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LBC Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
This is the customer service portal and hotline phone number of LBC, "Ang Hari ng Padala".

If you are located within Metro Manila, you may call them at (02) 858-5999. You can call this number even if you're outside Metro Manila using your landline or mobile phone but call charges may apply.

If you are located outside Metro Manila or in the province, you may call them at 800-035-702-444 or 1-800-10-8585999

LBC's customer service is open 24/7.

LBC Customer Service Hotline Number

You can also send your queries or concerns to LBC's email address: customercare@lbcexpress.com.

LBC offers a great courier service through its unmatched nationwide delivery network of over 2,500 on-foot couriers, covering 1.8 million households in the Philippines.

Do you have any concern with LBC?
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422 Zenaida   (29-May-2016 3:26 AM)
Hi,ask ko lang po yong cargo ko. Bakit hindi pa po dumating, pinadala ko nong March 15 till now didn't arrive yet. My box number is-222031603146623- 222031603140061. This last number hindi po ma track..please let me know. Thanks.

421 george browell   (28-May-2016 6:56 AM)
to whom it may concern here is my tracking number 771005882133 as you can see what the delivery person says: i have proof that they never even came to our subdivision as it is stated house closed ect. ust do the job you was hired to do and deliver the package.
May 16, 2016 08:30:36 PM FORWARDED TO SF - CEBU
May 24, 2016 03:47:10 PM RECEIVED AT SF - CEBU
May 25, 2016 10:47:13 AM OUT FOR DELIVERY
May 25, 2016 02:00:00 PM POSTED STATUS : HOUSE CLOSED
May 26, 2016 01:22:42 PM OUT FOR DELIVERY
May 27, 2016 11:23:48 AM OUT FOR DELIVERY
May 27, 2016 02:00:00 PM POSTED STATUS : CONSIGNEE OUT .

420 emil p cudernal   (27-May-2016 1:30 PM)
may i ask if lbc or fastrak (not fastrack) .. if you are charging some EVAT in your delivery .. cause our package has been delayed for almost 1 week! and fastrak texting us about payments for the delivery etc., .. please answer my question

419 Moises paraiso   (25-May-2016 3:29 PM)
Bwesit!,,!!!! Bakit kailangan u i re- box ang pinadala kong box eh di naman sira yung box ko!,logic lang ano purpose niyo!bakit kailangan you i re box!!!!!kahit sinong matinong tao pag iisipan kayo ng masama!!,,, ito tracking # 1101348810......gawan niyo naman action itong nangyari sa box ko...pamilya ko alng my karapatan buksan ang box na pinadala ko!!!!!!

418 Emerlee Sy   (23-May-2016 9:45 AM)
hi there, I am currently having a problem with my packages because it both have incomplete addresses. i would really want to change the address please. the track numbers of my packages are 771005970410 and 791005974154.

417 kare capulong   (21-May-2016 1:16 PM)
Im karen capulong I just wanna ask what brach can I get my package form pauline rey constantito because I go to noveleta branch but my package is none on there..my package is pending to delivery ..

416 anne   (20-May-2016 5:59 PM)
can i have the customer service number of lbc please

415 Abegail   (16-May-2016 12:33 PM)
I want to have an LBC Mundial , Inc. Contact number

414 Karel Alexi Bajador   (16-May-2016 9:41 AM)


413 Maricel   (15-May-2016 11:38 AM)
I am expecting 3 balikbayan boxes and its alreday forwarded as of May 14 in your office, i would like to know when it can be delivered here in my house?

412 Jenelyn Dalman   (10-May-2016 7:02 AM)
Let me know about the update, this is my second order that I still did not receive, i don't want this to come where the first order that i have got returned, you said you delivered the product but you really did not, i did not receive any notification from you, here is the tracking number 771005843308.

411 FRANKLYN E. TANGLAO   (05-May-2016 4:10 PM)
This is to complain on your service. Been tracking my document from Dagupan and the whole day i am waiting di ko pa narereceive ang padalang document sa akin.

You shouldn't call your service as Hari ng padala if you can't serve well.

tracking number of my shipment: 126221175972... Your hotline also is not that so helpful...

410 Chris   (04-May-2016 9:01 PM)
Hi. I just want to follow up my order in lazda that was placed last April 18. I was just wondering why my order still not being delivered wherein the last update stated it was already here in Palawan. And why is it still not updated for this month? It was last updated last week,April 26. Hoping for a favorable action. My tracking number is 791005676454 ! More power

409 Chris   (04-May-2016 8:57 PM)
Hi! I just want to know the cause of delay for our order in lazada. The product was ordered last April 18. I want follow up about it. Every time I track it, it was already here in Palawan but the last update was still last week, April 26. Waiting for appropriate action. Also, I need to get the mobile number of LBC Palawan, for Me to verify my order. Thanks

408 gr   (04-May-2016 3:11 PM)
please make sure that your contact number in sta. maria is functional,,,, the said contact number can make the client super complain no one answering the phone, somebody had called you 50+!

407 jeffry asa   (03-May-2016 1:58 PM)
tracking no. 179710325130 my package was not delivered. it suppose to be delivered on april 2, 2016.plss deliver my package on my address, pob. Talakag Bukidnon brgy 4

406 Belle   (03-May-2016 1:35 PM)
Here is my tracking number. 1311370 package from Manila to Davao.

405 liezel ontolan   (03-May-2016 11:22 AM)
my concern is .i order a power bank in lazada but until now i did not recieve yet

404 Greenstone Packaging Corporation   (03-May-2016 9:39 AM)
What's happening to LBC? Our shipments are always delayed. Here's the latest ...tracking number...126242522187

403 Ma. Theresa Profeta   (03-May-2016 9:06 AM)
our door to door money transfer sent april 30 hasnt been delivered yet .. track # 27814348

402 SALLY   (03-May-2016 8:51 AM)
Kindly post an updated list of branches that can be reach thru delivery.

401 Donald Kim Enot   (03-May-2016 8:43 AM)
package tract number. 149283480430, the said package was not delivered to the address written in the sticker paper.

400 SALLY   (03-May-2016 8:39 AM)
Good day... I just wanna ask regarding my cargo going to Tandag Surigao. That when I tacked they cannot give the exact delivery date.LBC is a 24/7 but why you have no delivery on sundays.....

399 Jen   (30-April-2016 7:55 AM)
771005752995 this is my tracking number, my shipment was supposedly April 29- 30, 2016 but til now there is no update from you guys. i need a correct time and an email perhaps for the delivery.

398 Carlos Jr Fandinola   (26-April-2016 6:15 AM)
Tracking No. 222031602047328. What caused the delays of delivery of my cargo? I have been informed that the cargo has been received at Iloilo Distribution and what are you waiting for. The cargo has been delayed already as it was been picked-up last February 23, 2016 and delayed released from Customs. Can you expidite the earliest possible time of delivery as URGENT PLEASE. It is addressed to Mrs Norma F. Ober of Miagao, Iloilo.

397 Raffy dedal   (25-April-2016 7:07 PM)
Please provide me contact number of makati delivery hub 1 for my concern of package under the trucking number 179706446512

396 lendon tejamo caliso   (19-April-2016 7:47 PM)
i just wanna ask regarding the delivery of my package from riyadh to sitio allied baranggay linothangan canla-on city last updated april 15 already send to bacolod distribution now april 19 why not recieved my mother please truck my number 1090171161

395 jessie p. batchar   (19-April-2016 11:47 AM)
please help me locate my package sent to me by the vendor with tracking # 179711081679 it was sent last friday and until now I could not trace it

394 mark julius belen   (16-April-2016 1:59 PM)
Hi good afternoon i just wanna ask you if you have a branch in pakistan? I need your reply asap thank you

393 Carlito E. Cueto Jr. / Julius Velasquez   (15-April-2016 4:04 PM)
tampered parcel resulting to lost of some items for parcel with tracking number 179721596476

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