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LBC Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
This is the customer service portal and hotline phone number of LBC, "Ang Hari ng Padala".

If you are located within Metro Manila, you may call them at (02) 858-5999. You can call this number even if you're outside Metro Manila using your landline or mobile phone but call charges may apply.

If you are located outside Metro Manila or in the province, you may call them at 800-035-702-444 or 1-800-10-8585999

LBC's customer service is open 24/7.

LBC Customer Service Hotline Number

You can also send your queries or concerns to LBC's email address: customercare@lbcexpress.com.

LBC offers a great courier service through its unmatched nationwide delivery network of over 2,500 on-foot couriers, covering 1.8 million households in the Philippines.

Do you have any concern with LBC?
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445 Lyka Tulalian   (28-June-2016 5:51 PM)
Dear Sir / Madam:

Good Day!!!

As a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy senior student at Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Sta. Mesa, Manila, we are to conduct a thesis entitled, "Assessing the Policies and Procedures of Remittance Centers in relation to Anti Money Laundering Acf in the City of Manila".

In line with the title above, my group and I consider your company for we believe that you will be able to help us in conducting our thesis. Thus, we are requesting for your utmost cooperation and support by answering a questionnaire and a short interview for further queries and clarifications in the said statement.

Rest assured that your answers will be treated with strict confidentiality and information will only be used educationally.

We are looking forward that our request would merit your positive response.

Thank you and more power.

Respectfully Yours,

Lyka L. Tulalian
BSA H4-1 Student/Researcher

Noted by:

Marvin Lascano, CPA, MBA

444 Marichell Estariha   (28-June-2016 9:02 AM)
Hi ask ko lng po bakit hanggang ngayon wla pa din po ung order ko from character phone. ang tracking number ko po ay 179735051911

443 raquel echon   (28-June-2016 8:28 AM)
mabagal ang serbisyo niyo..kung madami kayong customer dapat dagdagan niyo din yong mga tao nyo..di pa kayo nagreresponse sa mga concerns at reklamo..kahit anong PM sa inyo waley..

442 Donna Gay H. Sienes   (27-June-2016 9:19 PM)
please lang ho!! yong order ko po sa lazada june 19 pa then til now wala parin!!! shipment will arrive choo choo daw by june 22- 23, ehh uupo na lang siguro si duterte pero yong package ko wala pa rin!!! 771006324353 eto tracking number ha!!! please lang!!!

441 Donna Gay H. Sienes   (27-June-2016 9:13 PM)
hi can you give me an update about the status of my parcel?!! tracking number 771006324353.. been waiting for it for almost a week now!!!

440 Charmine C. Panem   (25-June-2016 6:22 PM)
Hi,I just want to ask pano po mag change ng address ng LBC branch kung saan i pipick up ung order? May mas malapit kasing LBC branch dito sa amin. Ei naipadala na ung padala sa ibang branch.

439 MERLINDA S. BRIONES   (24-June-2016 2:19 PM)
can you trace my documents what is the status track number is lbc cpu u00000618a

438 Justine Remosura   (24-June-2016 7:31 AM)
Yung order ko po sa Lazada nung June16 ko pa ifinile.
And expected delivery time is between 22-24. Last day na ng due date nya ngayon.
Kapag chinecheck ko sa website ng LBC ang palaging nakalagay lang na status is "Received".
Ano na pong status ng product na inorder ko? Tracking Number is 771006303560
Please update me as soon as possible.

437 Maicah lay V. Vasquez   (23-June-2016 8:33 PM)
Hi gudpm, I just would like to ask you how many days of delivery from Davao to Cebu? It was mailed yesterday June 22,2016 at around 2:30 or 3 pm at SM Ecoland...that was a very important one that's why I'm making a follow up..Hope to hear from you da soonest..Thank

436 Cleff Anthonee Comilang   (23-June-2016 5:33 PM)
Yung order ko po sa lazada na 771006343143, nung june 21 9am ko pa inorder hanggang ngaun wala pa. Chineck ko june 21 4pm item was shipped sabi sa lazada, pero bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa item ko. Ang bagal ng delivery nyo!! Pakiblisan nman po!! Please lang!!

435 Charissa Aquino   (23-June-2016 2:20 PM)
ung delivery ko po ngayon lang. wrong item kasi naibigy sa akin. Kung pwede po wag muna ibigay yong payment sa SHOPEE/JOHN SOL CRUZ. Through CASH ON DELIVERY KASI. Nabayaran ko na sa delivery boy. Kaso mali ung item ko. Kung pwede lang po wag muna iremit payment. At pwede po kunin ko contact nung Nagpadala na si John sol cruz/Shopee.. mobile number po. Ito po tracking ng item ko 80019649208 taga san carlos pangasinan po ako.Thanks. text back

434 Thomas Pinasen   (16-June-2016 7:58 AM)
My order from Lazada with tracking number 791006165064 was forwarded to La Union Delivery Hub dated June 8, 2016 but until now i don't know where is it can you send me any contact number here in San Fernando City?

433 Liezl Panganiban Arcega   (14-June-2016 9:45 AM)
I checked my order in your tracking and it listed that my order back to lazada due to incorrect address. My tracking number is 791006089167.. Theres my contact number so you can call me ifthere is any concern or problem.Now there is lbc branch near to my address.Its naic branch. Can I pick up there my order?Thank you... and Godbless

432 Lorena   (13-June-2016 3:24 PM)
Hi! I'm from Baguio and currently working in an IELTS review center. My concern is regarding the exam result sent via your company. I checked the tracking number and it was stated that it already was delivered on 8th June at 8.25 pm and the item/location status was office is closed. This made me angry since the location is a business establishment and therefore the office hour ia only at 5pm.what is worse is that there is no notice coming from your office about thecurrent status of the document. Please inform us where we can pick up the document?

431 Mary Jane Escorial   (13-June-2016 11:23 AM)
i just want to ask for the package status with tracking #179130891092 it was sent last june 8 and delivery date was june 9 but until now its still on tacloban delivery hub.thank you hope for your reply.

430 Maylen Oroyan   (11-June-2016 1:08 PM)
Good afternoon
I bought a product in the online shop " Lazada" . My Order # 382743966 has been placed on Saturday June 04, 2016 via PayPal. It should have arrived within 07 Jun - 09 Jun, 2016via Standard Delivery. I did not receive my orders. I checked my order status and it said that "Your item(s) has been shipped with LBC ". It has been two days and i still didn't receive any shipment.When can i receive my order ?.This is my tracking number:771006177302

429 June Ena ibay   (10-June-2016 11:11 AM)
I just would like to ask about my mail with tracking #126267710581..i found out it was with incorrect address, where can i follow it up? Can i just pick it up from a branch?..pls help me this ir very urgent..that was my plane ticket...thank you

428 roann etis   (09-June-2016 10:33 PM)
tracking bag that send. to me yesterday

427 marissa n. regulacion   (09-June-2016 1:13 PM)
goodday I just want to know how long you cant deliver.my passport release on june 8 2016.but until now im not receive.its very important to get my passport because I will send that to uae.dubai.please find a way to send tome this week.my control number is...179728551251 frommarissa n. regulacion.24 f.jamilon st.brgy.calumpang famy laguna.in siniloan laguna they have a lbc branch please help me.thank you god bless

426 ferdie   (08-June-2016 12:44 PM)
can I talk

425 Agripina Hatud   (07-June-2016 3:29 PM)
im just wondering where is my door to door with tracking number:1084577925 were waiting since end of may.we will be living in philippines in two days...were is my delivery....

424 Diana Ross Salanatin   (06-June-2016 12:31 PM)
hi there, I am currently having a problem with my packages because it have incomplete addresses. i would really want to change the address please. to Montinola Bldg. Ledesma St. Iloilo @ Pro-racing bldg.the track number is 791006088777

423 Joenie oja   (31-May-2016 12:06 PM)
Please send a copy to this email

422 Zenaida   (29-May-2016 3:26 AM)
Hi,ask ko lang po yong cargo ko. Bakit hindi pa po dumating, pinadala ko nong March 15 till now didn't arrive yet. My box number is-222031603146623- 222031603140061. This last number hindi po ma track..please let me know. Thanks.

421 george browell   (28-May-2016 6:56 AM)
to whom it may concern here is my tracking number 771005882133 as you can see what the delivery person says: i have proof that they never even came to our subdivision as it is stated house closed ect. ust do the job you was hired to do and deliver the package.
May 16, 2016 08:30:36 PM FORWARDED TO SF - CEBU
May 24, 2016 03:47:10 PM RECEIVED AT SF - CEBU
May 25, 2016 10:47:13 AM OUT FOR DELIVERY
May 25, 2016 02:00:00 PM POSTED STATUS : HOUSE CLOSED
May 26, 2016 01:22:42 PM OUT FOR DELIVERY
May 27, 2016 11:23:48 AM OUT FOR DELIVERY
May 27, 2016 02:00:00 PM POSTED STATUS : CONSIGNEE OUT .

420 emil p cudernal   (27-May-2016 1:30 PM)
may i ask if lbc or fastrak (not fastrack) .. if you are charging some EVAT in your delivery .. cause our package has been delayed for almost 1 week! and fastrak texting us about payments for the delivery etc., .. please answer my question

419 Moises paraiso   (25-May-2016 3:29 PM)
Bwesit!,,!!!! Bakit kailangan u i re- box ang pinadala kong box eh di naman sira yung box ko!,logic lang ano purpose niyo!bakit kailangan you i re box!!!!!kahit sinong matinong tao pag iisipan kayo ng masama!!,,, ito tracking # 1101348810......gawan niyo naman action itong nangyari sa box ko...pamilya ko alng my karapatan buksan ang box na pinadala ko!!!!!!

418 Emerlee Sy   (23-May-2016 9:45 AM)
hi there, I am currently having a problem with my packages because it both have incomplete addresses. i would really want to change the address please. the track numbers of my packages are 771005970410 and 791005974154.

417 kare capulong   (21-May-2016 1:16 PM)
Im karen capulong I just wanna ask what brach can I get my package form pauline rey constantito because I go to noveleta branch but my package is none on there..my package is pending to delivery ..

416 anne   (20-May-2016 5:59 PM)
can i have the customer service number of lbc please

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