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LBC Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
This is the customer service portal and hotline phone number of LBC, "Ang Hari ng Padala".

If you are located within Metro Manila, you may call them at 8585-999. If you are located outside Metro Manila or in the province, you may call them at 800-035-702-444 or 1-800-10-8585999. LBC's customer service is open 24/7.

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You can also send your queries or concerns to LBC's email address: customercare@lbcexpress.com.

LBC offers a great courier service through its unmatched nationwide delivery network of over 2,500 on-foot couriers, covering 1.8 million households in the Philippines.

Do you have any concern with LBC?
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369 Caroline Scott   (06-February-2016 4:01 PM)

Could you please tell me if I can download the podcast on my amazon kindle fire?

Just recently found this station by accident and I am really enjoying it!

Kind Regards
Caroline Scott

368 edward joeph s puno   (06-February-2016 6:35 AM)
About my package the tracking number is 791004717077 it was supposed to be delivered yesterday or the other day but until now i haven't receive anything yet. As i track my package it is stated that it is delivery failed... My address there is correct what is the problem? Please call me on my contact number 09199227913 to further talk about the issue. Thanks.

367 Jennifer Potian   (04-February-2016 10:33 AM)
Hi, i have order from Lazada iwas supposed to recieve it in Jan.31 untill now i didnt recieved. This is my tracking no. 771004664752
Please contact me +‭639219985902‬
Thank you

366 eliezer v balo   (01-February-2016 10:25 AM)
791004524084 this is my tracking no. it supposed to be delivered last saturday but the track and trace says consignee out. I dont understand whats happening!can you help me? it says it was forwarded to SF CEBU. this is my phone no.00282568245

365 Mary Alyssa Nicole Castrence   (28-January-2016 11:09 AM)
About my package the tracking number is 179533411960 it was supposed to be delivered yesterday or the other day but until now i haven't receive anything yet. As i track my package it is stated that it is delivery failed... My address there is correct what is the problem? Please call me on my contact number 09051039133 to further talk about the issue. Thanks.

364 maechan   (25-January-2016 6:23 PM)
I have an order from lazada and I was supposed to received it in Jan. 19, 2016 but until now I didn't received it its been 16 days this is my tracking number 791004307916 please deliver my package now. have a pleasant day and thank you. .

363 Luisa   (21-January-2016 6:09 PM)
Hi. I have an order from lazada and it is Delivery Failed. This is the fourth time that i ordered The same product but,this is also the fouth time that it was DELIVERY FAILED. If you don't mind please reshipped my order who had a tracking number of 771004423208. I'm from Sungay West Tagaytay City Cavite. SUNGAY NORTH!! Thank you.

362 Nehemaiah Requirme   (20-January-2016 12:07 PM)
Good day LBC,this Nehemaiah from cebu. And a member of 5 Pillars of Justice Association of the Philippines Inc., the Exponents of Administrative Law, Criminal Law and Social Justice Law in the Philippines. We do assists cases, complaints and other issues of any unjust practices, and will do help the filipino citizens who is a victim of.

Last Saturday we send Money from the name of MARK ANDREW AQUINO GO with the amount of 4950 php., with official receipt
POS Permit no. PR-122-0030256
MIN 120290359
Serial No : LBC-CPU00000968
Officil Receipt no: CAR0110000075938.
The transaction was a CARD LOADING: LBC SEND AND SWIPE
With the number of : 4215850025217549.


As we review the page the he created, lots of complaints with that page and the page are using your name. Yes, we understand that you dont have any obligations with this situations. But we like to ask this certain person an information account at LBC. And kindly see also is there any item(s) that to be send to Mr. Nehemaiah Requirme.

Hpoing for your quick response.

Best Regards,


361 jungie   (15-January-2016 0:22 AM)
i was supposed to recieve my item from lazada last jan. 9-11... but until now, jan 14 no package has arrived.. TN 771004234472.. pls deliver it sooner coz i'll be using it during sinulog... tsk.. thanks anyway..

360 Avon   (14-January-2016 8:07 AM)
Please correct this customer's address. This is the tracking number 179562421787.
Annie C. Pineda
B75 L4 P2A (near chapel) Grandriverside Subd., Pasong Camachile 1 General Trias Cavite

I tracked the parcel it's in Imus Cavite Delivery Hub. Please reshipped back the items. Thanks

359 erwin fabiala   (13-January-2016 3:56 PM)
Please Deliver my Package with TrackNo. #179562061151 To lot5 blk1 breezewoods 2, mambog 1 bacoor city please contact me at 09393898312

358 Alvin   (12-January-2016 6:02 PM)
I was supposed to receive my order from lazada on january 8, 2016 but I haven't receive any. Please make an update regarding my issue. Here's my tracking number "791004118308" and also my contcat number 09757522990, because my old number is gone Thank you.

357 Annabel Tibon   (11-January-2016 8:08 AM)
I was supposed to receive my order from lazada yesterday but I haven't receive any. Please make an update regarding my issue. Here's my tracking number "791004142399" Thank you.

356 Annabel Tibon   (10-January-2016 5:05 PM)
I ordered an item from Lazada on the 1st of January and until now I haven't receive it yet. When would I receive the item? I really need it ASAP! Please respond.when I check it at the lbcexpress website it says there that "FORWARDED TO SF - CEBU" Where is that sorting facility? I should be receiving it today. I was promised the delivery date of 8-10th of january. Here's my tracking number "791004142399" and my phone number "09063149417". Please contact me and keep me updated. Thank you. God bless.

355 April Dela Cruz   (09-January-2016 10:03 AM)
Good am I still haven't received my package #80017772213 but it says "unknown consignee as of Santos family" what does it mean? was it delivered to them because I don't know any "Santos Family" I need it A S A P kindly reply please thanks.

354 Jenifer Balgos   (08-January-2016 8:13 AM)
Please deliver my package ASAP with TN 179418987689 which supposed to be pick-up yesterday.

353 Jefferson Flores   (07-January-2016 3:20 PM)
hi, i didn't receive yet the shipment of my passport with the tracking number: 179536327321..
here's my contact number 0918-580-7141


352 julietacajan   (06-January-2016 4:23 PM)
since december 31 2015 my package was in alabang crossdock untill now jan 6 2015, i need my package asap so please send it to pagadian.. why it is too late?

351 Lyuba Ygay Pacada   (06-January-2016 1:47 PM)

I just want to know where and when i can receive my parcel 771004079260


350 Roanne amolar   (06-January-2016 12:42 PM)
791003739646---where the hell is my order. Its been a month

349 Angelito G Lagos Jr.   (05-January-2016 2:02 PM)
and please deliver it now to my home I need the package already

348 Angelito G Lagos Jr.   (05-January-2016 2:01 PM)
Good afternoon!

I would like just to inform my package that came from LAZADA. This is my tracking no. 771003985405... please email me at jr.lagos99@gmail.com and call me at 09420405903 because I would like to hear your reply.

347 William Day   (05-January-2016 9:38 AM)
The LBC delivery man is lying again!!!!! He claims to have tried to deliver item Tracking # 791003469154 yesterday. I stayed home all day long and they did NOT attempt to make a delivery!!!!!!! They have our cell number for contact and there was no attempt by them to deliver. I have a guard dog in the yard at all times and if the delivery man just knocked on the gate the dog would have gone wild.

This delivery person is a proven liar from the past deliver item when he marked the package “Consignee Unknown.” There was someone here all day long. The house wasn’t locked up but instead open. He never came here on that delivery attempt.

As a last resort tell them to have the delivery person to try something new……. Use the phone and call. The number is there on the package.

346 Virginita Buhay Deegan   (03-January-2016 3:45 PM)
I sent an LBC package last Dec the 20th from LBC office in Ayala, Upper floor of the Ayala Mall where the General service area is situated. It was bound for Tacloban and contained imported Chocolate which was for my family for Christmas. It also included some clothing and toys for three different members of the family. I was told by LBC staff that it would take 3 days as it was door to door. To date they have still not received the posted items. Could please deliver these items as promised and give me a full refund for such a poor service.

345 Michael Vincent Caberte   (31-December-2015 6:39 AM)
Please deliver my package 791003732704. I really need it ASAP! This package is already delayed for 2 weeks. contact me: 09272177622

344 Jesus G. Enverzo   (30-December-2015 7:53 PM)
Please Deliver my Package with TrackNo. #179544911651 To Citivet Bldg. Cor Libertad -H ernaez Sts , Bacolod City ... Telephone No.#0344351871 / 0344351871 Thanks You For Respond my request .
Ferrer , Normina A For Pick Up

343 c/o rolan domugho   (30-December-2015 0:49 AM)
I need feedback to my package,until now I don't receive,margaux express will delivered u on dec.15 2015,to catherine libarnes,quezon city,,from rolan domugho,negros oriental,,update please contct me09262119773

342 Randy Pasco   (30-December-2015 0:30 AM)
Please update me for FAILED DELIVERY TN-771003956984 at 09177996262

341 Dennis L. Caralos   (29-December-2015 10:51 AM)
Please deliver my package with track no.791003792419 to the address specified on the package not later than 4:30pm today december 29, 2015 or Please contact me cel. no. 09295531203

340 justin   (28-December-2015 12:32 PM)
The item is already received at your office at Cavite North last Dec 16 but the item is not yet delivered to me? Why did it took so long? Its already Dec 28 and its not been Out for Delivery?Tracking # 791003617498..The sender is Lazada.

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