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LBC Customer Service: Chat Live Agent
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Aiming to serve its customer the best it can be, LBC is now providing a customer service live agent where you can chat a customer service representative.

Click the button below to talk to an agent:

LBC Customer Service

About LBC

Founded in 1950, LBC is the leading courier and money remittance company in the Philippines. It has now over 1,000 branches in the Philippines and over 100 branches worldwide.

If you have any concerns or problems (such as remittance details, transaction inquiries) with LBC, you can post them in the comment below.

Use English language when posting comments. Non-english language will not be published. Don't spam. Don't use offensive language. Write as if talking to a good friend. No textspeak please. (Examples of textspeaks to avoid are plz (for please), u (for you), ty (for thank you), gud, (for good), nyt (for night), etc.)
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47 jaijai   (06-April-2015 2:27 PM)
hi, i would like to inquire regarding my order from lazada, and the item came from hongkong, the tracking no is 80012210455, it was shipped last april 2, 2015, and up until now i cannot track it on your website. hoping for your fast response, i would like to track the whereabouts of my package.[color=red][size=8]pls contact me via email joannajuliaclemente@yahoo.com

46 airaaptrc   (01-March-2015 8:12 AM)

45 Kazumi Mitch Endriga Galang   (13-February-2015 1:27 PM)

44 Erika Barbosa   (22-January-2015 8:19 PM)
I just want to ask how much would be the shipping fee for 1 shirt from Alfonso,Cavite to Naic, Cavite? Hoping for your quick response. Thankyou :)

43 Marites Chupuico   (09-January-2015 5:00 PM)
This is really a live chat because i want to ask something my box

42 Queso De Bola   (20-December-2014 9:45 AM)
just wanted to know about my parcel

41 Queso De Bola   (20-December-2014 9:44 AM)

40 Anonymously   (26-October-2014 5:21 PM)
Hi do i need to secure permit if i ship live fishes and tropical shrimps to manila? and is there certain rules about its packing? its my 1st time shipping live fishes and tropical shrimps for aquarium hobby. thanks

39 Matet Cristobal   (10-October-2014 9:29 AM)
gooo morning! would like to request for pick up of document in manila

38 Joseph Nierves   (21-September-2014 7:43 PM)
I sent my package last August 20 until now i don't receive my package. the recipient which is my brother now is leaving so no body will receive it anymore its pain sa Pwet

37 nathanskii11   (02-September-2014 8:05 PM)
good pm. I lost the receipt/tracking number.
kindly check if where is my package.
sender: Nathaniel Dela Cruz
recepient: Elyshia Niña Dahlen Invento
address: City Ladies Dormitory 378 Colon St, Pahina Central, Cebu City

36 Arnelene   (17-August-2014 12:57 PM)
Please reply to my email

35 Arnelene   (17-August-2014 12:43 PM)
Hi kindly follow up my box tracking no 200091406200138 almost 50 days till now we don't receive the box I'm the shipper of the given box

34 Oliver Marcial   (05-August-2014 1:54 AM)
Hello mam...please help me...

33 zandra   (02-August-2014 8:25 PM)
good day. I have a concern , my package status still "OUT FOR DELIVERY" for almost 2 days. I urgently need it. my TN # is 161463397934. I'd been calling from your branches here but there advice is "just wait ma'am" Im from visayas area. Pls take an action.

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