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BDO Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number

One of the largest banks in the Philippines, Banco de Oro (BDO) encourages their clients/customers to contact them through their customer service hotline number regarding their BDO-banking-related problems and concerns.

If you want to contact BDO Corporate Center, you can contact them at trunkline number: (02)840-7000

For general concerns, you can call BDO through (02) 631-8000 or (02) 702-7877.

You can also contact the following BDO Domestic Toll-Free Numbers:

> 1-800-10-631-8000 (PLDT)
> 1-800-3-631-8000 (Digitel)
> 1-800-8-631-8000 (Globe Landline) 
> 1-800-5-631-8000 (Bayantel)

If you are currently residing outside the Philippines, you can contact BDO through:

> (international access code) +800-8-6318000
> AMEX Personal Cards: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-8141700
> AMEX Corporate Cards: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-8407400

Do you have problems with your BDO banking?
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341 Jose Antonio G. Lafuente   (07 January 2018 2:45 AM)
pano po ba macontact nang maayus yung hotline thru international. nasa ibang bansa po kasi ako at nag kapoblima po un card na ginamit ng asawa ko hinde po kasi lumbas un pera nung nag windraw siya need daw po kasi ako mkausap para confirm ng name ko sa ATM card. ginamit ko rin po kasi un acces code na 00 63 800 8 6318000 nasa kuwait po ako now salamat po.....

340 Milagros M. Valenzuela   (09 November 2017 8:36 AM)
Good Day,
I have some concerned regarding on my billing statement in last 2 months you have been send me an email of a PDF file not a billing statement. pls check your attachments. I am using only eMBS to know my bill, please fixed this problem to pay my monthly bills. Thank you.

339 Marife Rono   (17 October 2017 5:40 AM)
How can i review or view my transaction made thru mobile banking.

338 Marife Rono   (17 October 2017 5:38 AM)
How can i review my transaction made over past months thru online banking.

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335 Rose Ann Pantoja   (07 October 2017 10:59 AM)
hi, bdo sent me a message 10/6/2017 that my credit card will be deliver via lbc then when i checked the delivery status tru lbc website it was already returned to SCS or in Manila and they told me i need to have a request from BDO for them to sent it back here in batangas.

334 maria elena mariano   (05 October 2017 2:14 PM)
please let me know the "international area code" if i am calling from saudi arabia. i tried many times but the number is always in correct.

333 Ricia Villaverde   (04 October 2017 10:59 AM)
Good Day! i cannot access my online banking because i am no longer using the phone number registered for my otp, is there options online changing or updating my number for me to log in?

332 RUEL NINO BABA   (02 October 2017 6:39 AM)
Good day i would like to ask... Join account can be use in electronic banking?

331 Annaliza C. Sarte   (30 September 2017 7:11 PM)
i need to transfer money from my BDO account but your bank is not giving OTP, I've just transfer once and i need to transfer 100,000 immediately. please tell me what should i do since i am working in Qatar. also how can i call the BDO costumer service, can you please give me the exact number because i don't know what is international access codes ???+800-8-631-8000.

330 Riza Padernos Mintay   (22 September 2017 9:43 AM)
How to verify the card holder name? If the employer is the one who open the payroll acct.

329 Jessica Elivaran   (21 September 2017 10:15 AM)
How do I reverse my transaction using my best friend's credit card?
REASON: First, I choose BUY ME from metrodeal then the next screen said that PAYMENT WAS SUCCESFUL. I was not even ask how many will buy? Besides, I will not use the card and instead will opt for SM Bayad Center instead.

328 Noemi Leonor   (15 September 2017 10:00 AM)
I just wanna ask assistance since i dont have landline to contact you guys,can you check history of my transactions of your bdo credit cards,i am redeeming the gift pass but unfortunately sms reply incomplete details,i already fill out all of the details needed just waiting for your code so that i can claim it i have the voucher on my end and the customer service representative advised just to wait for the code.Its a hassle to claim and redeem your gift pass.PLS Reply.thanks

327 jeany mendoza   (04 September 2017 11:58 AM)
I wanted to call BDO office. i am currently in Qatar now. i lost my atm card. i wanted to block the card. Please help.

326 Leighyan30   (01 September 2017 6:42 AM)
hello good morning, I have some questions
My employer transfer money from her account to mine as my payroll last August 30 but that money is payment for month of june ,she just arrive from US and so she wasnt able to Pay on time.
Can the information be changed and put as payroll for month of june? but but date and time is on where transaction made...
If I get statements po does indicated there the information of who do the transfer ?

I appreciate any answer I Really need it
Thank you

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323 Mila   (10 August 2017 5:30 AM)
Good morning!
My online banking account has been blocked 2 days ago. I keyed in the wrong password ONCE ONLY and suddenly it said blocked account. Please advise me on how to unblock it. I am outside the country at the moment and we do not have BDO here.
Thank you and I look forward to your response.

322 Wilma D.vidad   (07 August 2017 1:44 PM)
Hi hello,I'm a member of bdo in lupon Davao oriental last July .I'm here in Dubai working now.I send money in western union to my bank acc in Philippines bdo.but they back my money I send bcoz they say I have no acc.how possible I have no acc.I have passbook and ATM I withdraw here in Dubai with ATM but when I'm send to western to my bank acc not accepted .can u answer my concern .bcoz I want saving my money

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320 Divina   (22 July 2017 6:17 PM)
Customer service for BDO is very poor! been sending also email but there is no response. your customer is not satisfied to your service. Very bad service and always disappointed.

319 Jhoenard Bautista David   (21 July 2017 10:42 AM)
Good day! Ask ko lang po if pwede mag pa cancel ng payment billing thank you.

318 Dane   (10 July 2017 2:11 AM)
Hello po! Ask ko lang if there's any way naisend sa bago ko email add kc mali yung email add na nailagay ko sa pagtegister ko bdo online dati... na blocked account sinend daw nila ung temporary pssword ko sa email ko.. tumawag na rin ako sa customer service..wala p rin nangyayare..gusto ko sna maka login ulet sa bdo online ko... asa doha ako ngyn...sna mahelp nyo nman ako para hindi hassle saken mag check ng account...thank you!

317 Erna   (08 July 2017 11:14 PM)

I called customer service today and waited for 2 hours on the phone but no one answer. I need to reset my credit card.

316 Joy montesa   (07 July 2017 4:20 AM)
Hi. Good Day,
I have a problem my online banking account was locked. I tried calling the customer service but the number was not working. How to unlocked my online account. And i just want to know if its still working or its close already its been a long time. I just want to update my account.
I will wait for your reply plese responce As soon as possible. Thanks

315 Marjan Boglosa   (03 July 2017 11:45 AM)
Hi. Good Day,
I have a problem my online banking account was locked. I tried calling the customer service but the number was not working. How to unlocked my online account.

I need your reply at the soonest.

Thank you.

314 Bernardita Marquez/ Allied Botanical Corp   (27 June 2017 4:24 PM)
Last May 25 I called BDO Card Customer Service to avail of the BDO Credit Rewards by agreeing rewards to be in the form of SM Gift checks. I followed up last June 21 and call center agent posted a reminder regarding my request. Today is June 27 and up to this time - BDO has never sent an email to update me. CAN YOU FIND WAYS TO ADDRESS THIS OVERDUE SERVICE OF PROVIDING MY DUE REWARDS. Its truly so overdue - no response from you at all regarding status nor delivery of the said Gift Checks. from BERNARDITA MARQUEZ for BDO Credit Card Nos 52XXXXXX2104.

313 Mary jean uy   (24 June 2017 9:07 AM)
Hello... i have kabayan saving account so im asking if i can use this card internationally? I want to go south korea for vacation so im asking if i can use this card there in korea?

Thank you!

312 Anthony O'Driscoll   (19 June 2017 10:34 AM)
What is the best way to update my phone contact details?

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309 Jocelyn gerardo   (11 June 2017 11:08 PM)
Hi im in qatar po. I have a problem in my ATM po. Hnd po ako maka withdraw its showing. Cash withdrawal declained po paano po ang gagawin ko please. Po

308 LOAN OFFER   (07 June 2017 6:29 PM)
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Thanks and God bless.

307 Alfonso C Barretto   (17 May 2017 10:54 PM)
I'm currently in the United States and been here for over a year now. My problem is I have replace my cell phone and have downloaded the online banking on my new cell phone. Everytime I log in, I'm being prompt for or ask for an OTP. Unfortunately, my cell # registered is Philippine cell # with Globe. My Globe account has been inactive since then so how would I able to login? What do I need to do to update my cell # to be able to get the OTP? Can you just send it through my email address? I would really appreciate your immediate and prompt attention.

Thank you.

306 FAIDZA B MUSA   (15 May 2017 5:09 PM)
may katanungan lang po ako,bago kasi pumunta dito sa saudi kumuha ako ng kabayan saving account augost 16-2016 ko po ito kinuha ,bali 9 months na diko pa na try lagyan,so ngayon po tanung ko kung lalagyan ko ngayon pwede paba sya?? gagana pa kaya saving account ko or hindi na? aantayin ko po sagot nyo bago ko i try salamat

305 mary anne   (11 May 2017 5:53 AM)
Paano po mag apply ng housing loan sa bdo.po? Thank you. Please reply.

304 Daniel   (10 May 2017 3:02 PM)

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demetrios daniel

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303 JAMES   (01 May 2017 2:22 AM)
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302 roselynmartinez   (24 April 2017 4:22 PM)
Why im calling all number is not working? What is the purpose of this comment also no have reply!.something wrong of this bank!!?

301 Lynn Trust   (11 April 2017 8:46 AM)

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300 Edwin Riosa   (08 April 2017 10:57 AM)
Been tryingg to call BDO customer hotline for more than 2 hours now to request a particular service concerning my credit card. All i hear is your recorded promotional message and Xian Lim's testimony.

This not the first time i have experenced this. In fact, it has been this way ever since. I hope you can improve your service hotline like that of HSBC and Citibank.

I am disgusted with your customer hotline service.

299 Ernest Sy Tan   (23 March 2017 3:57 PM)
I have been trying to call this number 1800106318000, it seems that there is no operator to answer your phone. I will be out of the country next Monday April 2, so me and my wife Annie B. Tan, who is also a card holder would like to know our credit card bill, for us to settle before we leave the country. Please email us.

Thank you.

Ernest Sy Tan

298 rodolfo contreras jr   (13 March 2017 6:01 PM)
good day im from united arab emirates in dubai may i ask if i can activate my account through call... and who can i call for this issue thank you for your help.

297 Isaac   (09 March 2017 3:45 PM)
how ca i contact bdo customer services here in doha qatar.. what number toll free i should call? how can i chnge my mobile no from phils to doha qatar number .. please give response asap.. tnx god bless

296 Greatho A Matias   (10 February 2017 1:19 AM)
Gud pm po bdo I lose my old mobile banking can u call me. This my new mobile no. +9650732093 thanks and God bless us?

295 bdocustomerservicenowhere   (07 February 2017 1:54 PM)
called bdo customer service hotline 7 times got transferred to the queue 7 times for gods sake if you people don't want to help customers quit your jobs

294 Erlinda Manipon   (20 January 2017 3:25 PM)
May i know my bill for January

293 Jayann Acuna   (17 January 2017 3:26 PM)
Hello good day! I was trying to call your costumer service but the number i called its always says that the number i dial is not yet in service. I cirrently residing in russia..

292 Ashley satoquia   (03 January 2017 7:23 PM)
Im not using my old number registered when i enrolled.. how can i get my one time password to be able to unlock my account... how could i change the number?

291 Ashley satoquia   (03 January 2017 7:18 PM)


290 Jay Ann Castro   (30 December 2016 8:53 PM)
Anu po gagawin kapag ang atm ayaw basahin ng atm machine hindi makapagwithdraw?andito po ako sa saudi at yung atm card ko asa family ko.Bakit ganun po di naman nayupi yung atm card ko or something.Tumatawag ako sa hotline nyo kaso invalid or incorrect daw ang number na tinatawagan ko eh tama naman.Nadeactivate ba Yung atm kaya ayaw basahin ng machine nyo?May emergency tas hindi magamit!

289 Val Lucido   (30 December 2016 12:26 PM)

288 Val Lucido   (30 December 2016 12:19 PM)
BDO New Molino BLVD Cavite Branch...worst customer service! It took us two hours just to open accounts for our kids. So many documents asked when the requirements asked were already complied. Improve your service!

287 dante manalansan sabino   (28 December 2016 4:25 PM)
hello po gud day po ask ko lng po kasi yung bdo online banking ko para sa ofw remittance ko na de activate po yung roaming ng simcard na gamit ko sa otp password para marecieve ko po eto pina ayus ko po sa asawa ko sa globe dna daw po nila maactivate ngayon po ang problema ko po d ako maka transfer ng pera kasi po dko ma recieve yung otp pasword sa cp ko na oopen ko po yung log in account ko at pinalitan ko yung cp number ko kaso po sábi punt ako sa atm machine ándto po ako sa saudi tápos tumatawag po ako sa h9tline sagot ng laláki sinu po eto tapos nagpakilala ako tapos dna ngsasalita anu po dapat ko gawin para máka pag send áko ng pera sa pamily ko pls paki reply po maraming salamat po

286 Aileen D. Cepillo   (28 December 2016 11:49 AM)
I would like to check the status of my credit card application.

285 Ana cristina Villa-real   (25 December 2016 1:22 PM)
Ive been wanting to call customer service of bdo. Im currently residing at riyadh saudi arabia. It always says the number i dial is not yet in service. Please help. Thanks

284 Efren   (25 December 2016 0:22 AM)
Bakit po hindi ko na magamit yung bdo at amex credit card ko, lalong lalo na wala akong natatangap na email o kaya ay text sa mobile ko regarding sa bdo enrollment ko?

283 violeta   (19 December 2016 9:58 PM)
i went to your bank branch in Managaldan, Pangasinan because i want to avail of the new 100 peso bill unfortunately one of your hired tellers said she can only let me get 100 peso bill if i get the entire batch amounting to 10,000. she refused to help me. i needed few thousands only for christmas gift giving. BDO is not at all kind to the customers. i went to BPI and immediately i was able to get new 100 peso bills in exchange for my few thousands. your teller's attitude is another thing, she is a very rude person.

282 jennifer   (19 December 2016 12:45 PM)
why my bdo kabayan saving account does not exist?please help sir.madam

281 Kevin S Tambaoan   (15 December 2016 8:57 PM)
hi po need ko lang po malaman kung ano po gagawin ko sa account ko kasi po di ko na natatangap yong opt ko kasi yong number ko na nakaregister dun wala na po at di ko po matawagan toll free niyo dito saudi arabia ano po gagawin ko

280 LydiaQuismorioVillacrusis   (15 December 2016 4:27 PM)
Dear Sir/Madam,
May I request a soft copy of my transactions in June and July, 2016. I somehow misplaced them and I need to counter check a ledger of payments made to me. I would appreciate your kind assistance on this matter. Thank you.

279 Catherine Barrozo   (15 December 2016 3:05 PM)

Been trying to reach you in your mentioned international hotline as I am in UAE but I couldn't contact you guys. Please I just wanna ask if my account can accept a cheque deposit from Philippines. Ive got the "My Kabayan" Account (yellow color). I need your response as soon as possible. Thanks.


278 jenjenchavez   (11 December 2016 8:00 AM)
Good morning ask ko lang bakit unrecognized na ung account ko, may padala sa akn from saudi pero Hindi ko mawidraw kasi invalid. Hindi nmn ako nagkamali sa password. Nakakabeastmode kasi need yung money tapos biglang ganon.

277 Aiza Ebrado- Jones   (09 December 2016 2:44 AM)
I had a bdo dollar account with anauthorized transactions from Europe, I reported this incident since September and someone from BDO fraud department assured me that they will get in touch with me even if I no longer in Philippines. I didn't hear anything from you guys! I wanna have my money back! Now im in US and can't reached you from your international number. I need to know what jappen to my money now!

276 bethB   (07 December 2016 2:43 PM)

kelangan ko pong mag reset ng password sabi sa instruction Your New Password has been sent to your email. For inquiries, your Reference Number is xxxxxxxx-xxxxx. pero wala po akong nareceive sa email ko. tsaka hindi ko po ma-contact ung hotline nyo from UAE. please pa assist nman po need ko lnag po ma access ung account ko. salamat po.

275 sandy   (05 December 2016 9:17 PM)
please me. account ko blocked. Dn need to change my number kc di kuna na tatangap ang otp ko

274 Arnel T. Dianopra   (05 December 2016 8:56 PM)
Ask ko lang po yung update ng car loan ko po...kung magkano na po ang nahuhulog ko at kung magkano pa po ang dapat kong bayaran..puede po ba mag request ng record...

Salamat po

273 edmund diga vitorio   (04 December 2016 11:57 PM)
patulong lang po sana ako kasi yung anak ko nawala atm card nya kung saang numero pedeng tumawag...

272 Beverly Vicente   (01 December 2016 11:26 PM)
I need a explanation. I was about deposited last sunday November 27,2016. And while on the Mall I've withdraw 500 dahil short lang kaya ako napilitin and suddenly when i get home 800 yung nabawad sa pera. Anong problema niyo ? Same atm machine niyo pa ako nag withdraw aba mas malaki pa pala kaltas sariling machine. So dissapointed BDO tss!!

271 Mary Ann Dayono   (30 November 2016 9:13 AM)
Ask ko lang po bakit hindi ako nakakatangap ng sagot galing sa BDO pag nag sesend ako sa online about my user I.d and password everytime I open my email. Thanks po

270 Norma Canoy Salon   (26 November 2016 12:46 PM)

269 Norma Canoy Salon   (26 November 2016 12:42 PM)

268 Micheĺle mendez   (24 November 2016 8:09 PM)
Nakaka bad trip bdo hotline. Nag ka problem e card ko bigla decline. 3 days pa lang na issue sa akin ng company credit limit ko 10,000. Nagamit ko pa lang 1,150. Ngayun mag pay ako 7,750 dito ako sm appliances bumili ako ng tv decline card how come! Tagal wala ka makausap sa hotline

267 Richard Alcantara   (20 November 2016 9:01 PM)
Hello. I want to ask how can i change cellphone number. My phone was stolen. I cant acces my bdo online banking in my new phone and no the system sending otp at my lost number . Thank you...

266 Meri Joyce Britanico   (18 November 2016 10:00 AM)
Hi po.. just received my card since i came back for vacation.. when the tym i was about to activate my card i dont know where i put my pin number for activation of my bdo reward card.. how can i activate?

265 MARIO F. VALDEZ   (16 November 2016 10:17 PM)
nawala po ATM ko ngayong gabi lang paano po gagawain ko.

264 Aldwin Baniqued   (16 November 2016 12:01 PM)
Ask ko lang po kong bakit bawat transfer deposit yung pinsan ko sa checking account ko sa bdo ay nakakaltasan ako ng 500 pesos.. yung account ay sa scout albano with account number 3938014487

263 Sherwin Ilao   (15 November 2016 3:03 PM)
I just want to change my number since nandito po ako sa saudi working iba na po number ko ngayon po hindi ko ma-open ang bdo online banking ko po. Dahil sa OTP. Auto locked yung account ko po.
thank you.

hoping for your positive response regarding this matter.

respectfully yours,
Sherwin Ilao

262 Sherwin Ilao   (15 November 2016 2:59 PM)
Good day!

just want to ask on how activate my bdo online banking.ang nangyari po na auto locked yung account ko because of many attempts of changing OTP.What is the best thing to do to open again my bdo online banking. I tried to call bdo contact numbers pero wala mahirap ma-contact.
hoping for your positive response regarding this matter

respectfully yours,
Sherwin Ilao

261 Mary lene molina   (27 September 2016 7:21 AM)
Sir/mam! I open my bdo online banking then it said that its not active but i send money yesterday in my account! I just want to ask what will happen to my money?thank u

260 JOY ANGELES   (23 September 2016 9:10 AM)
I would like to send a letter to the management of BDO. Please send me an email address. Thank you

259 jonathan lozano   (23 September 2016 3:38 AM)
This is may concern,I have bdo kabayan but I lost may atm card and I only have pass book...I lost maybe one year ago may question is it is possible to use or deposit that old account?and how can I assure that if I continue sending money to may account I can use or withdraw because im here in saudi arabia and I wanted to have a new atm card at same account how can I get a new atm card? thank you! hoping that you will reply may concern..

258 LESLIE P. DELA CRUZ   (08 September 2016 12:37 PM)
To Whom It May Concern,

I reset my password and it says my new password has been sent to my registered email.But I didn't receieved any emai.How can I find my new password.Pls.send me an email of my new password.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Leslie Dela Cruz

257 Kris   (07 September 2016 3:25 PM)
Hi. Ask ko lang pano mag change ng mobile number. Hindi na kasi ko nakaka tanggap ng OTP sa online account ko. I tried to call bdo contact numbers pero ayaw. I am here in saudi. Please let me know how. Thank you

256 Avit Investment   (12 August 2016 3:47 PM)
We are a France-Paris based investment company known as Avit
Development Investment Authority working on expanding its portfolio
globally and financing projects.
We would be happy to fund and invest with you in any profitable
project if you have any viable project we can finance by making mutual
investment with you. If you are interested, kindly contact us
on:avitinvestmentauthority2@gmail.com for more details.

255 Avit Investment   (12 August 2016 3:46 PM)
Greetings to you by ADIA.

We are a France-Paris based investment company known as Avit
Development Investment Authority working on expanding its portfolio
globally and financing projects.

We would be happy to fund and invest with you in any profitable
project if you have any viable project we can finance by making mutual
investment with you. If you are interested, kindly contact us
on:avitinvestmentauthority2@gmail.com for more details.
Looking forward hearing from you soonest.
Yours truly,
Mrs Rose Williams
(Personal Assistant)
Avit Development Investment Authority(ADIA)
501 Avenue Montaigne,75008 Paris-France
Paris-France.Avit Development Investment Authority (ADIA)

254 genelyn   (10 August 2016 2:30 PM)
Good day! I transfer my pay-pal balance to my bdo kabayan account last August 3, 2016 but it still does not appear in my bank statement. It said that the processing time is 2-4 days but its already a week now. Why is that?

253 Carlyn Jane Yuson   (10 August 2016 2:23 PM)
Good day. My BDO online banking account was deactivated. I tried to contact the customer call center but unable to connect. I am currently in Iraq. How can I activate it again. I need to check my transactions via online. thank you

252 jen   (06 August 2016 5:12 PM)
Can i get a bdo mobile number here in jedda KSA?we dont hve phone here.and the requirements to open an account for ofw.thanks

251 Paulo Pugrad   (04 August 2016 9:37 AM)
I cannot login to my online banking because of expired password.

Please give me a good telephone number to call.

Im here at South Korea.

I need to access again online banking

250 JHOSIE PINLAC TEBELIN   (29 July 2016 7:06 AM)
Dear customer service,

I got a letter from BDO that I need to renew my insurance for our loan..
Can you please email me so I can give you the full details.

249 Arnold R. Cruz   (26 July 2016 11:27 PM)
How can i retrieve my user name and password for my ebanking.i want to reset my user name and password.i have so many time to attemp to log in in my ebanking.

248 bhonybe   (20 July 2016 2:50 PM)
how can i retrieve my username and password for my ebanking?

247 Pinky Quidlat   (02 July 2016 5:33 PM)
Can I retrieve my username and password for ebanking
As I forgot and I'm not in the Philippines now. Can you also send n my email my hidden question. Hoping for a quick response.
Thank you

246 lorieolipas   (09 June 2016 9:27 AM)
Can i retrieve my deposit to one of your clients in Ilocos Norte who failed to comply with their obligations. I made 2 deposits to their accounts last June 5 and June 6, 2016 at SM Bacoor Branch and Makati AVenue Branch. I have copies of deposit slips with reference numbers

245 Che Lecita   (07 June 2016 9:04 AM)
Hi!...good day , i would like to follow up the teminal(for credit card transaction) you issued to us for almost a month now, it was not yet repaired or return to our office, we are suffering a huge lost because we cant accomodate our clients using the credit cards...i hope that you could facilitate this ASAP! our is establishment is JS Travel and Tours located at GatChalian Compd.Paranaque City

244 Danny Baguio   (05 June 2016 1:20 PM)
Hi good day!!! I would just like to asked an update regarding on my credit card application,its been a month since i applied until now haven't receive any updates regarding my application,i hope you can reached me out and give me information about my credit card application. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Godbless!

243 Gregorio Pardua   (02 June 2016 2:15 PM)
I want to open a joint account.can I open it here in Middle East what is the requirements

242 marlon t febreo   (30 May 2016 10:59 AM)
I dont have my payout yet! Why you guys did not informed us that you will be having such fucking tech issue or whatsoever, I dont care, I have family emergency today and I need to wait when your crappy service will be fixed? Do something about this within this day!

241 karla mae v. corpuz   (22 May 2016 3:11 PM)
I just want to inform that my debit card was retained by Producer's Bank' ATM Machine a while ago.

240 Romalyn dela rosa   (19 May 2016 11:08 PM)
I just want to inform that im not using anymore my credit card in bdo and i recieve an email about dragonpay which im not using it and im not in the philippines anymore could you please help me to investigate this i think it maybe someone is using my account please help me asap for me on for you also Can you CLOSED IT IMMEDIATELY thanks.

239 IBRAHIM M. MULITUBA   (04 May 2016 8:20 PM)
I would like to request account statement date of 08/04/2016 through sending on email.
as soon as possible.

Thank you.

238 agustina baseo   (18 April 2016 3:20 PM)
Would like to know the status of my credit card application. Thank you.

237 Leizle B. Coronica   (30 March 2016 10:20 AM)

I just would like to follow up the status of my credit card application. Please send me feedback. Thank you.

236 Jaime G. Eugenio   (29 March 2016 7:21 AM)
Please attend to my payment in my credit card which there is irregularity in terms of computer generated payment. Last January I sent 3,000php plus payment where I paid after due date. As I receive your bill still it does not appear. Many time I dialed your 6318000 hot line and always failed to answer my query. This hotline serves as your blocking ears to our concerns and not helpful. Please check my payment and I will look for the receipts of my payment in January. It is hard to be harassed by your billing thru my cellphone which is one way- only you are served not us as customer. Meantime my bill is getting bigger. Can you be costumer oriented not a robot machine type of service. Thanks.

235 arlyn   (05 March 2016 3:56 PM)
Good Day! I would like to request a Bank Statement of my account for supporting document but I am ofw and presently risiding here in hongkong. May I know where I can ask the form?

234 mariel   (04 March 2016 12:06 PM)
cannot receive password reset link from this email address.

233 Rosalinda Blase   (26 February 2016 11:37 AM)
I want to call BDO Sucat Branch 8210 Dr. A Santos Ave. Paranaque City.I have dollar account and I have problem on it,I'm here in USA,can you Please send/give me the phone number with area code of Philippines PLEASE! THANK YOU SO MUCH,GOD BLESS.

232 sharon pajarillo   (22 February 2016 10:50 AM)
Just wanted to follow up the status of my credit card application. thank you so much.

231 lindley ann ismael   (17 February 2016 5:05 PM)
Hi, may I know the status of my credit card application please.Thank you so much. hoping for your response.

230 Jonalyn Fabila   (30 January 2016 3:44 PM)
Maam/sir can i ask about how to apply for time deposit thanks.

229 FLORENTINO PIANSAY JR.   (29 January 2016 10:33 AM)
Good morning mam/sir i would to ask and follow up some information about my credit card application in your good office institution, i would like to confirm if my application is approved?

thank you and more power and god bless.......

228 JEREMIAH   (22 January 2016 7:41 AM)



227 agustin f jose   (07 January 2016 8:31 PM)
BDO Imus branch along aguinaldo highway has been tolerating couriers / liason officers of st. peter memorial homes and a realty corporation using sr. citizens to line up on a senior citizens lane thus making the old folks to rot in waiting in line...I believe this lane will be exclusively to sr. citizens,pwd and pregnant women and not a sr. citizen doing tons of transactions using the lane to avoid the regular line of depositors. irony is bank officials are allowing it..pls. rectify the mess...

226 jenny v. cascalla   (18 December 2015 1:33 PM)
i would like to send a letter thru email. please send me your email address. thank you

225 Joebert t bragais   (04 December 2015 1:35 PM)
Good day sir,
I would like to ask if its possible that the money i send will be received, because i accidentally send it BPI account instead of BDO, But the account number used is that of BDO and is correct.

224 ELSA   (12 November 2015 3:58 PM)
My BDO online banking registration was approved but account was locked due to wrong password I entered, when I tried to unlock it system is asking for the OTP which I am not receiving, I am in Abu Dhabi and my mobile is UAE number, Account was also opened here in Abu Dhabi as OFW, please help. I want to check my account online.

223 Lian   (11 November 2015 1:18 PM)
I don't know how to contact BDO from Dubai. I did register for online banking but right now I cant get an access to it. I tried the step by step process but I cant verify it due to the number I listed in the system which is Philippine #. Please help.

222 desdd   (09 November 2015 5:20 AM)
I got my already programmed and blanked ATM card to withdraw the maximum of $1000 daily for a maximum of 20 days. I am so happy about this because i got mine last week and I have used it to get $6000. Fred is giving out the card just to help the poor and needy though it is illegal but it is something nice and she is not like other scam pretending to have the ATM cards. And no one gets caught when using the card. get yours from him. Just send him an email on janeashley333@outlook.com and be happy like Me...

221 Jasmin Caranay   (28 October 2015 11:43 PM)
Does BDO have online verification of issued cheques?

220 Jemar Maquiling   (24 October 2015 5:12 AM)
I can't contact BDO call center I'm from saudi Arabia I have online banking my problem is may register number are missing so that's why I need to register my new number to login my account.

219 Mylene Mariano   (23 October 2015 12:24 PM)
Hello Good afternoon,My experience in BDO Ortigas Avenue extesion staff was so bad very poor service.Not helpful

218 Erwina DR Estabaya   (13 October 2015 2:41 PM)
Good afternoon, I would like to request to your office to increase my credit limit. Thank you.

217 mfd   (25 September 2015 5:44 PM)
i would like to ask any feedback regarding my credit card application, is it approved?


216 sheena marie b. aguila   (21 September 2015 12:27 PM)
Good day po,i just want to know the status of my credit card application if it is approve,thankyou

215 Elvira de jesus   (03 September 2015 3:07 AM)
I would like to know the correct email address of your call center?

Do you have international number i could call from here in Hawaii?

I sent email 3 times to this email address: callcenter@bdo.com.ph
and it just sent back to me for DELIVERY FAILURE.

Please advise,
Elvie de jesus

214 Elenita Branzuela   (30 August 2015 10:00 PM)
Kindly check my billing statement. I received another billing statement July 28, 2015 with a Us dollar purchases and a finance charge. Where in fact I am not using my card for 3 months and not buying online either.I remember writing a reply on this asking where and what is my purchases on this.
And now, August I still receive a billing statement with additional finance charge.
please I need an answer to my question what is the detail of this transaction. and I hope it will be settled. as it seems to doubled due to the finance charge which I did not use. and for two years with my card I never received a bill statement in dollar.
Thank you very much

Elenita Branzuela

212 marlen cantilleps corpuz   (22 August 2015 5:58 PM)
Hi sir/ma'am,
good pm...i want to make a balance inquiry thru online banking..its locked and needed my otp..the problem is my otp is my philippine phone number..im now here in KSA and im planning to deposit money to my account..how can i update my savings? Im now using saudi sim..

213 admin   (22 August 2015 7:49 PM)
Aside from entering an OTP, you can answer the Challenging Question.

211 fatima isabel layan flores   (19 August 2015 2:26 PM)
hello good afternoon..ill just ask if i can re activate my account?its expired already because it has no balance..and i forgot my account number..thank you

210 Jeana   (12 August 2015 1:51 PM)
I lost my atm card Last Dunday(August 9,2015).
Im currently here in Canada, and I'm trying to call the international hotline to block my card,but the operator keep on saying that the number was changed..so it seems the hotline number was not updated..

209 suizorey   (09 August 2015 8:35 PM)
hi sir/maam im rey suizo kasagan good pm I just want to ask about the status of my credit card application. thank you.

208 Nadzla Balangkasi   (06 August 2015 2:11 PM)
My concern is about my atm kabayan saving. My wallet was stolen yesterday then I lost almost my identification card including my Kabayan Saving Card.
This day I went to BDO branch where I opened my account to blocked the card. I present my Student ID then they let me sign 3times they said I cannot closed it due to my signature because of simple changes. I got disappointed because I think I have the right. I opened my account last year so they should considered small changes in my signature. Please send me any remesidies so that I can completely closed my account in BDO with my issues about my signature.

207 Lou-ai Bass   (02 August 2015 1:31 AM)
I am currently residing in USA and needed help to access my account but my phone number listed on my BDO account was a Philippines so i needed to update it so i will be able to recieve my pin number..

206 Mary ann Agita   (26 July 2015 11:29 AM)
Good day I have problem with my online banking its locked thn the problem is when I try to unlocked it they send the otp number in my old number w/c is im not using it anymore and I try to call your international tall free the operatorsay I dial incorrect number...im using my mobile to call cz we don't have telephone here...how I can open it?
thank you
hoping your immediate response

205 charry mie   (23 July 2015 10:49 AM)
Hello Maam &Sir
How can i block my account#.because i lost my atm card..thank you

204 leon caingcoy   (23 July 2015 8:47 AM)
Hi Madam/Sir,

good morning! I just want to ask about the status of my credit card application. thank you.

203 Marietta   (22 July 2015 9:53 AM)
Hi ! Sir & Maam
good morning ! I just want to ask where I can get the marketing referral code ? because I was trying to apply online banking.. thanks hope you gonna reply on my message .. thank you

202 Mary Joy Castor   (21 July 2015 6:19 PM)
Kindly check the status of my online application. I applied thru online. and your agent called me that after 2 working days i will receive a confirmation but until i'm not receiving anything.
Please do the needful.

201 JOSEPH TUCONG   (17 July 2015 6:54 AM)
Good morning. I just want to ask what is the best thing that I would do with my BDO ATM in Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. because I can't withdraw my money. It is stated on the screen that my card no. is invalid. I would be glad if you will contact me on my mobile no. 09076620705. your immediate action is very much appreciated.

200 Nova   (13 July 2015 9:57 AM)
Can i still apply for credit card? I don't have landline for it is not practical to use in my place. thanks!

199 Shaunzo   (07 July 2015 5:48 AM)
How do I get a loan for land In a different country that I reside? And avoid a high interest rate?

198 Franchette Pearl   (06 July 2015 8:08 PM)
My dollar account application is rejected. Why? Can i delete it? If I can, how?

196 Elaine Francisco   (02 July 2015 11:06 PM)
My son-in-law was trying to use my BDO- ATM Card earlier, but it keeps on saying "transaction cannot be processed". He called the customer service and they told him that the account may be blocked by the primary user (which is me) or by the bank. I am currently residing in the U.S. now but I left my ATM Card for family purposes.

195 Margielyn S.Barcelon   (25 June 2015 8:57 PM)
I want to check my balance on my account.

197 admin   (03 July 2015 7:31 AM)
Margielyn, you should enroll first to BDO online banking.

194 Jose Marie ronidel   (25 June 2015 3:29 PM)
Hi sir/ma'am

Good day. I just want to asked how I could get my monthly bdo credit cards bill? Can I received email for my monthly bills? I also want to asked if how could I update my credit card profile so I can receive a text info for my monthly bill? Thank you.

193 noralyn deniega   (14 June 2015 6:01 AM)
Hi sir/ma'am.
I forgot my password in my online banking. And I already tried to reset it. It says that my new password is been sent to my registered email. But when I check it, there is none.
I keep on trying but still there is no password send to my email. What should I do?

192 Judy Ann Capili   (10 June 2015 11:03 AM)
hi sir/mam,

Good afternoon. I want to us how to cancelled the credit card Proprietary card under the name of my boss. John Johnnel Tan Chong.

191 Gerard   (02 June 2015 1:49 AM)
Hello good day day, i just want 2 ask about my online banking, its being locked and i ask for it to reset, but unfortunately the new code is sent 2 my old # i don't use it anymore.. How can i have the new code to unlocked my account???

190 joy   (01 June 2015 12:32 PM)
Good day i just want to ask regarding the sent money to my kabayan account and it's been a long wait almost 11days what i need to do?it was sent as fund tranfer from using scotland bank and i just gave 10digit of my account number .

189 Chin Margarette Uy   (30 May 2015 12:40 PM)
I have 200k phil peso credut limit. As of yesterday i have 104k outstanding balance. I just paid 40k the other week. Why do i get declined with my transactions? Very embarassing. I just paid anither 100k phil. Peso. Today. U need an answer why i was declined yesterday.

188 gigi delantar   (20 May 2015 8:01 AM)
Payment for credit card was made through the cash deposit machine. After confirmation, the machine went offline, no transaction receipt came out.Transaction was done on the 18th this May and up to this time,still no posting of payment yet. Do i still wait for more days to be assured that the payment is secured? What else do i need to do after consulting one of the branch officers?

187 FERNANDO ABALOS JOSON   (18 May 2015 3:10 PM)
Dear Sir / Madam,

How can I make a money transfer from my BDO US dollar account in the Philippines to my SABB (Saudi British Bank) account in Riyadh K.S.A please advice. Because I need it very badly to support my kids tuition fees.

186 Sylvia dualan   (17 May 2015 3:50 AM)
Good day sir. I am writing to you regarding my bdo credit card which was deactivated last march because said credit card was stolen. Unfortunately i had to leave the country immediately and will be back sometime october. Is there anyway i can receive my credit card bill via email? Thanks. Since the reported incident i have not received a statement

185 Ma. Asuncion A. Abrilla   (16 May 2015 1:20 PM)
Please facilitate upgrade of my rewards card. Nobody answers the hotline for this purpose. I spent almost half a day in the branch where I maintain my account while they tried contacting your hotline. I've been trying to do the same for the last month or so. My bdo rewards card number is 8880 5128 0818 1138. Please send upgraded card to the following address Unit 7N Gateway Regency Pioneer St. corner EDSA Mandaluyong City. Looking forward to a prompt action on my request. thank you.

184 Theresa B. Chua   (14 May 2015 1:27 PM)
Good day Sir I just ask how many days will the bdo online banking will resume because I cannot log in.. I want to check my balance so that I will know if there is a problem on my account because I will be going outside the Philippines for 2months..

183 Elena Lagrimas Lising   (30 April 2015 1:42 PM)
good day!

I would like to ask the status of my Credit card application that I requesting from BDO, SM Fairview last March 17, 2015 when I took my vacation at the same month. I already submmitted all necessary documents including supporting papers that needed for applying CREDIT CARD.

Im hoping your immediate and kind response in this matter.

Respectfully yours,

Ms. Elena L. Lising

182 denniecza alicante   (29 April 2015 4:42 PM)
hi good afternoon i just want to ask if i can inquire online about my cash card?

181 Frances Pearl Rafael   (27 April 2015 7:36 AM)
Good day Ma'am/Sir.I just want to ask where can i deposit money to my Kabayan savings account here in Singapore and where can I update it.Help me?Please respond through my email.thank you

180 MARY MARGARET L. YU   (21 April 2015 9:16 AM)
Is this gonna take long? BDO is not responding to my concern..

179 MARY MARGARET L. YU   (21 April 2015 8:52 AM)
Good day Sir/ Madam :

I don't understand what happened to my account.I was deducted 300.00 as SERVICE CHARGE even though my account was not below the ADB (Average Daily Balance) which is 10,000.00.
No one from the bank can answer my question directly why this thing happened.And the customer service hotline is hard to get through. Can you please answer my question? Hope you can help me regarding this matter. My email account is yhannamargaret@yahoo.com.
Thank you and God bless !

178 sassyjie108   (25 March 2015 4:53 PM)
Hello po. Good day.
Sir/madaam.. I want to know if my BDO KABAYAN SAVINGS ACCOUNT is still active. Because for two years that I have it I didnt deposit (2012-2013) and it has only 50php balance then last year 2014 I deposited only once. Is it still active? If not what will happen to my money that I deposited last year? Hope you can help me regardin this matter. Here's my email : nbsotabento@ymail.com . Thank you and God bless.

177 Camille Santos   (08 January 2015 2:05 PM)
Good day sir/madam i just want to ask if my money put in my passbook this is acct no.002661337888.the last time i put is on nov.3 2014.pls kindly reply to my email account camillesantos1989@gmail.com so that if my money already put i will continue to save in your bank thanks i want to update thanks have a good day...

176 Henry Mualla   (25 November 2014 8:58 PM)
Bdo Visa card customer service is not making a response to my problem.

175 Henry Mualla   (25 November 2014 8:30 PM)
Yes, I have a problem with my BDO VISA card, how do I get help?

174 Ghing Leyte   (07 November 2014 9:23 PM)
Hello,good day sir/maam i want to ask if my account# 2660531109 is still active coz the last time i use this it wa February 2013 and now i watto continue it, i tried to contact ur hotline numbersbut unfortunately i cant contact ur office.
Pls kindlyreply me as soon as possible im lookng forward for urquickly respond.
Thank you so much. My email add ghingleyte@gmail.com

173 emfiguracion85   (16 September 2014 9:52 PM)
Hi im erlyn may
I availed kabayan savings on a april 2014 before i git here in saudi... i hoped for the fastest process for transferring money through ebanking services... unfortunately i cant use it now because my balance is still the balance i opened my account... i deposited my
salaries but when i checked it in online banking services unfortunately my salaries did not record there... so this is now my problem. How can i able to trust kabayan savings now despite of what happens after i deposited my 3 months salary... i cant check it the first and sexond because i dont have a net yet that time but when i got a chance i cant see my money on online banking services of bdo... im begging the authorities of bdo to help me regarding my concern... im not just taking my money from anywhere but i have gone so many sacrifices just to earn and save. Thank u

172 Tolits Bersabal Timbreza   (13 September 2014 10:52 AM)
good day sir/ma'am i have problem with my kabayan savings account. i try to withdraw in landbank but my pin incorrect. how come that my pin is incorrect? i memorize that beacause that is my birthday! please response for my concern here warlitotimbreza@yahoo.com.ph

171 Marj Uganiza Marcelo   (01 September 2014 3:36 PM)
Good day sir/ma'am , i just want to ask if it's okay to get the money they send me via RIA PERA PADALA with my NBI CLEARANCE and my POSTAL ID . i don't have other valid id. aside from my postal id. im looking forward for the respond for my request. :)

170 Marj Uganiza Marcelo   (01 September 2014 3:32 PM)
Good pm Ma'am/Sir, i just want to ask if it is okay to get the money that my sister send via RIA PERA PADALA with my postal id and NBI CLEARANCE. because i don't have any valid id, aside from my postal. for the reply for my question you can email me at marjmarcelo14@gmail.com .. thank you can you respond for my request as soon as possible because i really need the money. i'm looking forward to it. :)

169 Pius Gauci   (14 August 2014 9:51 AM)
Good day Sir/madam
Greetings..I have a problem with my account. I am enrolled on jnternet banking and lately i wanted to access my account but I forgot my password. I went through the process of requesting a password reset.. Now I received a code, but when i try to log in to my account and use the code, it obviously says invalid password..
The reference number for my request is 20140812-082669
my email address is piusgauci@yahoo.com
I would apppreciate it if someone can help me

God bless
Pius Gauci

168 Susana M. Calalay   (08 August 2014 3:39 PM)
It is frustrating to talk to call center employees, it is just a waste of money for the company since they can't give the right answers anyway. Worse is they try to figure out an answer to your questions or they tell you they can't connect to the promo mechanics at the moment or they pass you on to others who may be able to answer your querry. What a waste of time on my part, to try different numbers to chance upon one who can give a sensible reply. I have been given the run around for half an hour and all they could do is read me the rules that I have accessed myself through the internet. My question on the policy cannot be replied to by the 4th person it had been passed on. THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. Not for professional who are busy and need prompt replies.

167 Lindbo   (05 August 2014 5:32 PM)
Hello every one can i ask help need to contact BDO call center to assist me with me concern Im here abroad how can i contact BDO what should i dial coz i try there number but i cant contact them.Thanks a lot

166 Marachelle Samos Fagarita   (23 June 2014 3:26 PM)
my ATM is payroll, and the place where i assigned has no BDO bank or BDO atm Machine, and every time i withdraw to other ATM machine the charge is 100 pesos and i tried again to other bank again the and again every payday but the charge is the same....as i know and i understand only 10-15 pesos charge when you withdraw to other bank..Why is it my atm charge is so high...i hope you will give attention to my problem.......Thank you

165 marivic dimaranan   (11 June 2014 10:49 AM)
I encounter problem regarding on inquiry on my credit card,It always says wrong detailed when i put the correct one.Pls help I cannot check my balances

164 Katrina de Juan   (07 June 2014 11:05 PM)
Hi, i would just like to inquire about my credit card application status because i was told that i would be contacted through phone or email.however,up until now i was not updated.i was also advised to check my applocation status online,however when i tried to check using my tin number.i was told that i was not allowed to check.i would very much appreciate a reply from your bank regarding my status so that i could at least try to manage my finances.thank you

163 Eileen   (05 June 2014 8:52 AM)
I need to contact bdo titanium to waive the P3,000 annual fee, I am now based in the US. So I can continue using the creditcard. Thank you.

162 Rena caballero   (02 June 2014 10:00 PM)
What the...?! I try to call from Malaysia and I can't contact your international phone no.all this phone no not in service!

161 Maria Catherine Hack   (02 June 2014 12:09 PM)
Just i ask if how long time does it takes when i will recieve a remittance from austria??? Ilang days will i wait po ba to reciveve the money?. And weekends po ba di po ba bilang yun sa waiting days ??? Please responds po im bdo user thanks !

160 robelyn   (30 May 2014 9:47 PM)
Why cant I withdraw the remaining amount on my ATM? Badly need it. After I key in the PIN, it will show unable to process? How come? I did not change my PIN and no one else used it but me. This is so inconvenient because I badly need it !

Please do necessary action.

159 Renato B. Bunyi   (30 May 2014 6:03 AM)
Good day,

This is regarding my savings account in your bank where I withdraw an amount of P 10,000 and has debited to my account but there is no money released by the ATM machine. This case has been reported already to your bank and advised to call back after 5 days.. Unfortunately I am here in Qatar and was not able to contact you. I tried to call your international toll free but it doesn't work, the operator said "it is not yet in service".
Please be advised and let me know the update regarding my concern. You can contact me thru this number +97433274309.
I am waiting for your immediate response.
Thank you

Yours trully
Renato B. Bunyi

158 jennit lachica bathan   (28 May 2014 10:44 PM)
pls email my credit.... thanks.

157 jenn cabael   (24 May 2014 12:50 PM)
what happen to my atm payroll. how can i withdraw my cash today for my family needs...so riduculous..

156 joylie ann alondres   (08 May 2014 8:36 PM)
..good day..I just want to ask f I can update my passbook anywhere bdo branch.?.bcoz I opened my account in manila and I want to deposit it to Davao branch.

155 Michelle Ann Cruz   (05 May 2014 7:03 AM)
Good morning. i just want to ask about my BDO account,kabayan savings. i just returned from foreign country but i can no longer remember my pin code for my atm card.i'm residing here in San Jose City Nueva Ecija but I opened my account at Gil Puyat branch. Can I ask for a help from your branch here to retrieve my pin code or to have a new pin code. Can I also use my pass book to withdraw cash from one of your branches near here or that pass book should be used only from the issuing branch?

154 maita verola   (04 May 2014 0:13 AM)
I am working outside philippines. I opened dollar account two to three years ago. And i stopped using it, there was no transaction since i worked abroad. There was maintaining balance on that account. I am aware that its already dormant. My question is, can i still used it? Because i am planning to deposit on that account. Please need your assistance.

153 Marlon b. Austria   (03 May 2014 5:02 PM)
I want to ask,,i withdraw the maintaining balance on the month of march then my friend deposit 3k on april and i withdraw it again,,but this march my friend deposit amount of maintaining balance, and to assure that he deposit the money i check the atm card,,but the atm both cannot process my inquires, What happen and how to solve it? Thanks a lot

152 ch   (22 April 2014 2:19 PM)

151 Melanie A. Ordoñez   (22 April 2014 6:59 AM)
Hi.,i cant connect to your costumer service,.,cant open my BDO account online,.my password has been expired and i lost the phone number which I'm using to access the new code they're sending...I'm in KSA,.please advise,.

150 Liezel H. Barrameda   (22 April 2014 6:46 AM)
Hi, good day!
Im working outside the Philippines and registered my account to online banking BDO,.I sent my card to my family,since it is needed to activate the atm card to BDO machine,.unfortunately they entered the wrong pin and was blocked yesterday,.what is the possible thing to do.
Hoping for immediate answer,.
Thanks and regards!

149 Febian Geraldine   (21 April 2014 9:49 AM)
I am having a problem in making a booking for a hotel. The credit card i entered i guess have a problem can u help me please. Thanks!

148 sitra dewie m nuruddin   (09 April 2014 7:24 PM)
few hours ago. i have p6072 in my cash card.then i withdraw it all.but the problem is i am waiting for a long time theres no money out.so ive checked it again, its only p6? what happen? how can i claimed it.pls pm me asap.thanks,

147 maileen jabagat   (07 April 2014 7:08 AM)
how can i encash a cheque issued to me,if i don't have an account in your bank,but the person who issued me the cheque has an account,what are the requirements needed?

146 rud bueno   (05 April 2014 6:05 AM)
hi good day..i can try to call ur customer services to answer my question but i cannot contact..i want to ask my wife have a account in bdo she can open that in manila now shes stay at provinces.shes tell me that every deposit in ur branches at provinces we have a 50 pesos deduction why? its also same bank right why have a deduction for what?

145 Deseree Joyce Caingat   (24 March 2014 9:00 PM)
hi have some important question im in thailand know and i can't call hotline

144 Roberto R. Villanueva Jr   (22 March 2014 5:52 PM)
Where can I send my additional requirements on my simple installment card application.What is the exact email address to send it.
BDO SM dasma branch need my reference number before they receive my additional documents.

143 Johnel M. Jalandoni   (20 March 2014 7:45 PM)
Good day! How much is the charge if i transfer a fund to my wife"s bdo kabayan savings account? I am also using a bdo kabayan and i already enrolled it through electronic banking. Thanks & Regards!

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