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Prime Asia Pawnshop Business Profile
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Here is a short business/company profile of Prime Asia Pawnshop. It is officially and formally known as Prime Asia Pawn & Jewelry Shop, Inc. in the Philippines.

(Picture) Prime Asia Pawnshop Business Logo

Prime Asia Pawnshop Foundation

Prime Asia Pawn & Jewelry Shop Inc., is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. It is an active member of the Chamber of Pawnbrokers of the Philippines. It was founded and started in 1993 with the opening of its first branch located in Colon St., Cebu City, Philippines. With its steady growth and stability in the years that followed, Prime Asia is now recognized as one of the stalwarts in the pawnshop industry with its 100 branches spread all over the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

Prime Asia Pawnshop Distinctiveness

Prime Asia Pawnshop is the first and only ISO-certified pawnshop in the Philippines at present. Clearly, one of the indications the Company is moving vigorously forward into the position of being among the top pawnshop companies in the country. Embarking on an ambitious expansion program will see it double its number of branches in the next couple of years, making Prime Asia Pawn & Jewelry Shops Inc., effectively in the top 5 pawnshops in the Philippines within that period.

Prime Asia Pawnshop Products and Services

With products and services ranging from Pawning (acceptance of jewelry and cellphones) to e-load and retailer SIM sales, Travel and Tours ticketing, to Western Union and its own Cash & Prenda Padala money transfers, the company has brought comfort and convenience to hundreds of thousands of customers, small and medium sized businesses, in and around the archipelago. Even more, Prime Asia promises to bring forth more products and services that will greatly alleviate the living conditions of its countrymen by way of easier loan outs on a more varied acceptance of valuable items and introduction of new products and services.

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19 robert   (07-April-2014 8:04 AM)
Hi, how much is your appraisal for longines swiss watch

18 leah   (25-March-2014 1:20 PM)
hi sir.. what branch is having a rematado sale? I like to buy samsung s2. My budget is 6,000 pesos.

17 gheyief   (17-January-2014 12:17 PM)
How much is your appraisal for samsung note II?

16 liza thompson   (29-July-2013 11:25 AM)
is it alright to sell the pawn receipts coz some of them are rematado & some are not that is if you can help me. thank you...

15 lyn   (28-July-2013 6:54 AM)
Can I pawn my new laptop? pls reply.

14 GILBERT CALLEDO   (21-March-2013 10:30 AM)
Can I pawn my SAMSUNG CELLPHONE model GT-E1080F .?

13 Petter   (30-January-2013 11:25 AM)
I have opened an account sa Banko a joint venture of BPI and Globe, but I am still hesitant to deposit through Prime Asia Pawnshop. Does it function like that in a real bank?

12 Ana theresa Cabug   (11-November-2012 4:23 PM)
Hi do you have already a branch somewhere in ozamiz city?

11 Elle Bongabong   (01-November-2012 0:56 AM)
Hi I just want to know are you operational tomorrow november 1st?

10 Arnie Bulan Donieto   (27-August-2012 1:00 PM)
hi ,
i hust wanna know the landline no of Kalibo Gaisano Branch.thanks

9 Wolforce Security Agency   (08-August-2012 10:44 AM)

We are from Wolforce Security Agency. Our office is located at 215 Dahlia Rd. Greenhills Subdivision, Casuntingan, Mandaue City 6014 Cebu. Please feel free to call us at (032)4207389/5053507 or send us e-mail for any inquiries. You can visit our website at www.wolforcesecurity.com. We are glad to submit to you our proposal for the security risk management of your establishment. We are fueled to work with your requirement. Our clients can attest our dedication to work.

Thank you very much and we look forward to serving your company.

8 luis cane mercadal   (27-July-2012 1:25 PM)
hi i would just like to ask the number of prime asia pawn and jewelry shop inc in cebu city?

7 angel lasola   (29-March-2012 9:21 PM)
Can i know the exact address of prime asia pawnshop's main office in bacolod?

6 angel lasola   (29-March-2012 9:16 PM)
can i know what is the exact address of the regional office in bacolod?

5 JR   (24-February-2012 9:16 AM)
Can I pawn "gold watch"? seiko 5?

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