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SSS Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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With its growing number of clients to servce, the Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines now provides 24-hour customer service (Monday to Friday) through its Call Center.

SSS Customer Service/Hotline Phone Number
  • 920-6446 to 55
An actual call center agent will answer your questions, concerns or problems above.

SSS also utilizes the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), in which members follow the computerized voice instructions to answer their basic queries.

You may call SSS IVRS Hotline Numbers below:

  • 917-7777 (Metro Manila)
  • 446-5902 (Baguio)
  • 982-8739 (Tarlac)
  • 562-9289 (San Pablo)
  • 472-8842 (Naga)
  • 234-2053 (Cebu)
  • 227-7273 (Davao)
  • 992-2014 (Zamboanga)
Subscribers of Globelines can call 917-7777 for free.

The SSS Customer Service Call Center is open from 7:00am on Monday all the way to 7:00am on Saturdays. It's closed during weekends and on holidays.

Reminder: Before calling the SSS phone numbers above, be sure to prepare your SSS number because the agent will check and verify your SSS records through your SSS number.

For new SSS applications, SSS advises that would-be members should call them first about SSS procedures and list of requirements so that SSS will immediately accept their application whenever they go the SSS branch.

Most of the calls that SSS received pertain to the status verification of the member's contribution, SSS salary loans, SSS benefit claims and application for the Unified Multipurpose Identification System (UMID) card which is the current SSS ID.

Do you have any concern with SSS?

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350 julie esteban   (17-April-2015 10:51 AM)
how will i process my sss id

349 GRETCHEN T. TRANGIA   (16-April-2015 12:55 PM)
Good day!

Can I ask for an assistance on how can I retrieve my log in for I forget my user ID and password for online inquiry in SSS.

Hoping for an immediate response

348 Merrycris B. Dimamay   (15-April-2015 11:32 AM)
Good day!

Why i can't access my account?
I would like to inquire if my last payment was been posted.

Thank you.

347 rowena   (08-April-2015 7:09 AM)

346 willen i cuyos   (07-April-2015 4:03 PM)
I just want to ask about the maternity loan: i am 5 months pregnanat, as i heard many of my friends it was reimburse by my company to get the loan. Now i ask our employer about it, then they told me that after i give birth and process my childs birth certificate thats the time to release the loan. Is this a policy of sss?

345 Joyce Oppus   (13-February-2015 4:41 PM)
I e-mail you at member_relations@sss.gov.ph , when could i get the answer?

344 Anna Mae Rebao   (05-February-2015 4:20 PM)
My mother lost her sss card and she forgot her sss number, what will she do to recover it?

343 Jess Sunga   (28-January-2015 11:17 AM)
my name is jesus o. sunga, i have filed my retirement last year in tacurong city and they requiered me to provide my school records, comelec and baptismal,all this were provided and according to the employee,mr.frqanz sueno my papers were forwarded to manila last march 05 2014 but till now haven't replied,my sss no. is 09-13413-9 hoping for your reply soon,God bless

342 Myrna Agc   (27-January-2015 3:51 PM)
Miss ______________ of SSS find my USB ASAP..We are responsible for our usb and reports, you don't have right to lost my USB.

341 Jess Sunga   (26-January-2015 8:54 AM)
good am,i have filed my retirement in sss,in tacurong city branch last year,and all of the requirement for the change of recods i have provide since my birthday is wrong,but till know whenever i ff. it up the reason is main branch in mla have no responce since it was the requirement by Dvo office,the FIR,could you help me please

340 Nestor Ogaro   (20-January-2015 7:52 AM)
my sickness benefits filed last november 1st week until now! nothing. SSS wake up please!

339 Rosemarie Carael Smera   (18-January-2015 10:28 AM)
Hi my name is Rosemarie Smera and now I'm abroad and father is dead and my question is about my father's benefit and what is the requirement?This is really hard for me I'm really far from my family and nobody knows how to process all this.Would be nice if someone can help me out here .My father lost his id card i dunno when and where all i know is that he lost it,and what i know is that hes boss is the the one who remit hes SS but last couple months when hes in hospital I've heard that hes boss didn't pay his SS no idea how long all i know is that i need someone to help me out.Hes only a construction worker and he have family left behind except me because i have my own family but would be great if my family can receive hes funeral benefit or death benefit.He died last Sunday of January 11 2015.I really need help about all my problem whether we can get hes money or not and what is the requirement.I know its hard but we dont have his ID now i dont know whats next so help me please.Thanks Rosemarie u can reach me to my email add rosemariesmera@yahoo.com .

338 Iza Cabral   (07-January-2015 11:34 AM)
hi i already applied d sss id last nov. 2014 here @ carmonna cavite branch my batchmate alreaady deliverd after 1 month of application but mine still not deliver almost 3months ds month my address was block 188 excess lot 5 ph 4 paliparan site dasmarinas cavite my email: enza58@yahoo.com hope your cooperation for this matter..thanks sss # 33-92895315 enza58@yahoo.com [color=blue]

337 Diczen Young   (24-December-2014 7:46 PM)
Diczen Young SSS# 03-2678002-0
Pls check as I have not received my December, 2014 pension yet. I got doubled my pension amount on Dec 1 but that was for my November pension + 13th month.
Thank you. My cp # is 0922-8608658;

336 Anne Karen   (15-December-2014 9:24 PM)
I was locked out on my SSS online account. The email that was linked to it is already deactivated. Please help me to reset it. My details are as follows: Email: annekaren03@yahoo.com ; DOB: August 30, 1981; SSS # 3377616687. Thank you!

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