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Landbank Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
Landbank continuously investing into a program that enhance customer service. They want to ensure consistent quality in customer service. As the number of clients grows, so is the need to develop further the customer service quality. So to offer better communications to its accountholders, Landbank provided customer service hotline number.

Landbank Customer Service Hotline Phone Number
  • 405-7000
Landbank Trunklines
  • 551-2200
  • 522-0000
  • 450-7001
For Credit Cards concerns, you can contact:
  • 405-7281 to 82
Remittance Inquiries (per origin):

Asia Pacific
  • 551-2200 local 2744; 2743 
Europe and USA: 
  • 405-7621 
Middle East 
  • 551-2200 local 2520; 2421
Land Based/Sea-Based
  • 405-7241; 551-2200 local 2404

For your Housing Loans (for non LANDBANKers) you can contact:
  • 405-7175
  • 551-2200
  • locals: 2260, 2344, 2544, 2728, 2497,2767
For Treasury Bills Placement: 
  • 405-7266 to 70
Trust Products:
  • 405-7351; 405-7100; 551-2200 local 2271; 2429
Loans for Small Medium Enterprises (SME's): 
  • 405-7146; 551-2200 local 2655
Do you have any other concerns or problem with Landbank?
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26 Macabantog maginandong jr.   (23-May-2016 6:24 PM)
Goodevening. I'll just ask what if my i checked my atm balance then my total balance and available balance has different amount? Which is which of the two is my real money? Example. My total balance is like 5990 and my available balance is 4000. What thats mean? Please help and explain. Thanks.

25 rosalyn duran   (10-May-2016 5:58 PM)
im a memeber of 4p's im filling my cashcard for replacement im just asking if my card is done

24 nym06151962   (10-May-2016 9:08 AM)
I have yet to receive my visa card after i have requested for reactivation last month. I had been given Report No. 119-362-016. I find it really very difficult contacting your hotline number; all I hear are recorded messages until I run out of load.

23 Armando Alli   (26-April-2016 3:19 PM)
We sent our daughter cash which she tried to withdraw from Your ATM at the UST hospital at 15:22:29 today, 26 April 2016 (Tue). She tried to withdraw P1,500.00 which was deducted from her ATM account (another bank) and yet NO cash came out of Your LBP ATM. She may have already informed a guard on duty. The same thing happened to the next person. How can we recover the amount (P1,500.00)? Please advise asap through email. I can supply You my handphone number and the trace number. There is also no answer at Your hotline 405-7000. Thank You. Regards,

22 maureen salen   (31-December-2015 0:43 AM)
is my checque dated on September 2015 can be encashed this January 2016? it was given to us lately thankyou

21 Cherryl myra f. Amboy   (22-December-2015 4:49 PM)
My lbpiaccess has been locked 2 hours ago.

20 Andrian c bron   (09-December-2015 1:59 PM)
Good day
May i ask regarding my card replacement from cotabato
Cotabato branch told me that they forwarded my new card in fortbonifacio branch and they think that my new card is in landbank main office
May i ask if how many days before i can get my card

19 Alvin manuel   (16-November-2015 8:57 PM)
So very hard to call on your customer service.

18 Judelyn Bayawa   (01-November-2015 12:59 PM)
I am in Australia and my internet access has been locked and I urgently need to transfer money.
I set an email to ibpiaaccess@mail.landbank.com on the 10/30/15 at 9.13 am.

It is now 1.56 pm on the 11/01/2015 and STILL NO REPLY!!!

So I now spent hours trying to phone from Australia and I am transferred to the internet banking where it plays music for a few seconds then silence then the engaged disconnection sound.

No where on your site do you clearly show how to contact Landbank when you are overseas,

I feel totally let down by Landbank. It should not be so HARD to reset my password so I have access to my funds.

17 Carol   (31-August-2015 2:18 PM)
Hi why can't I transact today on any ATM? I've been calling the hotline but it's always busy, I can't contact any customer assistants please I need response thank you

16 ZACARIAS CANDINATO ABAYON   (07-August-2015 9:21 PM)
Hello! Good evening! Can you please unlock my lbpiaccess, i can no longer inquire about my salaries. Please.

15 Cristine   (01-August-2015 7:50 PM)
Good day! I would like to know if my check was encash. I have a big problem please kindly response.

14 Gabrielle Ha   (31-July-2015 7:19 AM)
my atm card was captured earlier this morning around quarter to 8 at your ATM-Sto.Nino Service Road Taguig. I need to get this asap and please inform me through email the instruction how, where and when can i get my card and if would it be possible to send my authorized person to pick it up instead? I'm Seeking for your urgent assistance I badly need my card now for i have to do multiple transactions using that card. Thankyou.

13 elisa a. dulay   (21-July-2015 10:15 AM)
hi am....i was debited at 10k while withdrawing @ bdo....

12 Lalaine D. Mangalus   (01-July-2015 6:08 PM)
Dear sir/mam

I want to report about my husband's ATM card that was captured by your ATM booth at the MRT station at around 6:04 PM. My husband's name is Allan D. Mangalus. How can I/my husband claim it?

Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

11 sandra kristine c. lucero   (26-June-2015 4:51 PM)
good afternoon, my concern is all about landbank iaccess, its just that i forgot both my account and password.,can i ask for some help for recovering my account.,i wasn't informed totally when i filled up the membership form the importance of the iaccess account,.here is my atm card no. 3395 0346 25 and pin 1210

10 Andrian bron   (25-June-2015 12:37 PM)
Good day.
Why I can't access my iaccess account? My account name is Andrian c Bron.tnx

9 Mary Keith   (16-June-2015 3:09 PM)
Good pm ma'am/sir:
May i ask what is your swift code or BIC in LANDBANK DIPOLOG BRANCH? ASAP

8 manuel j. anino   (20-May-2015 9:00 AM)
helo can you please unlock my lbpiaccess i can no longer inquire my salary or other benefits

7 Jecelyn Arbuis   (18-May-2015 11:53 AM)

I would like to know how can I access my landbank account in Philippines while I am here at Singapore. I need to have a balance Inquiry to monitor the amount present in my landbank account.

I hope to hear from you soonest about this matter.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Jecelyn Arbuis

6 Arnel Nanas Conservado   (25-December-2014 10:11 PM)
Hello can you help me how to check my deposits in landbank thru internet ,,what is your website in checking my savings account,,thank u

5 Si Jaja Ako   (09-October-2014 8:23 PM)
hello! Can you please help
me on what to do with my expired cash card? can't withdraw my money. thanks!

4 Si Jaja Ako   (09-October-2014 8:21 PM)
Hi! Pl

3 Kulet Reselirben Letku   (16-August-2014 2:51 PM)
good day sir , last August 13, 2014, i took my 2nd salary loan, last night i received txt messege that my loan is already in my cash card, then this morning August 16, i'll try to cash out thru cash card but useless no money comes out from the atm machine, what's the problem , any help ,

2 DAVID CRISTIAN CABICO MARIANO   (10-February-2014 7:25 PM)

Good Day!

May i request to your good office to deactivated may Landbank ATM card for the reasoned that it was lost when i am buying food in the market. I exerted diligent effort to find it but in vain. And I am requesting for the replacement of my atm cards.

Thank you & God bless!

1 Elizabeth Cano   (12-October-2013 2:00 PM)
I have a check from Pag-Ibig (salary loan) and just wanted to know if I can encash it at any Landbank Branch. The check says it is from the Buendia branch and it is too far from where I live.