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LBC Customer Service: Chat Live Agent
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Aiming to serve its customer the best it can be, LBC is now providing a customer service live agent where you can chat a customer service representative.

Click the button below to talk to an agent:

LBC Customer Service

About LBC

Founded in 1950, LBC is the leading courier and money remittance company in the Philippines. It has now over 1,000 branches in the Philippines and over 100 branches worldwide.

If you have any concerns or problems (such as remittance details, transaction inquiries) with LBC, you can post them in the comment below.

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77 Jho   (21-November-2015 9:11 PM)
Wanna know if u allow fruits for packages...

76 EIMEREEN   (20-November-2015 10:28 AM)
good day, can i send 5 pails 20L per oil to iloilo, its an urgent demand and it has to be deliver right now. how much it will cost?

75 Judy F Gacutan   (19-November-2015 5:00 AM)
I just wanted to ask if you delivered a confidential document at the address given then the reciever person is not around is there posibility that you will delivered again in second time around.and one think the delivery man took the contact no.of the person to the mediate family of the reciever..As my concer is there a second attemp to deliver the document.
Thanks and please response me..

74 Mischelle Ariola Guitao   (18-November-2015 8:22 AM)
Good Morning. I am just wandering why it keeps saying in the tracking device that my order is out for delivery but it is already for about 2 days that my order are being pending and cancelled for delivery. My address detail is complete. I am just making my patience stretch as long as I can. Please make action. Thank you. By the way, I'm from Zamboanga City, just give me the telephone number of LBC and I will be the one to follow up my order.

73 john ryan   (15-November-2015 4:30 AM)
I am having a problem with a delivery I was told delivery was impossible to Lake Sebo on Mindanao and that the recipient must pick it up in GenSan
please call her at639268247311 her name is Zenaida Langgong
Please email me and tell me that you have received this email and that phone contact has been established with recipient
John Ryan

72 Ma. Fenelle de Erio   (14-November-2015 5:17 PM)
Good evening!
The item that was supposed to be delivered today had an error of address incomplete. What other way that the item can be delivered to me?

71 noemi   (08-November-2015 5:39 PM)
Hi,i just wanna ask how much is shipping fee of 2 samsung phones from Tarlac to Texas USA?please answer...thank you.

70 Crissajoy Maquiling Jintalan   (30-October-2015 2:42 PM)
Good day! I just want to know if i can pick up my package at the sorsogon hub today. Tracking number : 791-002-703231. It's a COD from lazada. Because i will not be at home tomorrow and the next 7days. Thank you!

69 yvette d. verano   (24-October-2015 0:12 AM)
my uncle sent a document dated October 22, 2015, I haven't receive it yet. i traced it earlier through the tracking number sent to me by my uncle. according to my query, the said document was delivered to a certain Saludes with no first name, no contact number and no address at 6:06 pm October 23, 2015. here's the tracking number: 139442222856. how come, the document intended for me was given to an unknown person and without my authority? what can YOU DO FOR ME regarding this matter? please advise. thank you.

68 Daisy Jehn Sarceno McCartney   (23-October-2015 9:00 PM)
hi good evening. I have a shipment with lazada and LBC is the carrier. I have been tracking this but it keeps on saying not registered. Please check this tracking number 791002601227 and please tell me where the hell is this now?? thank you!

67 larcypm@msn   (23-October-2015 8:24 AM)
Hello, please send me the date when I can receive the 2 boxes I sent on the first week of September . Can I send me a secure email where I can send my personal info name address.

66 dearna penaranda   (21-October-2015 2:54 PM)
my brother send last Monday afternoon around 1 pm and i am expecting it by yesterday but until now i haven't yet receive..

65 dearna penaranda   (21-October-2015 2:52 PM)
hi, i just want to know how long it will take to receive my parcel from iloilo going to manila?

64 Jerald Jade Fregillana   (20-October-2015 7:43 PM)
I would like to follow up my order in lazada,its been six days since I received the tracking number, everytime I check it in your track and trace tool it says that my tracking number is not yet registered. What should I do. I thought I should wait for 48 hour in order to track my item. Its been six days how come I still cannot track my order. Need your Response. ASAP.

63 Jie Anne Espinosa   (17-October-2015 1:30 PM)
It has been 8 days since I orderedfrom Lazada and they have given me info that my order is shipped through lbc. I assume that my waiting period would just be for seven days. I haven't received any and I am getting pissed. Here is the tracking number please respond immediately. Thank you. 791002548699

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