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LBC Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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This is the customer service portal and hotline phone number of LBC, "Ang Hari ng Padala".

If you are located within Metro Manila, you may call them at 8585-999. If you are located outside Metro Manila or in the province, you may call them at 800-035-702-444 or 1-800-10-8585999. LBC's customer service is open 24/7.

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You can also send your queries or concerns to LBC's email address: customercare@lbcexpress.com.

LBC offers a great courier service through its unmatched nationwide delivery network of over 2,500 on-foot couriers, covering 1.8 million households in the Philippines.

Do you have any concern with LBC?

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245 normelyn uriarte   (29-September-2015 3:51 PM)
i would like to make a follow up on my item
what happened when pending it will be delivered or not to my address?

244 PASTOR BERNIE SIEBERS   (29-September-2015 12:58 PM)
I placed an order with LAZADA and waited for a long time. When I finally contacted them they said order was returned because it was undeliverables. Since we have someone in our house 24 hours a day, this can't be true Whoever was suppose to deliver it did not make a good effort. When I order something I expect to get it and provide special effort to make sure someone is available to receive the order. Pastor Bern

243 239 Cherry Rose C. Amosco   (29-September-2015 6:02 AM)
tracking number 126187100481 (29-September-2015 7:00AM

kindly check my document, tracking number 126187100481
what happened when pending? thank you


242 theresa magdula   (28-September-2015 1:38 PM)
hello i am asking the phone number of the main branch of lbc taguig manila

241 theresa magdula   (28-September-2015 1:35 PM)
hello..i would like to ask the phone number of the main branch of LBC at taguig city manila.thank you


240 lovanne   (27-September-2015 12:02 PM)
hello be responsible LBC,

ive been waiting for my pack it is almost 10days and still i dont have it.. it takes ages!!!! My gush.. would you be please responsible?


239 Marchel C. Sarno   (26-September-2015 5:05 PM)
I would like to now the where about of the package with tracking no. 26254629

238 eric brian asutria   (25-September-2015 5:44 PM)
tracking number 161419916989

i would like to make a follow up on my item
what happened when pending it will be delivered or not to my address?


237 Pompei Vincent Buensuceso   (24-September-2015 4:04 PM)
Hi..my package from lazada has not yet been arrive and it said that "unknown consignee" while i already recieved many times that forwarded from Lbc..tracking #771002234290..

236 Francis Fadri Ferranco   (23-September-2015 6:24 AM)
I kindly check my package heres my tracking number 179340394883 was pending.please text me the status of my package.thank you.

235 tanya ruth guiritan   (22-September-2015 7:43 PM)
i didnt receive my package.. tracking number 161571272393.. where can i pick it up in davao city. thankz

234 Riham Balindong   (22-September-2015 5:58 PM)
This is the complete address for my failed to deliver package (179531576068) due to incomplete address. 'The Realmed Pharmacy In front of Kiko Camarin Wet and Dry Market Blk. 1 Lot 3 Sampaloc St. Road Area D Brgy. 178 Camarin, Caloocan City Metro Manila'. Please read this. Thanks

233 Recuerdo Bregente   (22-September-2015 2:40 PM)
I am expecting a delivery. As per checking with the delivery status, tracking number 161567071851 has been out for delivery for 2 days already. I am supposed to receive the delivery September 21. What have you done with the items? what a very bad service you have..I need to know where is my delivery already?

232 Donald bautista   (22-September-2015 11:33 AM)
When can I receive the package from Santiago isabela university of la salette registra office with tracking number 139436717828 ? Thank you

231 George McVey   (22-September-2015 10:19 AM)
Tracking number 791002085163 is from Lazada, containing 2 rechargeable fans, sent to CFS port area on Sept 7, but still there 2 weeks later. Why no courtesy call or text explaining what the delay or problem is?
Tracking number 791002192283 is from Lazada, containing a digital clock, sent to CFS on Sept 16, but still there 1 week later. Why no call or text?
What is CFS port area, and where is it...........is this where shipments are stolen and lost?
Do i need to file a case/claim against LBC for damages and incompetence?

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