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How to Order in Jollibee Delivery Online

Are you hungry? Or maybe you've missed the Jollibee hot spicy chicken and their tasty and saucy spaghetti? Now it's easy to choose your favorite meals by Jollibee's more innovative ordering system. Jollibee has opened their new online ordering sytem, "The Jollibee Online Delivery" with the website: http://jollibeedelivery.com.

To order your favorite meals in Jollibee Online Delivery, just follow these simple steps below.

How To Order in Jollibee Delivery Online?

1.  Go to http://jollibeedelivery.com. The required minimum amount of purchase is 200 pesos.

2.  Choose and click your menu or meals you want to order. Meals are categorized into value meals, burgers, noodles, chicken, rice, sandwiches, add-ons, desserts and drinks, breakfast and kids.

3.  For example, if you want to order 4 pieces/quantity Jollibee Spaghetti - Value Meal, just put number 4 inside the Qty field. See below:

Choose what Drink Flavor and Drink Options you like.

4.  If that's all you want to order, click the Add to Tray button and proceed to Checkout.

5.  You have 2 options/methods to Checkout. 1.) Checkout as Guest or 2.) Register.

6.  Fill up the needed personal information in the Delivery Information.

Be sure to review or recheck the information details especially contact numbers and address you fill in so that a successful delivery of your meals will be made.

Finally, you will receive a confirmation email and a call center agent will call you for confirmation of your orders and reviewing of your personal details.

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Total comments : 16
Melanie Cristobal   (15 April 2017 2:46 AM)
I want order please in San Pedro Laguna,

Kim   (17 March 2014 6:05 PM)
what should i put in the building name?? plss help....

Keith   (20 February 2014 0:53 AM)
The best way I've found to send your loved one Food delivery and pay online using your card is Yellow Cab Pizza store, they accept card. Alberto Pizza used to accept pay pall.

marlou   (27 January 2014 6:26 AM)
im here in los angeles California and I want to order Jollibee to my family in philippines, its this possible, pls. send some instructions

Kat   (12 October 2013 2:30 AM)
Can i ask if i order 60pcs chicken spag can i pay thru credit card?

Happy   (13 March 2013 4:27 AM)
Hi. For those who are outside the Philippines. Yes! it i possible to order online and send it to your love ones in the Philippines. You can use your credit or debit card as payment method. But if you are using international card (issued outside the Philippines) they will ask you to send them a scan copy of your front credit card and id, and send it to their mail. I hope this helps. :-)

christine sugar   (12 March 2013 1:17 AM)
Can I order now?

Jen Garcia   (14 February 2013 3:49 AM)
I' reside here in California and I want to ask if it is possible to make some delivery in the Philippines (Antipolo city) by using my card? How is it gonna be?waiting for your reply soon. Thank you and have a nice day

miles mattew guevarra   (18 January 2013 12:18 PM)
I want to order here in tagaytay meralco thank you

assej krap   (15 November 2012 2:38 PM)
is it possible to order jollibee meal here in south korea..please respond..

Jessa park   (09 November 2012 8:20 PM)
Is it possible to order abroad?im from South Korea..please respond..I'm so dying to eat jollibee spag.im pregnant and I really really want to eat that!!!huhuhuㅠ.ㅠ

JAZZ MHEG   (04 November 2012 3:46 PM)

eva corpuz   (17 August 2012 6:38 AM)
what is the mode of payment? are you going to deduct it on the bank accounts or WHAT?

Jolli   (12 July 2012 2:14 AM)
I tried, there is no payment method. I think payment on the spot.

vittoria   (04 May 2011 6:19 PM)
Hi I would like to know, if it is possible to place an order from Abroad. But the dilivery will be in the metro manila. What is the method payment?

thank u

vince   (24 April 2011 9:36 AM)