diego, Ang gwapo mo at ang cute mo, Sana pumunta ka dito Sa Camiguin. Alam mo kAmukha mo tALAga Ang cruSh Ko Si AderLy. I hope that you are successful in your cAreer. tAke Care AlwayS (^_^)..

30 myka   (12 September 2011 6:27 PM)
ang cute mo !crush tlaga kita .kylan kya tayo mgkikita??

29 myka   (12 September 2011 6:25 PM)
gwapo !

28 christel canson   (11 September 2011 5:00 PM)
ang cute mo tlga... loveit;)

27 shan   (06 September 2011 4:42 PM)
hmpf! ur xuper'duper gwapo talaga, ,. . .=^-^=

26 jenny lyn   (05 September 2011 8:28 PM)
love you

25 jenny lyn   (05 September 2011 8:27 PM)
ang gwapo gwapo mo!!!! <3 wish to see you in personal

24 myka   (04 September 2011 6:36 PM)
hello .ang cute mo nman :)

23 Edward Booc   (03 September 2011 3:05 PM)
Sana Maka kita Na Kita SA Personal ANg Cute Mo TALaGa,, Mass Cute Kapa Kay Sisar Montano

22 dawn ann   (31 August 2011 10:23 PM)
pangarap kO makita ka sa pErsOnal ..

21 sHarine mAE   (12 August 2011 3:18 PM)
hi diego ang gwapo m talaga super sana makita kta.....

20 judith orias   (26 July 2011 3:26 PM)
u r very handsome at anggaling m umarte

19 mpnica gicelle pacheco   (26 July 2011 3:14 PM)
npakagwapo moh tlga

18 mhae   (19 June 2011 3:20 PM)
' hi diego alam moh xah sobrang ka-gwapuhan m0h pag pinakasalan moh akoh ngaun khit BUKAS pwde nah akong mamatay pkasalan m0h lng ak0h ngaun ..

' g0sh ur so really HANDSOME ..

17 carlos diego idol   (09 June 2011 4:29 PM)
Sobrang luv and crush kita Carlos Diego Loyzaga Montano...

Carlos Diego you're so cute. Bakit ka pa pinanganak sa mundo? Napakahusay mo pang artista. Sobrang super to the max talaga ang gwapo mo! Kelan ka magka-girlfriend? You are the "Diego" of my life.

16 im anne   (09 June 2011 3:45 PM)
Go!JuliEgo..bagay na bagay ang roll niya sa mara clara

15 Miyami Yuko Shibasato   (30 May 2011 12:19 PM)
Wow!you are so cute.

14 Miyami Yuko Shibasato   (30 May 2011 12:17 PM)
Wow!I can't believe he's handsome

13 analyn pradas   (27 May 2011 1:54 PM)
hi... ang pogi2 mu nman... kamukha tlaga kau ng dady mu.. hay222 gwapo gd kaayu a.

12 khimie panaglima   (22 May 2011 1:43 PM)
ang cute mo tlga... isa ako sa mga umiidolo sayo... keep it up!!!

11 ohlex   (06 May 2011 4:19 PM)
i love u... :)))))


10 nicole tayao   (02 May 2011 8:22 AM)
sana mag katuluyan kayo ni mara <3
pogi mo tlg! sana makita kita ng personal!

9 patZ   (01 May 2011 9:02 PM)
kamukha mo bF q! gwapO ! haha,. idol na idOl kita .,!

8 lex--__   (01 May 2011 8:51 PM)
hi diego..
hmm??? d q tlaga alam kung anu sasabhin q.,
,.- bxta alam q crush na crush kita! adik na adik aq sa.U ! haha .,i'm u'R no. 1 fan ., gwapo.gwapo mo tlaga ., - kh8 sa tV lng kita nkkita ., galing mong umakting ! :) .

7 kyla mapola   (24 April 2011 9:51 PM)
hi!Diego pls.share your life-story in mmk.we love you and kathdie........................alam mo ba crush na crush ka ng pinsan ko............ Diego

4ever ...........................

6 dainty beter   (16 April 2011 7:02 PM)
eow gwapo mo super sana makita kita in personal ikaw ang wallpaper sa cellphone q pti facebook ikaw rin i hope we will meet kahit 1 minute lng dmi q kac emaginations with u ei minsan sa dream q rin when im sleep gwapo u tlaga super duper wlang preno ganon kta ka crush hahaha peace

5 LhiEkuletz   (14 April 2011 1:55 PM)
i hOpe na mag kita tau in persOn... ang galing galing MOh kac SobRa... at suPer crUsh kTa now lang aKOh nag ka cRush ng celebrity cmula ng pamasOk ka ng sHowbiz..... mY gf knb ??? hehehe pwed mag apply /.. jOwk .. !!! :))

4 rustica   (14 April 2011 11:58 AM)
i wish someday magkita tayo...............
i really want to see you.............

idol kasi kita sobra...............

ang galing mong umakting.............
ang gwapo mo............
attrack yung smile mo

3 Rijie Marie Soberano   (13 April 2011 8:53 PM)
hai.. aNg gwApO mUh sUpeR.!!! aNg swErte ng magigiNg girLfRieNd mUh.. hEhehh...^_^
saNa makiTa kiTa iN pErsOn... sUper idoL tLaga kiTa...ikAw na NgA wAlLpApEr At ScreeN saVer ng PuSo Ko .. hehe
cellphonE pala... cRuSh tLaga kiTa ng bOnggaNg-bOngga...suPeR..!!!

2 dew   (13 April 2011 0:45 AM)
he is a love child

1 muzzix loverzz'   (10 April 2011 5:29 PM)
diego,has a good education background..and obviously has a good and decent life.but what bothers and confuses me a lot is that...is his mom a legal wife of cesar montano ?or his mom and mr.cesar montano got divorced?