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SSS Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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With its growing number of clients to servce, the Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines now provides 24-hour customer service (Monday to Friday) through its Call Center.

SSS Customer Service/Hotline Phone Number
  • 920-6446 to 55
An actual call center agent will answer your questions, concerns or problems above.

SSS also utilizes the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), in which members follow the computerized voice instructions to answer their basic queries.

You may call SSS IVRS Hotline Numbers below:

  • 917-7777 (Metro Manila)
  • 446-5902 (Baguio)
  • 982-8739 (Tarlac)
  • 562-9289 (San Pablo)
  • 472-8842 (Naga)
  • 234-2053 (Cebu)
  • 227-7273 (Davao)
  • 992-2014 (Zamboanga)
Subscribers of Globelines can call 917-7777 for free.

The SSS Customer Service Call Center is open from 7:00am on Monday all the way to 7:00am on Saturdays. It's closed during weekends and on holidays.

Reminder: Before calling the SSS phone numbers above, be sure to prepare your SSS number because the agent will check and verify your SSS records through your SSS number.

For new SSS applications, SSS advises that would-be members should call them first about SSS procedures and list of requirements so that SSS will immediately accept their application whenever they go the SSS branch.

Most of the calls that SSS received pertain to the status verification of the member's contribution, SSS salary loans, SSS benefit claims and application for the Unified Multipurpose Identification System (UMID) card which is the current SSS ID.

Do you have any concern with SSS?

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371 Paulsiey Joy Bustillo   (23-June-2015 12:55 PM)
Hi, my sss account.online was locked. Pls help me accessed my account again. Kindly reset my password and send it to paulsiey.joy.bustillo@gmail.com thanks

370 Abegail Bendicion   (22-June-2015 2:05 PM)
Hi, my SSS account online was locked. Please help me accessed my account again. Kindly reset my password and send it to abegail_17bendicion@yahoo.com thanks

369 Hazel A. Garcia   (22-June-2015 1:39 PM)
Hi, good afternoon!

I would like to request in your good office to reset my account in SSS Online Inquiry or can you give since I can't access my account already. The email address that I used before is no longer active. Please see the below information for my concern.

SSS NO: 04-2232994-5

I'm looking forward for your immediate response. Thank you!

368 Michael   (21-June-2015 12:47 PM)
How do I know if my application for SSS retirement benefits is being processed? Is there a way to check the status?

367 Agata velasaquez   (12-June-2015 12:35 PM)
Hi, my sss account.online was locked. Pls help me accessed my account again. Kindly reset my password and send it to amvelasquez02@yahoo.com thanks

366 John Demlee Gamayot Barbas   (03-June-2015 7:53 PM)
Hi good day, I would like to know if what is the process on how to claim my ID because since I filed it way back January of 2014 it was never deliver on our address now it been a year already I don't on how to claim it .. just to let you guys that I'm located here in Davao City hope you can check this concern that I have thank you ...

365 rea tolentino   (03-June-2015 12:08 PM)

I encountered problems viewing my actual premiums online..what should i do?

364 joan dupla   (02-June-2015 10:15 AM)
hi good day mam/sir

i cant view my online contribution because i cannot open my sss online inquiry can you help me retrieve my username & password?

please send to my new email add joandupla@yahoo.com

hope for your fast response.
thank you.

363 ELISEO GUZON PUNO   (02-June-2015 7:16 AM)
Hi sir/madam:
My password on On-line has been lock. How to unlock my password. Thanks

362 john lester canog   (02-June-2015 5:56 AM)
good morning

i need help
my sss number was lost and i dont remember my sss number
what to know my sss number

361 lime   (28-May-2015 12:40 PM)
Been trying to call everyday since last week but always busy. :(

360 norvelyn razon hernandez   (16-May-2015 8:54 AM)

I encountered problems viewing my actual premiums online..what should i do?

359 koolarts2099   (14-May-2015 3:44 PM)
The call center numbers are always busy, I believe they are not in service or are just for media press release para pogi points only. They are actually useless to the SSS members.

358 jed flavier matriano   (11-May-2015 11:28 AM)
just want to ask how much is my loan balance? Here's my sss # 3381162664

357 Mary Jane rallos tagle   (08-May-2015 2:16 PM)
Ask just want to ask about my uniwide sss I'd because until now its not coming they said its only 3 months processing why they still not delivering my sss I'd I have before but on I lost my I'd on january tht why I go to sss in malabon then I take another new I'd of sss uniwide id but until now still not coming

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