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SSS Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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With its growing number of clients to servce, the Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines now provides 24-hour customer service (Monday to Friday) through its Call Center.

SSS Customer Service/Hotline Phone Number
  • 920-6446 to 55
An actual call center agent will answer your questions, concerns or problems above.

SSS also utilizes the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), in which members follow the computerized voice instructions to answer their basic queries.

You may call SSS IVRS Hotline Numbers below:

  • 917-7777 (Metro Manila)
  • 446-5902 (Baguio)
  • 982-8739 (Tarlac)
  • 562-9289 (San Pablo)
  • 472-8842 (Naga)
  • 234-2053 (Cebu)
  • 227-7273 (Davao)
  • 992-2014 (Zamboanga)
Subscribers of Globelines can call 917-7777 for free.

The SSS Customer Service Call Center is open from 7:00am on Monday all the way to 7:00am on Saturdays. It's closed during weekends and on holidays.

Reminder: Before calling the SSS phone numbers above, be sure to prepare your SSS number because the agent will check and verify your SSS records through your SSS number.

For new SSS applications, SSS advises that would-be members should call them first about SSS procedures and list of requirements so that SSS will immediately accept their application whenever they go the SSS branch.

Most of the calls that SSS received pertain to the status verification of the member's contribution, SSS salary loans, SSS benefit claims and application for the Unified Multipurpose Identification System (UMID) card which is the current SSS ID.

Do you have any concern with SSS?

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390 maretis laurio   (28-August-2015 7:55 AM)
hello can i ask some help?

i try to get sss id to apply job in taiwan as factory worker but sss not giving me or allowd me to get id becuase they said im still no work thats why i try to get sss id so i can work abroad

389 Jowelyn B. Baritua   (25-August-2015 12:50 PM)
how can i get my sss. no.? because my E1 is missing i dont remember my sss no. thank you.

388 Glieza C. Sumanga   (12-August-2015 12:32 PM)
Good day Ma'am/Sir,

I've been calling your customer service hotline but no one answered, I just want to ask for my account balance loan and how much would be the deduction per month?

my sss # 07-2204873-5
please email it to glieza.bgcphilbuilder@gmail.com
You're assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

387 analisa libu viray   (07-August-2015 2:13 PM)
can i verify my contribution

386 lourie alarcon   (07-August-2015 10:38 AM)
Good day,i forgot my username at password,please advise on what steps should i do.i am having a hard time to contact the numbers given

385 gillie b. tan-awon   (03-August-2015 8:33 PM)
Good Day Ma'am/Sir.I would like to ask if I can get another copy of my SSS number. I am so sorry for the inconvenience i am sorry because i misplaced it.Thank You for your consideration.I promise not to lost it again.

384 janelle mayuga   (01-August-2015 1:27 PM)
I would like to request a copy of my SSS number cause i forgot it.
I'm located in Cainta Rizal.

your assistance is highly appreciated


383 Kelvin R. Dela Cruz   (27-July-2015 4:04 PM)
To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to request for a copy of my SSS contributions to support my sickness notification requirement and reimbursement for my medical leave of absence. Moreover, based on my SSS online records, I am not an employee of the reporting employer which is not updated. Kindly look into this and hoping it will be resolved as soon as possible.

Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

Kelvin dela Cruz

382 Pamela Labiaga   (23-July-2015 3:42 PM)
I recommend for you guys to have chat support online on your website ^_^

381 Michael rosal   (21-July-2015 2:14 PM)
Good day!!!!
I lose my SSS I.d. what should I do?

380 Dynah Evangelista   (20-July-2015 3:02 PM)
Please i cant' reach you via phone, and 2 branches of SSS in Pasay can't help me on this. I have missed and forgot the old email address and password on my account. its just i wanted to have reset my passowrd and username if there was. My SSS # is 04-134-6357-7 my email address is dynah.evangelista@xerox.com. Please im working for almost 7 years and still i can't apply for a loan.thanks

379 Merry Jane E. Bedra   (20-July-2015 11:00 AM)
Can I ask for assistance regarding to my sss maternity benefits. whats is the status? they told me that my maternity benefits processing into 2 weeks but its almost a month since i filed. please help me to know if my cheque is ready for pick up.
hoping for an immediate response.

378 marycel   (15-July-2015 3:32 PM)
Hi, my sss account.online was locked. Please help me accessed my account again. Kindly reset my password and send it to marycel_gazo@yahoo.com
my sss # 0932819220

377 Philip Donald C. Torregosa   (14-July-2015 3:40 PM)
Good day maam/sir,

I would like to inform in your good office that i lose my sss ID card today.So i would like to ask your advice if what would im going to do.

Sincerely yours,

Torregosa,Philip Donald

376 wakopaki!   (14-July-2015 12:59 PM)
They should try chat support! No one answers their phones! Lazy people!

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