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BDO Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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One of the largest banks in the Philippines, Banco de Oro (BDO) encourages their clients/customers to contact them through their customer service hotline number regarding their BDO-banking-related problems and concerns.

If you want to contact BDO Corporate Center, you can contact them at trunkline number: (02)840-7000

For general concerns, you can call BDO through (02) 631-8000 or (02) 702-7877.

You can also contact the following BDO Domestic Toll-Free Numbers:

> 1-800-10-631-8000 (PLDT)
> 1-800-3-631-8000 (Digitel)
> 1-800-8-631-8000 (Globe Landline) 
> 1-800-5-631-8000 (Bayantel)

If you are currently residing outside the Philippines, you can contact BDO through:

> (international access code) +800-8-6318000
> AMEX Personal Cards: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-8141700
> AMEX Corporate Cards: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-8407400

Do you have problems with your BDO banking?

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207 Lou-ai Bass   (02-August-2015 1:31 AM)
I am currently residing in USA and needed help to access my account but my phone number listed on my BDO account was a Philippines so i needed to update it so i will be able to recieve my pin number..

206 Mary ann Agita   (26-July-2015 11:29 AM)
Good day I have problem with my online banking its locked thn the problem is when I try to unlocked it they send the otp number in my old number w/c is im not using it anymore and I try to call your international tall free the operatorsay I dial incorrect number...im using my mobile to call cz we don't have telephone here...how I can open it?
thank you
hoping your immediate response

205 charry mie   (23-July-2015 10:49 AM)
Hello Maam &Sir
How can i block my account#.because i lost my atm card..thank you

204 leon caingcoy   (23-July-2015 8:47 AM)
Hi Madam/Sir,

good morning! I just want to ask about the status of my credit card application. thank you.

203 Marietta   (22-July-2015 9:53 AM)
Hi ! Sir & Maam
good morning ! I just want to ask where I can get the marketing referral code ? because I was trying to apply online banking.. thanks hope you gonna reply on my message .. thank you

202 Mary Joy Castor   (21-July-2015 6:19 PM)
Kindly check the status of my online application. I applied thru online. and your agent called me that after 2 working days i will receive a confirmation but until i'm not receiving anything.
Please do the needful.

201 JOSEPH TUCONG   (17-July-2015 6:54 AM)
Good morning. I just want to ask what is the best thing that I would do with my BDO ATM in Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. because I can't withdraw my money. It is stated on the screen that my card no. is invalid. I would be glad if you will contact me on my mobile no. 09076620705. your immediate action is very much appreciated.

200 Nova   (13-July-2015 9:57 AM)
Can i still apply for credit card? I don't have landline for it is not practical to use in my place. thanks!

199 Shaunzo   (07-July-2015 5:48 AM)
How do I get a loan for land In a different country that I reside? And avoid a high interest rate?

198 Franchette Pearl   (06-July-2015 8:08 PM)
My dollar account application is rejected. Why? Can i delete it? If I can, how?

196 Elaine Francisco   (02-July-2015 11:06 PM)
My son-in-law was trying to use my BDO- ATM Card earlier, but it keeps on saying "transaction cannot be processed". He called the customer service and they told him that the account may be blocked by the primary user (which is me) or by the bank. I am currently residing in the U.S. now but I left my ATM Card for family purposes.

195 Margielyn S.Barcelon   (25-June-2015 8:57 PM)
I want to check my balance on my account.

197 admin   (03-July-2015 7:31 AM)
Margielyn, you should enroll first to BDO online banking.

194 Jose Marie ronidel   (25-June-2015 3:29 PM)
Hi sir/ma'am

Good day. I just want to asked how I could get my monthly bdo credit cards bill? Can I received email for my monthly bills? I also want to asked if how could I update my credit card profile so I can receive a text info for my monthly bill? Thank you.

193 noralyn deniega   (14-June-2015 6:01 AM)
Hi sir/ma'am.
I forgot my password in my online banking. And I already tried to reset it. It says that my new password is been sent to my registered email. But when I check it, there is none.
I keep on trying but still there is no password send to my email. What should I do?

192 Judy Ann Capili   (10-June-2015 11:03 AM)
hi sir/mam,

Good afternoon. I want to us how to cancelled the credit card Proprietary card under the name of my boss. John Johnnel Tan Chong.

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