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LBC Customer Service: Chat Live Agent
Aiming to serve its customer the best it can be, LBC is now providing a customer service live agent where you can chat a customer service representative.

Click the button below to talk to an agent:

LBC Customer Service

About LBC

Founded in 1950, LBC is the leading courier and money remittance company in the Philippines. It has now over 1,000 branches in the Philippines and over 100 branches worldwide.

If you have any concerns or problems (such as remittance details, transaction inquiries) with LBC, you can post them in the comment below.
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128 Ronnie simpson alvarado   (29-January-2016 10:45 PM)
Good day...
I would like to inquire about my delivery items i ordered on a online shop. By the name Mylene M. Alvarado #12 purok 2 san miguel lubao pampanga. if they already sent thru LBC? They dont give me any information or tracking #. How can i know if they send this? Please help me for this...thank you...

127 louise   (29-January-2016 8:37 PM)
I want to trace my package

126 russell torrevilla   (29-January-2016 3:06 PM)
where is the location of solution crossdock alabang, I have an orderes in Lazada last week and base on the track no. it was sent last two days ago (January 27,2016). Hope there a good feedback regarding to thjis concern.

125 lorgen pindog   (27-January-2016 9:21 AM)
20/01/2016 21:19:47 Your item(s) has been shipped with LBC.
For more details on your shipment, please enter your tracking number [791004463988] on LBC tracking page.
Please allow 48 hours for the status to be available on LBC system.
18/01/2016 17:37:42 Your item(s) is being packed and ready for shipment at our merchant's warehouse.
18/01/2016 12:15:05 We are processing your item(s). Please refer to the product page for more specific lead time of your item.
18/01/2016 12:15:05 Your order has been successfully verified.
18/01/2016 11:49:22 Thank you for shopping with Lazada! Your order has been received and is going through verification process. Next update will be sent to you via email soon.
Package contains:
MSM-HK Battery for LG BL-41ZH
MSM-HK Battery for LG BL-41ZH
Qty: 1

kindly check my items

124 RONNEL CAMPOS   (26-January-2016 7:59 AM)
why my document that sent me was not delivered yesterday?the status says it will be deliver yesterday by jessie naguita

123 Nary   (16-January-2016 9:08 AM)
How many days it takes If I send 40 inchs television from antipolo to northern samar?

122 marie joy ordona   (13-January-2016 9:51 AM)
complaint can you please contact me reagarding to my delivery from asua united bank

121 dale   (10-January-2016 1:14 AM)
hi just wanna know what happened to my shipment
when i check it it says it was having problem as the address was unknown. I waited 2 days for this and saw an LBC truck in my area but they did no stopped by.
tracking number is 179563406204 and if it cannot be delivered to my house i can pick it up in LBC waltermart Munoz to avoid having hassles and wasting my time. I have a job as well and i just cannot leave work because of your poor service

120 Jindee Ann Jutba   (08-January-2016 8:22 PM)
good evening. i lost my receipt on the box that i've sent and i haven't texted the tracking number to the receiver. how can i get my tracking number again?

119 camilla barclay   (07-January-2016 4:58 PM)
Hi,I keep trying to check my package status and every time I put my tracing number it says it's not yet registered. What does this mean?

118 mayrie con amen   (07-January-2016 12:03 PM)
my order tracking no. is 771003799516 and the delivery status was failed to deliver, what should i do?

117 Aster Almo   (05-January-2016 12:24 PM)
I would like to inquire about your rates of shipping from Manila going to Mindanao and Visayas. We have our own box size is L24" x W15" x H10.5" and around 60 kilos of weight. How much per kilo? and if we are going to send our shipments thru LBC with the same weight at 60 kilos, how much will it cost us?

Hope for your kind assistance regarding my request.

Thank you and regards,

116 clyde   (01-January-2016 8:12 PM)
Hi. My package still cant be tracked. Why is that? in my email it says that i can track it after 48 hours from the time it was shipped. It was shipped last 2 days ago. more than 48 hours already. Hope you could update me soon. Thank you.

115 Ramona   (30-December-2015 7:00 PM)
I just would like to know if i can send some stuff to someone who is below 18? I mean, is it okay if they will be the one to receive it or i will ship it to them?

114 John Vergel Estrada   (29-December-2015 6:16 PM)
We placed an order in Lazada last 12/26/15 and they say that I should receive it on 12/30/15-01/01/16. But as I check it seems like it is still at SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK - ALABANG. Hope I can receive my package at the same date as what they've say. It is a smartphone. My tracking number is 771004058907. Hope you can do something about this. Thanks.

113 Ronalyn Espallardo   (28-December-2015 12:40 PM)
Status of my order 891001792926

112 Mark Bryan Suyat   (28-December-2015 7:48 AM)
good day LBC. I just wanted to know. Do you have any plans to deliver my package. It has been day yet it was still in manila. Here is the order number 771004024373. It seems that you really have a poor snail moving service. A lot of customers now are so disappointed with the service that you are giving. Hope that it would change. Do something to fasten your service. Thank you. Have a good day.

111 KCG   (28-December-2015 3:05 AM)
Follow-up for Tracking NO. 179405780836. Everyday, I hope for updates from Lazada about my product sent via LBC for replacement. I have not heard anything from them. If I may ask, how long shall I wait for it to be delivered to their hub? If the delay is caused by the holidays, well you should have atleast informed the public. I am quite upset. But thank you, anyways! I am hoping for a prompt reply.

110 EBNER ALBERTO   (23-December-2015 4:40 PM)
as posted on your track and trace my ordered item from Lazada was received at olongapo delivery hub on 12/21/2015 at 11:08 am and was out for delivery the same day at 12:46 pm but up to now it was not delivered to me. i checked it today but there is a posted status that the item is pending- no payment. i ordered this in cash on delivery basis on 12/10/2015 and received an sms from lazada on 12/13/2015 that the order is being shipped. what seems to be the problem?

109 JES ADVINCULA   (23-December-2015 3:15 PM)
where is my package tracking number #1089995652from middle east

108 APRILYN MARIE BAUSAS   (23-December-2015 1:06 PM)
Good day!

107 natasha matucad   (22-December-2015 1:37 PM)
i want my product to be delivered today. today is the last day for the estimated delivery.

106 Al Kevin Silva   (22-December-2015 12:16 PM)
My package has not yet arrived. It was supposed to arrive yesterday. Can you please do something about this? I need it ASAP. Thank you!

105 Loreidel Cordero   (22-December-2015 10:51 AM)
Hi, I just wanna ask about Tracking 791003571650. I've been calling the service phone number here in Iloilo but still keeps on ignoring me and cancelling the calls. I already talked to them yesterday that i'm expecting the package since yesterday and preparing my payment. I'm planning to leave Iloilo for a vacation and still waiting for my package and to pay it. Hope you can do something about it. My trip is being delayed due to the delivery i'm waiting.

104 Rissa   (22-December-2015 8:20 AM)
Good day. Would just like to follow-up my order on this tracking number: 791003937724. When traced, it says that it's already received on cross dock solutions alabang. Its a christmas gift to my son, hope it will arrive before then.

Thank you and God Speed!

103 marniel telimban   (22-December-2015 5:54 AM)
gudmorning..did my order is still at crossdoçk alabang?what is its cargo? and when it will be out for delivery..i hope it will arive here in tacloban city leyte before dec.25 my order no. is 771003943566

102 reno   (21-December-2015 2:47 PM)

101 joanna15   (21-December-2015 12:57 PM)

100 Glenda Marie villa   (21-December-2015 9:48 AM)
Hi just wanna ask how much is the rate of sending 1shirt going to Australia ?

99 Joan Filart   (20-December-2015 9:18 PM)
Good day. Would just like to follow-up my order on this tracking number: 791003646196. When traced, it says that it's already received on cross dock solutions alabang. The delivery date should have been on the 18th to the 20th. It's already the 20th, 10:17pm and my order hasn't arrived yet. I need my order delivered asap becuase i'll be leaving on the 22nd for out of town trip. If you could do something about it that would be great. Thanks.

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