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BDO Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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One of the largest banks in the Philippines, Banco de Oro (BDO) encourages their clients/customers to contact them through their customer service hotline number regarding their BDO-banking-related problems and concerns.

If you want to contact BDO Corporate Center, you can contact them at trunkline number: (02)840-7000

For general concerns, you can call BDO through (02) 631-8000 or (02) 702-7877.

You can also contact the following BDO Domestic Toll-Free Numbers:

> 1-800-10-631-8000 (PLDT)
> 1-800-3-631-8000 (Digitel)
> 1-800-8-631-8000 (Globe Landline) 
> 1-800-5-631-8000 (Bayantel)

If you are currently residing outside the Philippines, you can contact BDO through:

> (international access code) +800-8-6318000
> AMEX Personal Cards: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-8141700
> AMEX Corporate Cards: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-8407400

Do you have problems with your BDO banking?

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178 sassyjie108   (25-March-2015 4:53 PM)
Hello po. Good day.
Sir/madaam.. I want to know if my BDO KABAYAN SAVINGS ACCOUNT is still active. Because for two years that I have it I didnt deposit (2012-2013) and it has only 50php balance then last year 2014 I deposited only once. Is it still active? If not what will happen to my money that I deposited last year? Hope you can help me regardin this matter. Here's my email : nbsotabento@ymail.com . Thank you and God bless.

177 Camille Santos   (08-January-2015 2:05 PM)
Good day sir/madam i just want to ask if my money put in my passbook this is acct no.002661337888.the last time i put is on nov.3 2014.pls kindly reply to my email account camillesantos1989@gmail.com so that if my money already put i will continue to save in your bank thanks i want to update thanks have a good day...

176 Henry Mualla   (25-November-2014 8:58 PM)
Bdo Visa card customer service is not making a response to my problem.

175 Henry Mualla   (25-November-2014 8:30 PM)
Yes, I have a problem with my BDO VISA card, how do I get help?

174 Ghing Leyte   (07-November-2014 9:23 PM)
Hello,good day sir/maam i want to ask if my account# 2660531109 is still active coz the last time i use this it wa February 2013 and now i watto continue it, i tried to contact ur hotline numbersbut unfortunately i cant contact ur office.
Pls kindlyreply me as soon as possible im lookng forward for urquickly respond.
Thank you so much. My email add ghingleyte@gmail.com

173 emfiguracion85   (16-September-2014 9:52 PM)
Hi im erlyn may
I availed kabayan savings on a april 2014 before i git here in saudi... i hoped for the fastest process for transferring money through ebanking services... unfortunately i cant use it now because my balance is still the balance i opened my account... i deposited my
salaries but when i checked it in online banking services unfortunately my salaries did not record there... so this is now my problem. How can i able to trust kabayan savings now despite of what happens after i deposited my 3 months salary... i cant check it the first and sexond because i dont have a net yet that time but when i got a chance i cant see my money on online banking services of bdo... im begging the authorities of bdo to help me regarding my concern... im not just taking my money from anywhere but i have gone so many sacrifices just to earn and save. Thank u

172 Tolits Bersabal Timbreza   (13-September-2014 10:52 AM)
good day sir/ma'am i have problem with my kabayan savings account. i try to withdraw in landbank but my pin incorrect. how come that my pin is incorrect? i memorize that beacause that is my birthday! please response for my concern here warlitotimbreza@yahoo.com.ph

171 Marj Uganiza Marcelo   (01-September-2014 3:36 PM)
Good day sir/ma'am , i just want to ask if it's okay to get the money they send me via RIA PERA PADALA with my NBI CLEARANCE and my POSTAL ID . i don't have other valid id. aside from my postal id. im looking forward for the respond for my request. :)

170 Marj Uganiza Marcelo   (01-September-2014 3:32 PM)
Good pm Ma'am/Sir, i just want to ask if it is okay to get the money that my sister send via RIA PERA PADALA with my postal id and NBI CLEARANCE. because i don't have any valid id, aside from my postal. for the reply for my question you can email me at marjmarcelo14@gmail.com .. thank you can you respond for my request as soon as possible because i really need the money. i'm looking forward to it. :)

169 Pius Gauci   (14-August-2014 9:51 AM)
Good day Sir/madam
Greetings..I have a problem with my account. I am enrolled on jnternet banking and lately i wanted to access my account but I forgot my password. I went through the process of requesting a password reset.. Now I received a code, but when i try to log in to my account and use the code, it obviously says invalid password..
The reference number for my request is 20140812-082669
my email address is piusgauci@yahoo.com
I would apppreciate it if someone can help me

God bless
Pius Gauci

168 Susana M. Calalay   (08-August-2014 3:39 PM)
It is frustrating to talk to call center employees, it is just a waste of money for the company since they can't give the right answers anyway. Worse is they try to figure out an answer to your questions or they tell you they can't connect to the promo mechanics at the moment or they pass you on to others who may be able to answer your querry. What a waste of time on my part, to try different numbers to chance upon one who can give a sensible reply. I have been given the run around for half an hour and all they could do is read me the rules that I have accessed myself through the internet. My question on the policy cannot be replied to by the 4th person it had been passed on. THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. Not for professional who are busy and need prompt replies.

167 Lindbo   (05-August-2014 5:32 PM)
Hello every one can i ask help need to contact BDO call center to assist me with me concern Im here abroad how can i contact BDO what should i dial coz i try there number but i cant contact them.Thanks a lot

166 Marachelle Samos Fagarita   (23-June-2014 3:26 PM)
my ATM is payroll, and the place where i assigned has no BDO bank or BDO atm Machine, and every time i withdraw to other ATM machine the charge is 100 pesos and i tried again to other bank again the and again every payday but the charge is the same....as i know and i understand only 10-15 pesos charge when you withdraw to other bank..Why is it my atm charge is so high...i hope you will give attention to my problem.......Thank you

165 marivic dimaranan   (11-June-2014 10:49 AM)
I encounter problem regarding on inquiry on my credit card,It always says wrong detailed when i put the correct one.Pls help I cannot check my balances

164 Katrina de Juan   (07-June-2014 11:05 PM)
Hi, i would just like to inquire about my credit card application status because i was told that i would be contacted through phone or email.however,up until now i was not updated.i was also advised to check my applocation status online,however when i tried to check using my tin number.i was told that i was not allowed to check.i would very much appreciate a reply from your bank regarding my status so that i could at least try to manage my finances.thank you

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