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LBC Customer Service: Chat Live Agent
Aiming to serve its customer the best it can be, LBC is now providing a customer service live agent where you can chat a customer service representative.

Click the button below to talk to an agent:

LBC Customer Service

About LBC

Founded in 1950, LBC is the leading courier and money remittance company in the Philippines. It has now over 1,000 branches in the Philippines and over 100 branches worldwide.

If you have any concerns or problems (such as remittance details, transaction inquiries) with LBC, you can post them in the comment below.
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Total comments: 156
156 dyonsm   (16-May-2016 6:45 PM)

155 Kim cortez   (12-May-2016 6:53 PM)
Why i still didnt receive my package? May 12 is the delivery date. I searched it on lbc tracking number and it says SHIPMENT STATUS: RECEIVED. Does it mean someone received my package? First time here.

154 jigal trivedi   (06-May-2016 3:45 PM)
I want send money to emely she live in Mariveles st. Quezon city manila. She want to visit the india. How can it possible

153 Abel   (06-May-2016 11:26 AM)
i want to place an order but do not see my barangay on your menu , i live in Basco Batanes . I can receive from Lbc , Jrs And ToGo here. What do i do?

152 Denis   (05-May-2016 10:19 AM)
For your kind assistance please as I have sent the document package to our counterpart in HK yesterday through your branch at Ayala Town Center Alabang. It's just that I was told that it will arrive around 3-5 days. We need the package to be delivered by tomorrow, 06 May 2016 even if we pay more. Tracking #: 191111811316. Please email me your feedback

151 Thee reyes   (28-April-2016 8:13 AM)
Hi there!
May I ask the operating hours of the LBC branch in town square Quintin salas jaro Iloilo city? Thank you!

150 kenneth monte   (26-April-2016 10:29 AM)
good day,i have a problem regarding on my package from chicago,which is the adress,beacuase the adress displayed on my tracking # 1094563617 is not correct,the correct adress is brgy,sungi dulag police station, dulag,leyte.. not brgy.sungi dulag police station,dulaguete cebu..on the error is the dulaguete cebu,instead of dulag leyte,,i hope and i pray that as soon as posible u will correct,thaks and more power.

149 Rosana   (26-April-2016 7:38 AM)
Hi please check real time status with this tracking number 179726389405..

148 ivy arda   (12-April-2016 1:00 PM)
Hi pls advice est del date for 161566694145. thanks

147 jovette uy   (12-April-2016 11:38 AM)
i lost my traking number and i lost my receipt.. please help

146 jovette uy   (12-April-2016 11:37 AM)
i lost my tracking number and receipt. What will i do? please help

145 Honey   (08-April-2016 3:59 PM)
Hi please check real time status of this tracking number 161602919203. My client need the parcel today.

144 ryan   (05-April-2016 6:39 PM)
I thought that LBC is an express but my thought wasn't right because my wife sent me my documents on Saturday around 9 pm but untill now I didn't receive it it'salready 3 day. Their service wasn't good also on the pick up area. The area is branch anda circle port area manila thtey told me I can pick it up on your delivery hub.

143 Ritchie Jane   (05-April-2016 1:08 PM)
How many days will it takes for a mail to arrive from iligan to manila?

142 Maylin   (02-April-2016 10:04 AM)
Hi i just wanna ask if you are capable of shipping vape or electric cigarette from philippines to u.s? Thanks

141 SHEENA   (30-March-2016 11:50 PM)
hi, how much shipping fee from sta rosa laguna to manila..
pillow case lng 4 pc and 1 bed sheet.. thanks

140 Maricel Arbes   (22-March-2016 11:37 AM)
Please track 179417342788.i expected and needed it today.last night sent was nextday delivery .my location is malaybalay

139 Ruben/jose ramiro   (19-March-2016 1:46 AM)
3 boxes was pick up on February 2, 2016 from 612 price street Daly city california 94014. consisting Tracking number as follows:
1. track#= 1057936731
2. track #= 1057936740
These two boxes was already delivered on march 17, 2016 received by Myrna coloma @ la Union.

3. track # 1057936685 this track number is printed from my payment receipt amount 201 dollars. but my yellow invoice different track number which is 1057936596. It doesn't match and theres no details once I do track after shipment. Kindly investigate this missing box.
Your immediate action is fully appreciated.

Jose Ramiro
C. p. # 650-834-7772

138 Rolly A. Berganio   (18-March-2016 8:32 AM)
Good Day!

I would like to inquire any update about the document sent to me through LBC from Bank Card under my name, Rolly A. Berganio.

Thanks & regards

137 melanie olgado   (02-March-2016 9:34 PM)
Hi when is the delivery date of my cargo box?

136 Maggie Balanoba   (02-March-2016 7:09 PM)
Hk good evening. I just want to inquire if much it cost for 10kg box from Manila to basco BATANES. Thanks

135 Paterno Gacayan Jr   (29-February-2016 8:41 AM)
Good day Sir/Madam, I would like to know what is the status of my document/pouch which I was supposed to receive last Friday but until now I still haven't received it. If so you're promise to deliver it within 1 day is false. The tracking number is 126249421549. I these documents ASAP, hoping to hear from you soon.

134 Clarita   (27-February-2016 6:22 PM)
Good evening Sir/Ma'am,
May we request for our documents which has Tracking# 80018101626 which was stated to be return to origin be returned to LBC Baguio as soon as possible so that we could pick it up. Recipient was expecting to receive it from the stated address (door-to-door)only to find it's for pick up
Kindly reply as soon as possible for our concern.
Thank you and more power!

133 jeralyn   (25-February-2016 6:38 PM)
gudevening maam/sir!
i would to ask why my package in pulang lupa,brgy.bagong sikat bulalacao,oriental mindoro to regalado kalibo aklan branch has not yet delivered??.i tried to track and trace but the answer is not yet registered,.can you help me in my problem regarding my package..because in it is almost 4 days now.

132 Michelle Jane Goodhew   (20-February-2016 11:47 AM)
i would like to trace my package but my sister lost the receipt

131 khris arnel abenion   (15-February-2016 2:18 PM)
Good day to you maam/sir.. im asjking why my track number is not yet registered.. im waiting for your respond

130 Corazon   (12-February-2016 5:10 AM)
i would like to know when it will be delivered in to my house the balik bayan box.it says received to Cebu distribution team already.please let me know the estimated date and time.because I will be out of town Feb13 until 15 2016. Thank you.

129 chynna   (09-February-2016 6:03 AM)

Just want to ask how can i track the tracking number that was given to me by my friend? because it shows that the tracking number should only consists of 12 digits mine have 13 and it was sent via U remit.

Thank you,

128 Ronnie simpson alvarado   (29-January-2016 10:45 PM)
Good day...
I would like to inquire about my delivery items i ordered on a online shop. By the name Mylene M. Alvarado #12 purok 2 san miguel lubao pampanga. if they already sent thru LBC? They dont give me any information or tracking #. How can i know if they send this? Please help me for this...thank you...

127 louise   (29-January-2016 8:37 PM)
I want to trace my package

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