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LBC Customer Service: Chat Live Agent

Aiming to serve its customer the best it can be, LBC is now providing a customer service live agent where you can chat a customer service representative.

Click the button below to talk to an agent:

LBC Customer Service

About LBC

Founded in 1950, LBC is the leading courier and money remittance company in the Philippines. It has now over 1,000 branches in the Philippines and over 100 branches worldwide.

If you have any concerns or problems (such as remittance details, transaction inquiries) with LBC, you can post them in the comment below.
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Total comments: 433
433 Noreen   (15 February 2017 12:26 PM)
771008900782 Follow up lng po sa status

432 Joyce   (14 February 2017 6:33 PM)
791008814317 791008816488 791008821409 Whats the problem po? Its been already 9days. Email me please

431 Clint Responso   (14 February 2017 1:36 PM)
hi!, please track this 161650699994 , supposedly feb 13,2017 monday, ang delivery tapos hanggang ngayun wala padin,, may tel. number tapos di ma contact!

430 Philip Sayson   (14 February 2017 8:54 AM)
Good day! I just want to make a follow up regarding the item (tracking number 179782081108) that was send from DFA Butuan the last update in the online tracker was February 7, 2017 but until today February 14 I haven't receive it yet. Please advice.

429 Philip Sayson   (14 February 2017 8:53 AM)
Good day! I just want to make a follow up regarding the item that was send from DFA Butuan the last update in the online tracker was February 7, 2017 but until today February 14 I haven't receive it yet. Please advice.

428 Arnold Agad   (13 February 2017 8:18 AM)
Good day! How many days will it take to ship a package from Cebu to sibulan negros oriental?

427 Lydie lee   (13 February 2017 7:26 AM)
Follow up on my order

426 John mark flores   (10 February 2017 2:53 PM)
Follow up my cargo. When it possible to deliver? Then ano po ung hotline always not yet in service ung number nyo

425 jennilyn   (10 February 2017 11:34 AM)
Mam good afternoon magtanong lang po ako kumusta ang status ng order ko this is tracking no.71001363259032. sa monday ko pa po ako ng order ng item..thank youyou

424 Christel Latido   (09 February 2017 10:02 AM)
I'll just drop by in your LBC facility at Bago City to get my parcel on February 16, 2017. No need to deliver it at my place, I'm on a vacation. The tracking number are 791008814603 and 791008806184. I'll be in touch in this number 0908-9512-352. Thank you.

423 Razzel Obleda   (09 February 2017 9:22 AM)
771008791812 Yan ang tracking ko po..

422 Razzel Obleda   (09 February 2017 9:21 AM)
Same case here may order ako from lazada. Then ang order ko ay Di nakarating dahil out of LBC's service area. Ano to kalokohan? Ee pag Labas ng kantuhan sa amin LBC San pascual branch agad ang makikita. I chatted you guys already pero wala pa kayong action. Mag 10 araw na Yun order ko..

421 Alfred Biedermann   (08 February 2017 6:20 PM)
When you will deliver my Order Number 791008827595 ?

420 cherrylyn romagos   (08 February 2017 4:30 PM)
71001363130321, this is the tracking number, i would like to have a follow up regarding this shipment. the lbc says not delivered for a incorrect address.

419 arn   (08 February 2017 7:55 AM)
hi please trace this 791008790680...sa lazada ko po yan na package.

418 Alyssa Nicole S. Calinisan   (08 February 2017 7:41 AM)
Goodmorning po I just want to ask if when will you deliver my shipment. My tracking number is 179785945429 and whenever I search my tracking number there it says that. "You can't locate me" what should I do?

417 Alyssa Nicole S. Calinisan   (08 February 2017 7:32 AM)
I want to ask if when will you deliver my shipment. My tracking number is 179785945429 and whenever i searched it in your site it says that you can't locate me. What should I do?

416 dan calicdan   (07 February 2017 6:41 PM)
Panu po ung sa item ko sbi sa message.
Your shipment was not delivered due to payment issue.
Give some info nman po.
Tracking num kupo. 771008823388

415 Vanessa Moran   (06 February 2017 10:33 PM)

Can you please this package for me? 181293568290

414 janela curammeng   (06 February 2017 7:02 PM)
Hi po. 791008801525 this is my tracking number pero ganito po ang sabi ng lbc "Your shipment was not delivered due to payment issues during delivery. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative." I ordered the item thru lazada. What to do? ASAP.

413 Joyce   (06 February 2017 6:44 PM)
Some issues but my mode of payment is COD. May i know the status of my package?
791008762137 and 791008759395

412 Kateleen Estor   (06 February 2017 1:39 PM)
Gud pm po here is my tracking number 771008786633 but I tried to track it it says "We tried to deliver your shipment but there was a request to postpone the delivery. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative." I ordered the item thru lazada last Tuesday p po. Paano po ito???

411 Louis Escosio   (06 February 2017 2:14 AM)
Good Morning! I am in need of help in resolving the problem regarding the service area of delivery. This is the verbatim as shown on the tracking page of Tracking No. 791008764724, "Your shipment was not delivered since recipient's address is out of LBC's service area.". Is is noted somehow that my delivery would arrive from dates of February 2-7 but I fear that it may not arrive on time due to the status being stated. Looking Forward for a fast customer service. More powers and God Bless.

410 Regie Mae Abucay   (05 February 2017 9:51 PM)
Hi I tracked my order early in the morning and it said "expect the delivery within the day" but I didn't recieve any. I tried to track again and it says "we tried to deliver your shipment but there was a request to postpone" how to solve this one? This is my tracking number 71001363171973

409 Nancie   (05 February 2017 7:40 PM)
Good evening, may free hotline po ba kayo for cell phone users? And may document po ako na ipipic up sa lbc branch pero wala po akong tracking number. Bale this document id ielts result form kung familiar po kayo. Wala po akong tracking number from them e.

408 Von Phillip Añonuevo   (05 February 2017 3:28 PM)
Good afternoon . ang nkalagay sa tracking "We tried to deliver your shipment but rejected by receipient."

Pero hindi nmn po binigay sa tita ung shipment na yun dalwa po kc dpt un isang vR glasses at smart watch .. ung smart watch ok npo binigay skn pero ung vR glasses po ung sinasabing Nireject daw po ..

tracking number : 791008782707

407 Wilfred   (05 February 2017 2:31 PM)
We tried to deliver your shipment but there was a request to postpone the delivery. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative.
Tracking Number 791008739225, sino nag request ma postpone yong item ko?

406 Diane   (05 February 2017 12:13 PM)

I missed the delivery of my shipment yesterday?I was not inform that it was achesuled for deliveey yesterday.How can I get my package?

405 Kay Marie Cortez   (04 February 2017 10:23 PM)
Hi, I have a package to be delivered today Feb, 04 2017 but the problem is I was not at home, then yung naiwan sa bahay is not inform na meron akong package na i-deliver today and unfortunately, nasabihan niya ang delivery boy to cancel, how can i get the package again? is it possible na madeliver ulet? this is the tracking number of LBC 71001363162984, PLS contact me asap. i neeed that package. thank you

404 Rose Marie D. Ramos   (04 February 2017 7:37 PM)
Good evening. This is my tracking number po 791008705550 sabi po eh we tried to deliver the shipment but recipient to refuse to accept because my aunt was away on that day when they deliver the shipment. She just got back from the Philippines today. Just want to ask if they still going to deliver the shipment. Thanks

403 Janice Magan   (04 February 2017 3:07 PM)
Hi good day can you please trace this for me 791008779386 it's my Lazada package..thanks

402 kristine   (04 February 2017 3:04 PM)
About po sana sa item kona idedeliver sana sakin nung feb. 2 but hndi naideliver dahil mali daw ang address gusto ko sana ipalocate kung sana na ang item at ipick up ko nalng sana sa malapit na LBC dto

401 kristine   (04 February 2017 3:02 PM)
hey i just wanna ask ?

400 Aldrin Joaquin   (04 February 2017 10:32 AM)
Hello po . There was a request of "postpone" in my order 327546228 . How is this po? Thank you

399 shane maxino   (03 February 2017 8:30 AM)
i check with your system, my package for my sister did not arrive in her office at court of appeals in cebu city. tracking number is 161649324277. please advise asap. she needs it to be delivered today, friday, february 3, 2017. thanks.

398 shayen   (02 February 2017 7:03 PM)
About my previous delivery I didnt expect it to arrive on that date because it is out of the schedule range. Im not home that time. Please deliver my second delivery with a tracking nber 791008769553 because the payment is ready. Thank you.

397 Jonette Mae Esperon   (02 February 2017 5:48 PM)
Hi i want to know which branch here in BCD i can find my parcel with tracking num 71001363117726 and 71001363118861. Thanks.

396 Bryan   (02 February 2017 5:43 PM)
Good day!!! Yung package ko po until now di pa dumating...pina truck ko sabi for pick up.di ko nman alam kunh saan pick upin.thank you...

395 Grace Baluyut   (02 February 2017 5:07 PM)
Hello! Hindi pa kase dumarating yung pina-deliver ko. Ang sabi lang nung tinignan ko sa website ninyo. "We tried to deliver your shipment but recipient's address cannot be located." paano ko pa ba mapapa-deliver nyan? Eto po tracking number 179792626437

394 maryjoy ogatso   (02 February 2017 12:01 PM)
Good day I would like to follow up my order item with tracking number 71001363110821. item received at Cavite Delivery Hub yesterday. when it will deliver because I need it before sunday?

393 joshua   (01 February 2017 10:29 PM)
panu po un"Your shipment was not delivered since recipient's address is out of LBC's service area.tracking no. 791008727274

392 Mark Amiel Bosita.   (01 February 2017 9:44 PM)
Good day. Gusto ko lang sana malaman kung madedeliver ba bukas yung package ko na 791008750562. Di ko pp kasi inaasahan na dadating ngayon arw ying package ko. Expected ko po talaga. ay bukas pa.. sensya na po kung di ko na recieve kanina.kasi wala po ako naiwan na payment kanina. I hope sana makuha ko package ko bukas. Sana mapansin nyo po comment ko. Thabk you po.

391 Mirasol M. Ira   (01 February 2017 8:19 PM)
"Your shipment was not delivered due to payment issues during delivery."
What is the meaning of that? I didn't get it what you mean by that. What I know is lazada and I had an agreement that I will pay my order if I already receive it, in short we have an agreement of 'cash on delivery'
Please be inform that I am still confused about it, and please explain to me what you mean by that. Thankyou and I'm hoping for your quick response.

390 Marife   (01 February 2017 9:22 AM)
Good Day po..paano po 'yong "we tried to deliver your shipment but there was a request to postpone the delivery"...Tracking No's. 791008735873 & 791008736196...
Thank You...

389 marie andrea gloria   (31 January 2017 8:27 PM)
tracking no. 81104921858 didn't deliver yet. please reply to my email. how will i get the item.

388 Ma. Dolores delacruz   (31 January 2017 5:55 PM)
Good day i would like to follow up package with tracking number 179804350687. Item was received at south luzon area and as per new remarks that address of the recepient cannot be located. Please let them contact my number

Thank you

Ma. Dolores Dela Cruz

387 Lyndon de Castro   (31 January 2017 12:13 PM)
Good Day! Bakit ganito po? nagtext yung LBC sakin na Ngayon daw ang delivery ng item ko. then when i went to LBC warehouse . Ang item ko ay naibalik na daw. TR# 791008694496. paki follow up naman po. thank you

386 Windy Rodriguez   (31 January 2017 8:46 AM)
Hello po. nung itrack ko po yung parcel ko ang sabi po your shipment was not delivered due to payment issues during delivery. please click chat with us now to chat with our customer care representative. ano po ang nangyari? heres the tracking number po 791008709192.

385 Angela   (30 January 2017 11:13 PM)
Hi may problema daw po sa order ko dahil nag refuse daw po na i accept yung item base sa nka lagay sa tracking page niyo.. Wala po ako na natatanggap na delivery kaya baka sa maling address niyo na deliver yung order ko. . Kaya malamang tlagang tatangihan yung delivery.. This is my 3rd order na di nka abot.. And whenever I track my order either nka lagay ay may payment issues at ngayon naman ay nag refuse daw iaccept yung item.. Ang order ko ay my tracking no 791008686215.. Nag email na po ako sainyo ng isang araw pero wala akong natanggap na reply. Sna ngayon ay makakuha ako ng response.. Maraming salamat.

384 rowena caldo   (30 January 2017 9:35 PM)
may i know what is the concern on my item with tracking #791008691896?

383 Von Phillip Añonuevo   (30 January 2017 6:30 PM)
Good evening when i was tracking my items it says to chat with us? it also says there are concern with my items ? i recieved an e-mail to expect my delivery on or before january 30 but nothing came . please i need the items before Thursday.

Thank You .

382 Jerome Reyes   (30 January 2017 5:21 PM)
Tracking no : 179772019041
Based from tracking, delivery postponed daw and chat with us now sabi ng LBC. Anong meron po bakit na postpone? Thanks

381 Neriza   (30 January 2017 12:21 PM)
Just want to follow up by package ref number 81105581047.
Following are noted in your tracking system.

January 28, 2017 06:14:29 PM We tried to deliver your shipment but there was a request to postpone the delivery. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative.

January 27, 2017 06:02:32 PM Your shipment has arrived at our LBC FACILITY. Please expect delivery within the day.

We did not give instruction to postpone the delivery. These are urgent documents ans recipient have been waiting for the arrival of documents.

Appreciate feedback and more information about this.

380 Arve L Untiveros   (30 January 2017 7:31 AM)
mam/sir gud day...bat po hindi na dumating ung order ko sa lazada...tracking n0. po 791008633745

379 JM   (29 January 2017 11:31 PM)
I have 3 orders from lazada with the tracking numbers 791008689990 ,791008687811 , and 791008680754 ..all of which I have been tracking since I ordered them..they have been received in solutions crossroad alabang for 5 days now..does it take that long for it to process there? cause 5 days without change? seriously?

378 Jennaiah bolano   (29 January 2017 10:48 PM)
71001362296732 My tracking number, i would lile to know whats the matter since in my parcel it says that i need to chat with you for some concerns. I hope you can reply as soon as possible. Godbless. Thank you.

I also want to ask if do you have a mobile number to contact with you directly?i you have, may i ask for it?

377 Jennaiah bolano   (29 January 2017 10:35 PM)
Hello there, as i track my parcel it says that I need to chat wIth you. Whats wrong with the parcel number 71001362296732?thank you.

376 Armando   (28 January 2017 2:16 PM)
Tracking nr 771008685576 has a delivery date between 26-30 January 2017. Item no longer required after 30 January 2017 and no longer desired. Request cancel if unable to deliver by 30 January 2017.

375 Vanessa Llorente   (28 January 2017 12:31 PM)
Hi, as I track my parcel it says that I need to chat with you. What's wrong with the parcel tracking number 81105579320. Thank you

374 gina   (27 January 2017 6:52 PM)
hi good evening i would like to inform you that my parcel havent been delivered to yours truly.when i tracked it the records shows that i was the reciever.in fact i havent got it yet.will you please look into it.# 179785135134 my contact nos 639999841347

373 Arnel   (27 January 2017 4:53 PM)
Tanong ko lang bakit iisang item lang ung deniliver ng lbc na oppo 360 degree hard plastic case, dapat dalawa un pero ang nadeliver iisa lang color black lang, dapat black at red un, it cost 464.55 pesos ang isa e 900+ ang nabayaran pero iisa lang ang binigay na item ito tracking number 791008638492

372 jevel guillermo   (26 January 2017 5:01 PM)
ito po yung tracking no. ng parcels ko 71001363002822, 71001363008822 na track ko po sya and recipient out of service area paano po kaya un. from quezon isabela po ako and nasa cauayan isabela po ung package ko roxas isabela po ang pinakamalapit na lbc branch samin.

371 Joel Anthony Obungen   (26 January 2017 11:33 AM)
Good day, i would like to follow up on my package with tracking number 126474681161. it already arrived in manila but still not delivered to the address i wanted it to be delivered.

370 lielawlit   (26 January 2017 8:13 AM)
Moring gusto kolang ma update yung package ko kasi sabi d2 sa LBC transaction  status We tried to deliver your shipment but recipient's address cannot be located. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative. eto yung tracking number ko 791008665884.  at ito yung address ko at shop malapit sa amin Calachuchi Street Mintal Davao City in fornt of CST Motorcycle tires near at One Network bank Mintal
Davao Del Sur - Davao City - Mintal

369 Dannica   (26 January 2017 8:11 AM)
Good Day po bakit wala pa yong package na pianadala sakin noong January 24,2017 sabi po sa kanya 1 to 2 days lang daw po ang dilevery bakit hanggang ngayon wla pa
tracking number:17569445508

368 ahyie   (25 January 2017 4:56 PM)
When i receive the item? Can you make sure that you have the correct address on the item. 1229 musa st. Sampaloc manila.. I tracked the item then it says consignee unknown. I don't even know who's pauline cruz. I need to know the status of the delivery asap. Thank you, tracking #:

367 ahyie   (25 January 2017 4:06 PM)
71001362296078 tracking #

366 ahyie   (25 January 2017 4:06 PM)

When i receive the item? Can u make sure that u have the correct address on the item. 1229 musa st. Sampaloc manila.. I tracked the item then it says consignee unknown. I don't even know who's pauline cruz. I need to know the status of the delivery asap. Thank you

365 Ma.Lourdes Batalla   (25 January 2017 8:52 AM)
good morning,ask ko lang ano po ang naging problema sa payment n inorder ko sa lazada ito po ang tracking number 791008674547.thank you

364 Richard S. Menedoza   (24 January 2017 4:43 PM)

May I know the issue with this shipment pls.

January 20, 2017 06:55:25 AM Shipment is with a concern. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative.

363 dinjan ramas   (24 January 2017 7:36 AM)
Hi! I would like to ask why you postponed my package. The tracking number is 771008630530. I need an ASAP answer. Thank you.

362 Jay ann pahid   (23 January 2017 9:11 PM)
This is my tracking no. 179795916627

361 Jay ann pahid   (23 January 2017 9:10 PM)
hanggang ngayon di parib dumadating yung item .. ang sabi di raw malocate ang address, anong gagawin ko para maibigy na sakin yung inorder ko. asap.

360 Edrillan Pasion   (23 January 2017 8:41 PM)
Tanong ko lang po kung nasa robinson metroeast branch na yung package ko? 179718922609 nung tinignan ko kasi sabi cannot find address daw po. Salamat.

359 Edrillan Pasion   (23 January 2017 8:38 PM)
Ask ko lng po kung nasa robinsons metroeast lbc branch na ung package ko? 179718922609 nung chineck ko po kasi sabi cannot find adress daw thank you

358 aileen   (23 January 2017 8:36 PM)
Hi good day. Paano po ung "We tried to deliver your shipment but there was a request to postpone the delivery. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative."?

357 John maverick Martinez   (23 January 2017 8:18 PM)
791008672989 & 791008663283
LBC said to me in their tracking page "Your shipment was not delivered since recipient's address is out of LBC's service area. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative." how could it be, i've purchasing some items to you and deliver by LBC lately but today they said to me like that. kindly give me an immediate feedback as in asap feedback.. kindly give or deliver my order to me or contact me through my cellphone that you cant deliver it to me..

356 Benson F. Segundo   (23 January 2017 6:42 PM)
How did it happened that my package was tag claimed but i didn't received anything?
No package was delivered to my address!!! Send me a proof that i have received it personally!! Lets see whose telling the truth here..
Hope you take this matter seriously and take action immediately

355 Gennica   (23 January 2017 2:37 PM)
This is the tracking number 81102659704,hanggang ngayon hindi pa siya dumadating.

354 Krystel C. Tabua   (23 January 2017 1:27 PM)
I was expecting a deliver from Jonas Jude Ybanez here the tracking number. 1797789456485. Until now the package never been deliver. Reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

353 Leynah Legaspi   (23 January 2017 12:08 PM)
Hi! Im waiting for an order i made with Shoppe but. I just noticed that the address I added was incorrect. Item has been shipped already. please help

352 Benedict   (23 January 2017 9:16 AM)
Hello, I would like to ask? When I open the lbc page and track my order it say's Your shipment was not delivered due to payment issues during delivery. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative.......but there isn't someone came by yesterday.....please reply please....thank you...my tracking no. 771008623946

351 Msmallows   (23 January 2017 8:37 AM)
Hi.i would like to ask why my package was postponed? Tracking is

350 Janice   (21 January 2017 9:43 AM)
Hi.i would like to ask why my package was postponed??thank you..this is the tracking71001362256334

349 liondragon77   (20 January 2017 2:48 PM)
There were a TOTAL of 43 Large LBC boxes.

Thirty Six boxes have already been delivered.

This is the final Seven.

I have already been to the headquarters in Manila and given them all the bills of lading in December 2016.
The main office has all of my contact information and copies of all my identification cards.

348 liondragon77   (20 January 2017 2:46 PM)
Hello, my name is Jerry Anthony Knight.
I live at 48-C Lower Lourdes Subdivision (Middle Rock Quarry), Baguio City, Philippines 2600
My cellphone number is:  63-09260894330.

I have a shipment of SEVEN (7) Large LBC boxes arriving in port in Manila.
One of the Bills of Lading Number is:  1111029970.
CAN YOU VERIFY THAT THIS SHIPMENT WILL BE GOING TO BAGUIO instead of Batu, Rizal, Cagayan Valley, PH 3526?
Jerry A. Knight

347 darrennodado   (13 January 2017 1:05 PM)
mam sir May tatanong lang po pls Reply. .

346 Karla mallare   (10 January 2017 1:39 PM)
Hello lbc! Ask ko lng and paki follow up po ang box from abu dhabi kung anong araw mo madedeliver sa gapan nueva ecija...tracking no..200261612033449..thank you

345 Joice Flores   (09 January 2017 6:58 PM)
Hi. I would like to ask if how much it will cost if I ship a 30pcs.of clothes thru Davao Del Sur? And how many Kilos is it?

344 Verna M.Baliong   (09 January 2017 11:17 AM)
Sa kinauukulan po,pakibigyang aksyon Ang kapabayaan ng lbc,Ubay,Bohol..nareturn to sender ung perishable item ko at nasira po ito.ang nais ko lñg po ay maiblik sa akin ung halaga at bnayad ko sa pagpadala..ito po ung tracking #161603369287

343 Jonathan Villanobos   (06 January 2017 12:17 PM)
Good Day LBC!! I really don't know when you are going to deliver my parcel. It almost two weeks had fades since it was transacted to yours office, imagine the transaction date was on December 27 2016 and based on the receipt I have received the delivery date will be on December 29, before new year I expected that it will be arrived in my place but until now it is not here. Please take action LBC I really need my parcel now.. Here is my Tracking No. 181286350235 from Baguio City the delivery address is in Allen, Northern Samar, Visayas Philippines.

342 revma   (05 January 2017 5:19 AM)
Good day po! ask ko lang po sana yung status ng Gift Check na order ko.. transaction was made way back November 22, 2016 pa.. until now wala pang update... Paki explain anu po ibig sabihin nito:

Tracking Number

Date & Time of Last Status Transaction Status
December 29, 2016 03:49:23 PM RECEIVED AT SCS RETURNS
December 29, 2016 02:07:41 AM ENCODED AT LBC CARGO FACILITY - MANILA (QTY:1)

341 revma   (05 January 2017 5:16 AM)
Good day.. ask ko lang po status ng GC ko.. transaction was made way back Nov.22, 2016, yet wala pang update.. and anu po ibig sabihin ng nito:

Tracking Number

Date & Time of Last Status Transaction Status
December 29, 2016 03:49:23 PM RECEIVED AT SCS RETURNS
December 29, 2016 02:07:41 AM ENCODED AT LBC CARGO FACILITY - MANILA (QTY:1)

340 ace ladipe   (03 January 2017 9:41 AM)
Sir ask ko lng po kung mron na ba sa LBC warehouse ung tracking # 771008402379 na inorder ko dito po sa Nueva Vizcaya.

339 ace ladipe   (03 January 2017 8:51 AM)
Good morning sir Just wanted to ask if my order: TRACKING # 771008402379 is in solano nueva vizcaya LBC warehouse? thank you for response

338 jean mejia   (02 January 2017 10:23 AM)
hello good day.. tanung ko lang po kung kailan ma dedeliver dito sa ormoc yung item from lazada with tracking number 791008355672. they forwarded the item to scs tacloban on dec.23, 2016.. when can i received it? Ang nka lagay kc dun na time frame for delivery is dec. 23-31, 2016 , peru nga dahil may holiday maybe delayed yun..

337 nanneth co hee   (02 January 2017 9:38 AM)
Magandang umaga po.. Tanong ko lang po sana kung nasan na yong isang box namin.. 1059508613 yan po ang tracking number po. Bali nakuha na po namin yong dalawa at hinihintay pa namin yong isa kc dpa dumating. Dec. 23 forwarded na naman po siya sa tacloban. Bat po hanggang ngayon wala parin.

336 Ruth bejo sortigosa   (28 December 2016 8:14 AM)
Ask lng po if nasaan na yong box?Eto yung tracking no#222301610274609 tapus yung isa 222301610278734 name sender ronnel bejo sortigosa solay exit 17 al tamimi compound Riyadh saudi arabai

335 Gil arthur bohol   (27 December 2016 9:34 PM)
Good pm..ask q lng meron bang 24 hours open na remittance centers ang lbc..meron akong kukunin padla galing local...salamat and good night

334 Emelyn Tabingo   (24 December 2016 3:55 PM)
Hello how to track the box without tracking number

333 dee   (24 December 2016 10:22 AM)
December 22, 2016 04:11:13 AM ENCODED AT LBC CARGO
FACILITY - MANILA (QTY:1) December 21, 2016 09:17:29 PM
manila pa din package ko???????? lasweek pa tan bat d pa
dumadating sa cebu kasal na sa 28 gagamit nyan asikasohin
nyo naman maayos trabaho nyo kayo nga pinili ko para ma
track ko kaso bat d pa dumadating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
81103787474 tracking yan to cebu city pls naman edeliver
nyo na lastweek pa yan

332 Emelyn Tabingo   (24 December 2016 0:59 AM)
Hello... Paanu PO ma track ang box kung mawala PO Yong tracking number

331 maryjean estella   (23 December 2016 10:37 PM)
Hello lbc..
kaya pa po bah ninyong magdeliver?..kasi parang dami nyo nang reklamo dito ah...kung hindi na po, pwede po bang pick upin na lng namin para hindi na kayo mahirapan..nakakainis na kasi sobrang bagal nang service...delayed na delayed na talaga!!!!

330 Ray Piluden   (23 December 2016 7:28 PM)
Good Evening, I've recently gotten a message while waiting for my delivery.

"We tried to deliver your shipment but there was a request to postpone the delivery. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative."

I haven't requested any sort of postponement, is there anything I can do or anywhere I should visit? I currently reside in Baguio

329 Edmund canete   (21 December 2016 5:52 PM)
Lbc, oct. 12 pa namin pinadala yung box namin Dec.21 na po ngayon wala padin sa cavite lang kami ano ba naman yan ..ito yung tracking no. 1099416604..sana naman kumilos mga tauhan nyo.

328 sonia bahni   (21 December 2016 6:13 AM)
hi lbc. my 3 lbc boxes was forwarded to ifugao vizcaya delivery hub last dec 19, (aftership app) g
how long shall we wait for it to be delivered in
solano, nueva vizcaya. tracking number
1059349345. thanks

327 glenda ismael   (17 December 2016 5:42 PM)
hellow marerecieve ko pa bba yung items na inorder ko sa lazada i recieved an email na hindi nyo cover ang area namin pakiinform naman po kami para makabili kami sa iba thanks order number 385516879

326 Genes Manalastas   (17 December 2016 6:31 AM)
I still have unreceived package, mag one week na sya. If there's any way you can reach me kasi wala naamn ako landline to contact you guys and ang hirap maghanap ng payphone dito sa lugar namin please help!!!!!!!

325 Annie   (16 December 2016 1:56 PM)
Hello LBC
Inquire ko lang po about sa cargo box magkanu po anh per kilo ng box..if possible po ba na dyan ipapacking sa office nyo ang box ko..kasi galing po yun ng china nakapacked na po sya ang size nya po ay 63x47x32 bali large sya..magkanu po ang ganyang kalaking box 20kgs po sya at ilang days po marereciv from escolta to palawan riotuba..meron po kaung brance sa riotuba..
Thank you..

324 Christian Joseph Refugia   (16 December 2016 8:03 AM)
"Shipment is with a concern. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative."
What does it mean. I am still waiting for my order to arrive but it says like the above I mention.

323 Jack tugade   (16 December 2016 3:17 AM)
I had my passport renewed last nov 29, 2016..n i get the service of lbc to claim my renewed passport last dec12, 2016 and the lbc representative advised me that my renewed passport will be delivered to our residence either dec 13 or 14. Until now, it has not arrived yet. Is there anyway to check when will it be delivered to my address?

322 John Emmanuel Taguba   (15 December 2016 10:33 AM)
Good Afternoon po! ano po ang ibig sabihin nito?Your shipment was not delivered due to an unforeseen event. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative. Ito po yung tracking number ko 771008175949.

321 Zenaida Yumul   (14 December 2016 12:19 PM)
Puede po bang mag padala ng pabango sa inyo?

320 KAREN SERRANO   (14 December 2016 11:19 AM)
Good day!

Iwould like to ask about my tracking number for any updates because i have called the main branch and the contact number is not working

319 Jay Harris Mamuyac   (12 December 2016 7:16 PM)
The tracker said my items were failed to deliver because of payment issues, what does that imply? I ordered them from lazada.791008047640

318 paul uro   (12 December 2016 10:49 AM)
follow up. tracking number 161635154203

317 moreno joseph   (12 December 2016 8:24 AM)
Hello LBC,
May i request to your good office here at baguio city to deliver my items from lazada during saturday or sunday if possible because during weekdays i work from 8am -630 pm so its not possible for me to recieve my items this is my tracking number 771008172292 that according to lazada, items will arrive on or before dec.19-23....im hoping for kind consideration..thank you somuch

316 Arra Alicando   (11 December 2016 8:47 AM)
The tracker said my items were failed to deliver because of payment issues, what does that imply? I ordered them from lazada a week ago, they should be delivered to my place before I go home for Christmas break, please solve your internal problems. Thank you.

315 justin fuentes   (10 December 2016 6:54 PM)
hi. i have package [791008058954] from lazada. i checked the package at lbc's website and it was saying that they can't find me. im out of town now. i will get the package at lbc pototan, iloilo on monday december 12.

314 Elaine   (09 December 2016 10:38 PM)
Hi nagpapaship ba kayo ng cellphone from metro manila to palawan?

313 marites royo   (09 December 2016 7:02 AM)
good day LBC. I just want to know, bakit po napostpone yung order ko po from lazada at kinakailangan ko pang makipagchat sa customer service representative nyo. 2nd time ko na pong mag order from lazada at madali lang naman pong malocate ang location ko po. pakideliver na po yung item ko please. ito po tracking number,791008044456...thanks.

312 marck anthony macasieb   (08 December 2016 12:35 PM)
anu puba edideliver nyo paba ung inorder ko sa lazada oh hindi na..kung ganyan kau ng ganyan dapat dina kau tumatanggap ng padala na hindi nyo kaya...ipadala ...

311 AJ Calica   (08 December 2016 6:48 AM)
Tracking number 791008064828. When will it arrive ?

310 marck anthony macasieb   (07 December 2016 1:55 PM)
hellow po pwede po bang paki follow up yung order ko sa lazada eto po yung tracking no.771008019178.

309 marck anthony macasieb   (07 December 2016 1:32 PM)
hellow po,may order po ako
sa lazada pwede po bang i follow up yung order ko eto po yung tracking no.771008019178

308 Jeffrey Sulit   (06 December 2016 9:52 PM)
Hi good day. update status lang po regarding sa order ko sa lazada tracking no. 771008034070. as of today kasi around 3pm according po sa tracking ninyo ang item ko was not delivered due to payment issue e wala pa naman akong natatanggap ni anino po ng personnel ninyo wala pong dumapo sa area namin? paki update po ako please 3 days ko na po hinihintay yung order ko sabi kasi ni lazada dadating ang item ko between December 3 to 7. confused lang po talaga ako sa reply nyo. salamat po.

307 Jeffrey Sulit   (06 December 2016 9:43 PM)
status update. delivery issue. unit Elephone P8000 order # 338662689 tracking # 771008034070. Hi, i always checked my order to your site for status update of my order and awhile ago your last reply was "your shipment was not delivered due to payment issues during delivery." what is this all about? i didn't received any item yet and no one of your personnel came here. so where did you get that issue? i need your response please coz I'm waiting to my order. im expecting that my order will be deliver between dec.3-7 according to Lazada. today is dec.6 so you only had 1 day left to bring it here. please reply thanks.

306 nicky   (06 December 2016 7:56 PM)
tracking no. 791008001024.. why delay?

305 rommel john javier   (04 December 2016 9:29 PM)
Hi can i ask if there is a package from lazada because i order an item with this tracking no:(791007995258)..

304 clint dilon c meneses   (04 December 2016 5:33 AM)
may package po ako napostpone daw puwedeng bang ideliver nlang wla naman sumasagot sa mga email ko ehh ang tracking number ay 791007959083

303 clint dilon c meneses   (03 December 2016 11:57 PM)
may package po ako na dapat na recive ko na nung december2 tinignan ko yung sa lbc ko postpone daw please gawan naman ng paraan po to ang tracking number poh ay 791007959083

302 HARDIE M GASTON   (02 December 2016 8:38 PM)
Tracking #: 1095921410

Sent to San Fernando, but not received there.

Where is it?


301 heena hothi   (02 December 2016 11:29 AM)
My item 771008003171 was in alabang since 30 november...when it will arrive in vigan city tamag???

300 MioNg   (01 December 2016 12:57 PM)
hey? is itransfer ok with lbc? kasi di ko ma claim remittance sa palawan pawnshop. kasi diba pwede nman i transact sa palawan. id did it before, ngayon lang nag denied. i have the right invoice

299 Myie07   (01 December 2016 9:53 AM)
Hi mam I have package from shopee with this tracking number 81103945499, I was expecting the delivery yesterday they can go to my house again today or I can just pick up the item in LBC branch can I confirm the branch where my Item received? Thank you

298 nick mustera llenas   (30 November 2016 5:55 PM)
follow up po ng shipment ko.with tracking number 791007932361. katext ko na courier niyan at nagbigay na ako instructions, di pa daw ako malocate.pambihira!

297 nick mustera llenas   (30 November 2016 5:52 PM)
please padouble check po ng shipment ko, with tracking number 791007932361. di raw po ako malocate samantalang katext ko siya at nagbigay na ako sa kanya ng instruction. please do some action.

296 nick mustera llenas   (30 November 2016 5:49 PM)
Gud evening po...padouble check naman po ang shipment ko with tracking number 791007932361. natrace ko po na di raw aki malocate samantalang katext ko na courier ninyo, at ang sabi nia idedeliver niya ngayun at magtetext daw xa. wala nmn po.pls do some action.thanks

295 Lester   (28 November 2016 6:36 PM)
good evening. bakit postpone ulit yung inorder ko via lazada? ano nangyari? eto po tracking number ko 771007904818. reply as soon as possible

294 mark alvarez   (28 November 2016 5:58 PM)
if is possible send vape manila to doha qatar?

293 Neil Arenas   (25 November 2016 5:22 PM)
na postpone po yung order ko.. wala daw kayong delivery ditto sa nalneran, basista, pangasinan. eto po yung tracking # 791007894326 pa help po ako

292 Diamond   (22 November 2016 7:31 AM)
Di nyo po ata na locate ang address ko. Were in infront of DfA macapagal, behind solemare. Construction site po ang location. Thanks

291 Marc   (21 November 2016 5:34 PM)
Tae na 24-48 hours delivery yan tae na din yung motto ninyo na hari ng padala...hanggang ngayon hindi pa dumating dito sa taguig yung document na pinadala galing cebu...126382774049 ito yung po tae nang tracking number...thursday morning pinadala and forwarded na sa muntinlupa-taguig hub pero wala pa rin...

290 Liza Magdalena Real Calara   (21 November 2016 4:45 PM)
My package from the Mala Tree with tracking # 179763295692 is with you since Nov 1, 2016. Please update me of the status of the package. Thank you

289 Ralph Anthony Ortiguero   (21 November 2016 3:54 PM)
Bakit wala pa din yung package ko? Nov. 19 saturday ko pa inaasahan yun.. matatapos na araw ngayon wala pa din? 179736544281

288 dispatching   (21 November 2016 10:35 AM)
sabi ng lbc cagayan hindi daw sya kilala ,,eh sya yung principal sa school na to.

287 dispatching   (21 November 2016 10:33 AM)
i send materials to Ms. Jane Natividad last nov. 18,2016,,her address is Cagayan de oro academy for international school in cagayan de oro city,,

286 Candy cahoy   (21 November 2016 9:49 AM)
Pls po padeliver na ng package namin. According sa tracking info nandito na sa warehouse ninyo sa cebu since nov 7. Nkarcv na ako ng text na it will be delivered within 10 days. Sana naman i distribute nyo na or pwede po ba namin i claim nalang?

285 Luke Limbo   (19 November 2016 4:11 PM)
Maaari po bang i-redeliver yung inorder ko sa shopee.ph na may track ID na 81101390908?? At kung maaari ding i-deliver iyon ng Wednesday?

284 Regina. A. Zuela   (19 November 2016 3:11 PM)
Follow up 791007859586

283 Regina. A. Zuela   (19 November 2016 3:10 PM)
Kelan po made deliver ung order ko nung Nov. 15 pa xa

282 Madel Dungan   (19 November 2016 3:10 AM)
Do you have outlets open 24hours in Makati?

281 Madel Dungan   (19 November 2016 3:08 AM)
Do you have outlets open 24hours?

280 josh   (17 November 2016 4:17 PM)
Could you please redeliver my package here is the track ID 791007820155 i could not claim it because i was not at home due to school and if necessary i would pay the shipment fee. the package is a microphone answer asap please i think it's only been a day

279 May Alcid   (17 November 2016 7:32 AM)
Hi i would just like to track my order

278 Edna ebron   (16 November 2016 8:34 PM)
May itatanong lang po ako about a mail na na send sa maling address. Thanks

277 Edna ebron   (16 November 2016 8:32 PM)
Good evening team lbc

276 Oleck   (16 November 2016 4:13 PM)
ask ko naman po if I ordered online and the seller shipped it right away can it be delivered on the same day? valenzuela area po ako

275 Gil P Canaria   (16 November 2016 4:05 PM)
Ang tagal mag delivery niyo.. umorder ako sa lazada.. ang monitoring nila na marereceive ko yung package is nov 13 to nov 17.. now nag follow up ako sa hotline nyo sasabhn sa akin by next week pa.. nakakainis lng kasi lazada set the expectation na hindi din matugunan ng carrier na to.. sana lang next time bilisan niyo naman yong process hirap maghintay kasi may mga lakad din po kaming na hindi natutuloy tapos di naman po maliwanag or wala naman explanation ung tracking page nyo.

274 Charissa Pacis   (16 November 2016 10:27 AM)
Good day! I just want to ask when my order will be deliver?

273 Al Aragoza   (15 November 2016 11:55 AM)
Padeliver nyo na po nung inorder ko sa lazada.. antagal ko na inorder nun.. may dumating taga LBC sa house ko..walang tao..nxt day nalang daw..eh may pasok ako ako. Magbigay naman kayo ng abiso..

272 Wilma Angeles   (13 November 2016 11:12 AM)
Ask ko lang po about sa package ko. Wala po ako narerecieve nov 3 pa po pinadala nov 7 naka status na delivered na sa ibang pangalan bakit po nagkaganon ibang address din po pinagdeliveran niyo. Saan po ako maghahabol nyan. From calamba po ako

271 juneper marquez tala   (12 November 2016 4:40 PM)
how many days ? kapag nag send ako ng money door to door ?? need na kase nila ung pera

270 Mark Lorenz Arcilla   (11 November 2016 4:02 PM)
Hi, just posting a question here. Hoping that someone can answer me. There was a delivery that was supposed to be shipped in my place. I'm just wondering where it went. I live in Paranaque. Is there an LBC representative here that can help me out. I'll appreciate if you email me. Thanks in advance.

269 Loren Legados   (11 November 2016 12:15 PM)
Good day! i was wondering if this cellphone number +639436090619 is authorized by your company to send notifications to your clients? Location is LBC DIPOLOG Market Branch.

Usually, i receive text messages from LBC with your companys name on it, ex: LBCExpress.

I am an online shopper, I particulary shop at Instagram. Most of my payments are sent thru LBC. Recently, i have ordered online but im not sure if the text notification about a transpack was actually mine, since the seller (a close friend of mine) havent sent the tracking number yet.

Do i have to visit the said branch stated on the text to inquire about it? Or has there been a mistake regarding their contacts, and this was probably just a mistake? Should i ignore this?

I wanted to check it out but i might just waste my time because maybe this message is just a scam.


268 rutchel tan   (09 November 2016 4:56 PM)
good day...ask ko po sana f san pwde tumwag or mgtanong kc my cargo ako pinadala dalawa pero ung dumating isa lang...san po pwede magtanong..salamat

267 Rolando Dayao   (09 November 2016 6:04 AM)
my tracking number is 126415220724. The status was delivered but i haven't receive it yet.

266 Jeffrey Tomboc   (07 November 2016 6:50 AM)
Tracking number 1089914415
Received at Manila warehouse last October 31,2016 pa. Bakit until now nasa Manila warehouse parin. Samantalang yung kasabay niyang box e Delivered na.

265 Cristina   (06 November 2016 3:55 PM)
Hi good pm lbc. It is possible po ba na pag two pouch iisa ang tracking number? And panu pag di neclare ni sender kay receiver nya na 2 pouch yun pero iisa track number, yung isang pouch na my sticker eh nareceive na pero yung isang pouch na walang trucking number eh wala pa. Paano ko ma tra track yun? Totoo po ba n my ganun sa lbc?

264 Gilmae   (06 November 2016 1:23 PM)
May pinadala po Ako Nung Wed Nov 2 sabi darating daw Nung nov 4 di dumating hanggang sa nakaalis nlng patungong abroad padalhan Ko San n Kaya Yun now at Na misplace Ko yung receipt please help me

263 Philsilver   (05 November 2016 10:09 PM)
Hi good evening! I want to apply cash on delivery for my business. How to apply?

262 Jeybelle guarin   (05 November 2016 12:46 PM)
Mam please. Follow up my documents and passport,,,untill now hindi pa po narereceive ng asawa ko
Tracking number: 191133822759

261 Christine   (05 November 2016 3:37 AM)
Good morning, my order with tracking # 791007663843 has been taking too long in cross dock alabang, it says"RECEIVED AT SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG" at november 3, 4:19am then "ENCODED AT SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG" since november 3, 4:05 pm.

260 Framel   (01 November 2016 1:55 PM)
I'm actually waiting for my order I placed in Shopee. The tracking number is 81101939665. Then I realized the information I gave was incorrect. The address I provided was Lot 2 instead of Lot 3. I tried to call LBC hotline but it's not working. I'm asking for assistance here how could I get my order. Thank you

259 Niño   (31 October 2016 8:08 AM)
paki check po


258 Jerwin Palapuz   (29 October 2016 0:34 AM)
Your shipment was not delivered due to payment issues during delivery. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative.

My order number is 791007599685. But what is this Sir/Mam?

257 Phinz Javier   (28 October 2016 2:01 PM)
Sir/ Madam
Magandang hapon po. Magtatanong lang po kng open po kayo ng Saturday. Maraming salamat or pakitex naman po sa 09052355954. Thanks and God Bless

256 Phinz Javier   (28 October 2016 1:59 PM)
Good afternoon po. Ask lang po sana kng open kayo ng sabado. Thanks

255 jeanyvi leones   (27 October 2016 1:27 PM)
Good day, please follow-up ko lang po yung package ko from lazada with tracking #791007547357. I realy need it with in this week or else i will cancel my orders. Thank you and God bless.

254 kristhine estrada   (27 October 2016 12:01 PM)
Pa update naman po ng order ko eto po yun tracking no. [771007542314] order no.366966749. Kung d niyo mahanap yun place namin kahit ako na lng kumuha ng item malapit na lbc samin. Nakaka disappoint first time ko lang umorder sainyo tas ganito pa.

253 joel terry rivera   (24 October 2016 2:17 PM)
bakit di makuha ng hipag ko ang padala ko lahat  ng valid documents pinakita na niya pero invalid pa rin sa inyo alam niyo ba na chocolate lang yon .dahil lang diyan sa pabalik balik na siya diyan sa outlet nyo. akala ko ok ang service nyo parang di naman.sana maaksyunan nyo agad to.yang outlet nyo sa SM Batangas City dami dahilan pag lang yung mga chocolate na yon eh natunaw papalitan nyo ba.

Sender Name: Joel Terry Rivera
Receiver Name: Ma.Monette Conopio

Sana maaksyonan nyo ito hinulog ko pa yan nung andiyan ko sa Pinas 3 weeks ago sa branch nyo sa Cagayan De Oro hanggang ngayon di makuha ng hipag ko. Nawala ko na yung resibo.

252 markham   (23 October 2016 9:50 AM)
Good day po!. bakit po nakalagay sa tracking website ninyo. " Your shipment was not delivered since recipient's address is out of LBC's service area."

samantalang may nakikita po akong may dumadaang LBC truck dito po saamin. pakiasikaso naman po. my tracking number is 791007557171. thank you po.

251 ann jennette alano   (21 October 2016 4:57 PM)
Goodday. I am also waiting for my package to come. Supposedly oct 17 pa kaso di nadating tas nakalagay sa website nyo nasa scs returns na. I provided info naman ton where my package should be sended kaso nasa inyo na ata ang problema. Pakiasikaso naman. Thankyou. By the way my tracking number is 771007483524

250 Raven Silvestrr   (18 October 2016 11:23 AM)
Good pm! Yung order ko na sa manila ko lang inorder til now hindi pa din nadedeliver sakin. 3weeks ko na siya hinihintay then laging "House Closed" ang status niya. Wala namang pumupunta dito, so pano mangyayaring house closed siya? Ang tracking number ko is 81101378783. Sana ideliver niyo na po yung shipment ko. Ilang araw ko na siya hinihintay.

249 Mary Jane   (17 October 2016 7:05 AM)
Good Day!
I've been waiting my LBC package for 2 months now since August 15,2016 from Dubai, what kind of services that your providing. We trust LBC that is why we selected your company. I hope that this message will reach to the management .

Thank you.

248 Sherilyn   (11 October 2016 7:11 PM)
Hi po, i really need your help. May ipinadala po akong document and expected ma darating cya today. Pero hindi cya dumating sa receiver.kailangan na kailang po niya g mareceive bukas ng umaga. Since mai delay dapat andun na cua bukas.pls naman po paki deliver napo bukas. Tracking #126410932476

247 Ramy keonisala   (10 October 2016 1:03 PM)
I just want my cellphone, that's all i need. I ask my friend to sent it for me from lbc vigan branch to butuan city lbc, for i am an ofw. But the the cellphone (samsung galaxy s7) is missing together with all the accesories, the time it arrived at butuan lbc branch and also it's lacking weight. That is my birthday gift to my wife, for god sake.

246 shiella   (10 October 2016 7:46 AM)
Hi! Good morning.
I have LBC tracking numbers and the status of those says "Shipment is with concern. Please click "chat with us now" to chat with our Customer Care Representative.", unfortunately I am unable to open your chat support.
Hopefully this message will reach you.
Thank you.

245 Annalie Oris Siscon   (08 October 2016 7:34 PM)
891005454962 . Please!!! What is so difficult with dropping it off to local lbc branch (sm consolacion branch please) your delivery man is not doing his job!!!

244 Perseval Ampilan   (07 October 2016 8:29 PM)
Yung pinadala soaking package from hongkong mag iisang buwan na.ang sabi ng LBC hokong 2-3weeks lang daw at makakarating na dito sa pinas ang package.until now wala paring made deliver saakin.nauna pa yung bago lang pinaship noong Sunday lang narecieve ko na.samantala yung September 11 pa hanggang ngayon di pa dumarating sakin.at noong tinatrace up na kung saan na yung ship last up date September 27 nasa manila warehouse nadaw hanggang ngayon wala paring update na iba.

243 Hazel Marzan   (07 October 2016 1:43 PM)
Good afternoon kindly check my parcel with the transaction code 179772818360 bound to San Pedro branch,Puerto princess,Palawan..I track it and there's a note that my parcel is with in concern,what does it mean?

242 maybelyn gelogo   (05 October 2016 2:59 PM)
Pwede ko po ba malaman kung saan ko makukuha yung lbc pakage ko mag iisang linggo na po kasing napadala from aklan hanggang ngayun di pa po dumarating important documents po kasi yun school documents po ..

Thanks sana bigyan nyo po ng pansin

241 Mia   (04 October 2016 8:40 AM)
Gud am.. Follow ko lang po ung pagkage namen from the US.. Ang sabi delivered na daw pero baket wla naman dumarating until now.pls responce naman kau agad.

240 VIBERLINE PANTANOZA   (03 October 2016 7:38 PM)
Follow-up order from Lazada with tracking number 791007344984 (expected delivery date: September 28 - October 03, 2016) and tracking number 791007337255 (expected delivery date: September 27 - October 01, 2016). Please facilitate the delivery of my order for it is very important. Thanks.

239 john Mark Pacurib   (03 October 2016 7:15 PM)
I just to follow up my order in lazada my tracking number 791007321680

238 michael belista   (03 October 2016 10:03 AM)
hi,hello...i just want to follow up my cargo,,ref,no.is 200091608093459.its been pick up last august15.and i have already check it in track and trace ,says its estimated arrival sept20 in manila seaport,now is october 3 already.please update me regarding my cargo.thanks

237 randy abu   (02 October 2016 2:05 PM)
why my bagage are too late,my bagage are pic up on augost 22,2016 and my tracking number is 1047736314 ,why until now is not delver in philippines almost 45 days

236 Janine reyes   (01 October 2016 2:24 PM)
Late delivery

235 Janine reyes   (01 October 2016 2:15 PM)
Follow up 1495099687513

234 bunnyvan   (01 October 2016 1:31 PM)
Do you ship Portable DVD?

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