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LBC Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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This is the customer service portal and hotline phone number of LBC, "Ang Hari ng Padala".

If you are located within Metro Manila, you may call them at 8585-999. If you are located outside Metro Manila or in the province, you may call them at 800-035-702-444 or 1-800-10-8585999. LBC's customer service is open 24/7.

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You can also send your queries or concerns to LBC's email address: customercare@lbcexpress.com.

LBC offers a great courier service through its unmatched nationwide delivery network of over 2,500 on-foot couriers, covering 1.8 million households in the Philippines.

Do you have any concern with LBC?

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166 Ernanette O. Reyes   (03-August-2015 12:28 PM)
Good day LBC! I'm so disappointed with LBC BAYOMBONG NUEVA VIZCAYA. My mother went to pick up the money i've sent but they've asked my mother to come back after lunch because they don't have cash. This is not good my mother is old and they need the money urgent. Please don't disregard my concern.

Thank you

165 lorraine   (02-August-2015 11:32 AM)
How many days shipping from iloilo to manila?thanks

164 Dexter Jude dela Cruz   (31-July-2015 9:32 PM)
pending status
tracking number : 311161097876
origin: ortigas pasig city
destination: ayala branch cebu for pick up

please verify. what shall i do?

thank you

163 Abigail Rodriguez   (30-July-2015 4:45 PM)
I would like to know the status of my transaction. Kindly reply. Thanks

162 gerlie guanzon   (30-July-2015 1:03 PM)
I'm so pissed off with the kind of service that your Toril branch have!naipadla na packge from manila 2days ago, d 1st day I went twice at agton branch, yesterday i am so excited thinking that i could have it.when I came there the girl let me signed the paper lists wc indicated that my property was there and she showed me the receipt as well so after signing she brought out the package and shit it wasn't mine.she called someone and that someone said na they brought back the package what a bullshit! I deserved to be compensated with this delays its so disappointing and my father went through also like this much worse bcoz they asked my Father to get the package himself and he went through lots of branches in davao before he had it is this the kind of service that you have poor old man my father is old enough for your idiot employees to do that to him now me? I demand to have my package right now!

161 Abigail Rodriguez   (29-July-2015 7:45 PM)
My transaction is pending. How can I solve this?

160 ANGEL PALO   (28-July-2015 7:49 AM)
My tracking #: 791001355350,
and it says its out of delivery but after few min status is : NON DELIVERY...
I would like to now for how many weeks ive waited for the package, PLease i need to know.. Thank you..

159 Joseph Ouano   (27-July-2015 8:10 AM)
I would like to ask the status of the delivery of my package. Base on the current status it was misrouted. Hope the package can be delivered within today.

158 gilllaine orsal   (26-July-2015 6:36 PM)
hello good evening,I have a question my friend sent me a money but i can't get the money because my friend misspelled my name. what will i and my friends do?? thank you hope that you

157 Keith Bleizl C. Ricablanca   (24-July-2015 7:48 PM)
It's been days that I have kept track on my orders; it says that the delivery took action but no delivery came to our house for how many days, the status always say "CONSIGNEE OUT". when I'm actually at home these past days, whole day. And I have not received any word from the branch here that received the package, so how are they able to confirm that the place that they delivered to is the right address. Returning the items would be questionable, since I requested for a COD; they've delivered it in the right place the last time I made my order so why can't they do the same this time? These are the tracking numbers for my orders: [771001449008] [771001417151]

156 zara lucero   (23-July-2015 10:17 PM)
hey can you please check my package I there from erim express..that package supposed to be delivered today but im still waiting for that damn thing...please be responsible.its your duty to send the packages at the right time.

155 CMFE-USA   (23-July-2015 2:19 PM)
CMFE- USA would like to complement and say thank you to LBC especially to Ms. Joblle Catalan for giving us a hand. Joblle was very nice and helpful.

God Bless.

154 CMFE-USA   (23-July-2015 2:15 PM)
CMFE-USA would like to complement and say thank you to LBC especially to Ms. Joblle Catalan for giving us a hand.

God Bless you.

153 aira alcarde   (22-July-2015 7:59 PM)
please contact me here
09093081070 thank you

152 aira alcarde   (22-July-2015 7:57 PM)
Hello this is Ms. Aira Alcarde the receiver of the product Cherry mobile flare lite quad an order from Lazada. im sorry if i didnt pick my product today JUly 22 2015 due to i need to attend my class. can you please send my order tomorrow july 23, 2015 at 8-11 am that is the only time that i am vacant thanks.

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