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LBC Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
This is the customer service portal and hotline phone number of LBC, "Ang Hari ng Padala".

If you are located within Metro Manila, you may call them at 858-5999

If you are located outside Metro Manila or in the province, you may call them at 800-035-702-444 or 1-800-10-8585999

LBC's customer service is open 24/7.

LBC Customer Service Hotline Number

You can also send your queries or concerns to LBC's email address: customercare@lbcexpress.com.

LBC offers a great courier service through its unmatched nationwide delivery network of over 2,500 on-foot couriers, covering 1.8 million households in the Philippines.

Do you have any concern with LBC?
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399 Jen   (30-April-2016 7:55 AM)
771005752995 this is my tracking number, my shipment was supposedly April 29- 30, 2016 but til now there is no update from you guys. i need a correct time and an email perhaps for the delivery.

398 Carlos Jr Fandinola   (26-April-2016 6:15 AM)
Tracking No. 222031602047328. What caused the delays of delivery of my cargo? I have been informed that the cargo has been received at Iloilo Distribution and what are you waiting for. The cargo has been delayed already as it was been picked-up last February 23, 2016 and delayed released from Customs. Can you expidite the earliest possible time of delivery as URGENT PLEASE. It is addressed to Mrs Norma F. Ober of Miagao, Iloilo.

397 Raffy dedal   (25-April-2016 7:07 PM)
Please provide me contact number of makati delivery hub 1 for my concern of package under the trucking number 179706446512

396 lendon tejamo caliso   (19-April-2016 7:47 PM)
i just wanna ask regarding the delivery of my package from riyadh to sitio allied baranggay linothangan canla-on city last updated april 15 already send to bacolod distribution now april 19 why not recieved my mother please truck my number 1090171161

395 jessie p. batchar   (19-April-2016 11:47 AM)
please help me locate my package sent to me by the vendor with tracking # 179711081679 it was sent last friday and until now I could not trace it

394 mark julius belen   (16-April-2016 1:59 PM)
Hi good afternoon i just wanna ask you if you have a branch in pakistan? I need your reply asap thank you

393 Carlito E. Cueto Jr. / Julius Velasquez   (15-April-2016 4:04 PM)
tampered parcel resulting to lost of some items for parcel with tracking number 179721596476

392 MariaTheresa Alcala   (08-April-2016 3:03 PM)
Could you furnish me please the stations that you have in Bacolod City? Thanks.

391 MariaTheresa Alcala   (08-April-2016 3:02 PM)
Could you furnish the branches that you have in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental? Thanks. Theresa

390 Jo Antoinette   (05-April-2016 8:28 AM)
I would like to complained because the said adddress is specified as Unlocated address and the problem with the site of Lazada is I cant put any landmarks for the address and that's why its incomplete.
And beside I am expecting 2GO to deliver this because they already know and can locate my address. But unfortunately it was delivered through LBC and it's useless.
You cant locate our address and yet LBC PPS branch hadn't able to make an effort to contact the consignee.
If they can't locate the said address on the first day it was out for delivery why they didnt make a call to the consignee for the clarifications for the address?
I am waiting for the said package and then another week would be wasted because it was sent back to your origin and I need to re order?
I ordered it before holy week an then you wold just said I need to reorder it just because of the invalid reason that courier cant locate the address?
Why did they didnt call the consignee in the first place? I had put my mobile number and whats the use of putting my number on the address when its not been used ?
Another thing is the LBC Branch Delivery Hub Station (434-5055)
I am calling after I saw the update online but no answers on the phone.
I tried calling again this morning but still no answer.
Whats's the use of having a phone in your station when you can't able to answer it?
The consignee here made an effort to call your office after I saw the update or status of my item
But why your branch or courier here didnt make an effort to make a call on us hence my number is stated on the parcel?

389 Remedios Tamo   (04-April-2016 5:59 PM)
please track 191123960220 item which is said on lBC track my Padala still in Transit send of March 10 but Allen Kong still not recieve the package. LBC Express Tracking said the item recieved but the country is Philippines which is not correct the item should be deliver to HongKong .

Find the whereabout of the package please as this is URGENTLY need and very important documents
Please deliver ASAP. Thanks
Ms Tamo

388 FRAYNERE HOLGANZA   (31-March-2016 3:06 PM)
i just wanna ask regarding the delivery of my package from lazada. tracking number 791005508041
because i will be out of town tomorrow or the next day and i really need to receive that package asap.
i already received notifications two days and yesterday that it will be delivered after 24 to 48 hours.
thank you

387 Cherebel Valenzuela   (31-March-2016 9:58 AM)
When you deliver my package it already in iloilo warehouse it almost for 4 days delayed......
Thank you

386 Cherebel Valenzuela   (31-March-2016 9:39 AM)
Still I haven't recieved my cargo at home..but already in iloilo ware house its almost 4days delayed
Thank you

385 jesieca perez   (30-March-2016 1:30 PM)
Can i request for follow-up regarding my package, my tracking status says its pending because my address is incomplete. but i already give my complete address and until now it hasn't been delivered. my tracking number is 161601498648 and my address is Blk 69 Lot 13 Acm woodstock homes brgy navarro general trias cavite. please its urgent i have costumer too thats needs that package. thank you

384 Reline Keith Laguatan   (28-March-2016 12:49 PM)
Our package tracking number are 179721053864 and 179721053854. Thank you!

383 Reline Keith Laguatan   (28-March-2016 12:46 PM)
We're in 4554 Guadal Canal St. Sta. Mesa Manila. Please deliver our package as soon as possible. We'll wait for it. Thank you!

382 Reline Keith Laguatan   (28-March-2016 12:44 PM)
Good afternoon! When will you deliver our package? Please,deliver as soon as possible because it's urgent. Thank you!

381 Hazelyn Saavedra Villaran   (17-March-2016 9:37 AM)
Good morning! I follow-up the package sent by Iloilo City with the tracking number 161570759041.
May I receive this today? I'm so sorry for many follow-ups I did. This is urgent. Thank you and God bless.

380 michelle   (16-March-2016 8:43 AM)
Good day maam/sir... may i follow up my package sent through LBC with tracking number 126254260971. It's been a while since i email you at customercare@lbcexpress.com.

379 Genn Jorda   (04-March-2016 3:15 PM)
Can i request for follow-up regarding my package sent from manila on my tracking status it says its already out for delivery since yesterday afternoon and until now it hasn't been delivered here.... my tracking number btw is 179564220914

thank you hoping for a good reply

378 Rowell   (02-March-2016 1:37 PM)
Please can I get may cargo in the main office 1088871810 thats is may tracking number

377 Lovefaith Alexilyn Amodia   (29-February-2016 3:43 PM)
Please track my doc sent thru LBC. as of now its not received yet by the recipient. Tracking no 139511897283

376 RIKA CECILLE DE GUZMAN   (23-February-2016 10:37 AM)
i would like to inquire the status of my package from Lazada deliverd through LBC, it's been a while since Lazada emailed me it were already shipped. Tracking numbers: 791004969488; 791004963038 and 771004967040

Hope to hear a positive response soon.

thank you

375 Raphael Jay Bernardo   (21-February-2016 10:28 AM)
about my delivery tracking number 311184272338 why is it not delivered? it said failed? what cause the failed delivery?

374 Lilac Fruelda   (18-February-2016 10:47 AM)
Good day,

I would like to update the arrival of the package delivery here in Batangas.
The tracking number is 181259296291.

Thank you.

God Bless.

373 Buena Garcia   (16-February-2016 3:17 PM)
Inquiring whereabouts of transaction no. 15-1350-649 LBC 126063768721 dated of November 12, 2015 in the name of FERDINAND AUSTRIA of EL NIDO, PALAWAN

372 Theresa   (16-February-2016 7:49 AM)
I have a package from Cebu to be delivered here in Tagbilaran bohol tracking number 179521576034. It is said to your tracking page it was delivered yesterday around 5pm but my package is not on my hands yet. Please clarify this matter. I am so pissed off on this. Why it is delivered on your tracking page since package is not on my hands yet. My phone number is 09215322103. Thanks

371 santosbheng   (15-February-2016 3:39 PM)
Good day, Sir, i will file a complaint on your LBC Express Zapote Kalinisan-Bacoor Branch regarding lost of billing statement of my meralco only today Feb. 15 2016 10:15 am. I handed my billing to one of the two personnels namely Reynald Manzon and Jordan Lacson. I only remember the face he is tall white complexion and tsinito. While I was waiting my turn. I was surprised that a late commer customer was called and I was bypass...so I follow up my billing statemet meralco named OFELIA JAVINES (this is my sisters meralco account name). And the tsinito told me he hasn't have the document. I was upset and insisted i handed to you and you place it on the table near the stapler...even you access your cctv now it will verify that I gave it to you...So he recall an incident that a customer went out and maybe my billing was with it because he asked if all documents is his/her transactions and the customer said yes...then that was the time the tsinito remembered...And another nearby customer also witness the incident. And I was asking what will you do that is a due bill how will you transact...he only ask me to write my number and name so they can call me...as soon as they resolve the issue... And I ask where is your supervisor...and the other guy personnel told me that they don't have any supervisor of the branch only in the main branch...I asked for the head...she(Ruby Panel) went out lunch? at 10:30 am... So i got upset and told them that even its a busy queue line its not a reason to lost a document...Its a hassle for the customer so I leave my name and number instead ... After 15 min. the tsinito called up the billing was returned by the customer...So I retturn to the branch...unfortunately its not my sister's billing statement...And even the tsinito was surprised... I was so upset again and told him...Can you read? I already leave the account name and its different on the returned billing statement...Suddenly their head Ruby Panel arrived at 11:00 am... and I complained for the error of that tsinito...Then ruby called up meralco to ask for the ref. number of my sister's account...but unfortunately I still have to bring the old billing for the meralco service ID... I came back at 2:30 pm and gave to Ruby the old billing and she transacted....I asked her to write all their names so I will file my complaint for their carelessness, can't able to resolve issue SOP of the two men, and lack of values in handling customer complaint...I haven't heard any apology on their side for loosing my billing statement...Please give me feedback on how you will treat this personnel regarding my complaint...I need your urgent reply please call me on my contact number 09193524723...If no actions or reply on this I will call your head office instead... Thank you

370 cathlyn trinidad   (12-February-2016 3:38 PM)
Good day!

Sir, i will file a complaint regarding the documents was sent to me last feb. 7, 2016 from my sister alice pacheco vallega in dumaguete city.. the address written was Buaya, Lapu Lapu City with a contact number 09196413935, iv'e been waiting the documents until now... i called your hotline to follow the said document last wednesday around 11 am...the agent promised me to follow up the documents and be forwarded to me on that day but still it wasnt deliver to me..i called again your hotline and nothing happens... the agent keeps on promising and telling me that they e mailed the warehouse regarding that matter and promised me again to deliver the document the following morning... again and again yesterday i waited the whole day and called again your hotline.. same thing... email lang ng email wala namang action.. i went to Mactan marina mall LBC branch and talked your staff then, they gave me the cellphone number of your staff but sad to say even one of them did not answer my more than 20 times calls. i called up this numbers 092235615841 and 09335454628... what a bad costumer service you rendered to me... i leave my tracking number and waited for their tx or call regarding that matter... the documents inside is the death certificate of my father who i will use for his insurance claim and that claim is due today.... i been calling the office of my fathers insurance and i talked to the manager already and that claim is being forfited because of your lousy staff who didnt exert effort to locate my address and since they didnt even contact me where is my location is? what is the purpose of asking our contact number and you will not use it to locate the customer??? i want a face to face investigation regarding this matter... i am upset for losing the insurance and i want the staff to faced the consequences from his work... hoping you will take ACTION on this matter.

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