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Negros Navigation Schedule of Voyage (Shipping/Trip Schedule)

Here's a schedule of Negros Navigation's Shipping (Daily schedule ni sa ilang biyahe - trip guide). The time indicated below is the time of departure. Find the place of your destination below.

Negros Navigation Shipping Schedule


Shipping Schedule

Time of Departure
Cebu - ManilaSaturday1:30 PM
Cebu - TagbilaranThursday10:00 PM
Cebu - OzamizThursday10:00 PM
Cebu - IliganThursday10:00 PM
Tagbilaran - ManilaSaturday6:30 AM
Tagbilaran - OzamizFriday6:30 AM
Tagbilaran - IliganFriday3:00 AM
Tagbilaran - CebuSaturday3:00 AM

For more destinations and updated Negros Navigation Shipping Schedule, please visit this site: www.negrosnavigation.ph

Negros Navigation Travel Reminders:

  1. CHECK-IN. Please check-in three (3) hours before departure time. FOR YOUR SAFETY AND SECURITY, GATE IS CLOSED THIRTY (30) MINUTES BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME.

  2. IDENTIFICATION OF BAGGAGES. Put your name, address and destination on all your baggages and hand-carried cargo. This is done to avoid lost baggages. Baggages without identification marks will not be loaded onboard the vessel.

  3. BAGGAGE INSPECTION. All passengers are required to undergo baggage inspection before boarding the vessel.

  4. NON-TRANSFERABLE TICKETS. Your ticket is strictly non-transferable and is valid only on the vessel and on the time and date specified.

  5. TICKET INSPECTION. Don't forget to bring valid ID cards when traveling. Keep your ticket for inspection at the pier and onboard the vessel. Lost tickets cannot be replaced.

  6. TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN. Children under 3 years old (lower than 100 cm in height) will be charged the basic amount of PHP 150.00 plus 12 % EVAT. Children between 3 - 11 yrs old (above 100 cm in height) will be charged half of the regular fare for the designated destination.

  7. FARE OF MINORS. Passengers aged four (4) to eleven (11) years old and children below four years old but are more than 100 centimeters will pay only half (1/2) of the fare.

  8. PREGNANT PASSENGERS. Be sure to bring all medical documents (especially a doctor's certificate) when traveling. Pregnant passengers are advised to undergo medical screening at our port clinic to determine fitness to travel. (In fair weather conditions, pregnant women below their 6th month are allowed to travel.)

  9. REVALIDATION/REFUND. In case you are unable to travel on the date specified on the ticket, just bring your ticket to your nearest issuing ticket outlet for revalidation or refund. Be sure to bring a valid ID or have a representative bring your ID and an authorization letter. A penalty maybe charged depending on the reason for revalidation/refund. Tickets are valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance (except for complimentary tickets which are valid only for six months).
Shipping schedule may change without prior notice.
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191 dory dinaga   (20 November 2017 12:20 PM)
please me me qoutation . thanks

190 dory dinaga   (20 November 2017 12:18 PM)
How much it will cost wigo car from manila to tagbilan? Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks

189 raymond galicia   (02 June 2017 5:58 PM)
magkano po ba ang pamasahe from cebu to manila at anong pier po kayo? ang tagal din po ng response ninyo sa email...

188 alejandro dela cruz   (30 May 2017 12:49 PM)
anong araw schedule ng byahe ninyo dumaguete to manila at magkano ang fare

187 Gelyn Soleman   (06 March 2017 2:56 PM)
How much is the ticket from Manila to Bacolod around end of march and 1st week of April.

Thank you.

186 Rowena Marmes   (06 January 2017 11:57 PM)
kailan may promo ang fare mula Manila to Dumaguete?

185 Henry Ang   (05 December 2016 8:15 PM)
Mag kano ticket Manila to roxas, schedule ng biyahe January 12, 2017.

184 Henry Ang   (05 December 2016 8:14 PM)
Magkano ticket manila to roxas, schedule ng biyahe para sa January 12, 2017. Thanks

183 jaime tanaka   (19 October 2016 9:14 PM)
manila to tagbilaran magkano pamasahe

182 jerome c. valdez   (14 October 2016 1:43 PM)

I want to ask, how will be the rate for a startex van 2007 model, cost worth of the vehicle Php 350,000.00
travel from Cebu to manila around month of November third to end of the month.

Please do reply me at email soon. thank you and god bless

181 Lito Vista Estimos   (12 October 2016 8:08 PM)
magkano po ang bayad ng cargo per ton.

Thank you

180 Catherine Andres   (22 September 2016 3:46 PM)
Where can I verify if there was no ferry travel on a specific date and route?

Particularly, Ormoc to Cebu on August 15 and 16, 2016?

Thank you in advance.

179 Kimberly Joy Wiley   (03 July 2016 1:35 AM)
How much po cost ng cargo? Moving from manila to Iligan city.. Karga po mga appliances, sofa and marami pa po.
Pls reply as soon as possible po.

178 Edwin c. Bracamonte   (11 December 2015 3:56 PM)
How much is the fare from Gensan to iloilo or Bacolod & what is the schedule of departure?
Thanks & Regards.

177 Teodorico P. Galanido   (09 November 2015 5:07 PM)
How much is the fare to Manila from Pueto Princesa on November 30,2015?

176 marissa.delgado   (07 November 2015 9:16 AM)
I would like to verify how much the fare from manila to Bacolod, travel date is on December 19, 2015. what is the name of the vessel for this date?

Thank you.

175 Aileen Masula   (02 September 2015 5:20 PM)
Hi how much the fare to travel to Gen.San.city,on sept 13,is there any promo at this month,pls kindly inform my email,as soon as possible,thank you sir/madam

174 Jennifer C. Bana-ay   (24 May 2015 3:48 PM)
hi.. how much is the fare of travel from manila to bacolod city on September 17, 2015? is there any promo for the round trip? please kindly inform or text me to this number 09207500076 or just sent me an email as soon as possible if it is okay.. thank you and god bless

173 marilou divino   (04 April 2015 2:40 PM)
you have a schedule on MAY 1?

172 marilou divino   (04 April 2015 2:39 PM)
how much the fare of manila to bacolod,on MAY 1 of negros navigation?

171 marilou divino   (04 April 2015 2:36 PM)
how much the fare of manila to bacolod?

170 miguel suyat antonino   (03 April 2015 11:44 AM)
we are retirees that wishes to see places for less. Do you have a cruise style set-up that can meet our expectation . Kindly contact us
soonest, we expect to travel in the month of may.

169 graven   (10 June 2014 9:05 AM)
how much the fare of cebu to iligan?

168 graven   (10 June 2014 9:01 AM)
good morning. How much is the fare of travel from iligan to cebu? thank you.

167 kiko   (01 June 2014 7:47 PM)
how much is the fare manila-dipolog ang dipolog-manila and when are the schedules? thanks for reply if okay reply to this number 09352369324

166 cromwell ferrer   (29 May 2014 3:40 PM)
do you schedule trips zamboanga city to bacolod?

165 charlyn dilidili   (12 May 2014 1:22 PM)
is there a promo this month ? dipolog to manila . how much will it cost ? can you sent the ans. to this number ? 09126112445 . thank you .

164 jovelteh monleon   (27 April 2014 11:50 AM)
do you have travel from manila to tagbilaran or manila to cebu this may..thanks and how much is the fare and where to buy ticket thanks kindly txt me at 09355374482 thank you..

163 elizer alinio   (24 April 2014 1:06 AM)
what is the time and day of travel from tagbilaran city, and how much is the fare for tourist accommodation

162 jeanquibo   (23 April 2014 6:42 PM)
How much in manila-zamboanga this comming may 11?

161 carlo ynque   (04 April 2014 7:05 PM)
any trips cebu-dipolog? fares and schedules?

160 Joy Francis Magbanua   (04 April 2014 9:28 AM)
good day !!! is thier a schedule for cagayan de oro to ilo ilo city.??..if there is, how much is the fare?? and is there any promo?? thank you and god bless... :)

159 jeffrey   (22 March 2014 4:53 PM)
hi po

158 lynrose planas   (17 March 2014 8:30 PM)
hi ,, good evening,,,, how much is the fare from manila to bacolod??....at how much is thelimit for baggages?? at if the baggages exceeds 1 kilo, how much is the charge per kilo, Thank you. Text back please.

157 eliseo emil osoya   (17 March 2014 11:49 AM)
schedule.. bacolod to manila and manila to bacolod. 2nd week of april thanks

156 cherry villariguez   (17 March 2014 9:11 AM)
schedule manila
to dipolog and how much the fare?

155 iMonching   (04 March 2014 6:21 PM)
good evening ...inquire about the trip schedule april 2014 ozamis to manila

154 iMonching   (04 March 2014 6:19 PM)
trip schedule April 2014 trip ozamis to metro manila

153 guillen macas   (04 March 2014 7:30 AM)
hi! good morning. mgtanong lang po kong kailan ang trip manila to tagbilaran city at mgkano ang pamasahe. gusto ko san kung myron sa march 30 or 31, 2014. tnx.

152 jessiebert wasawas   (07 February 2014 12:04 PM)
ask ko po kung magkano ang pamasahe ng motor lang na honda XR200cc CEBU TO MANILA?

151 Marichu Sabarre   (01 February 2014 12:39 PM)
hi, just want to know more about there schedules and fare from Manila to Tagbilaran and Tagbilaran to Manila

150 Joe Mart Fama   (27 December 2013 9:32 AM)
Good day!! may byahepo ba kayo papuntang GEN SAN from MANILA?? magkano po ang fair??

149 Regine Bagares   (02 December 2013 2:53 PM)
gud pm poh. pwede po be malaman kung kailan schedule from manila to cagayan from december 6-8 po. at tsaka magkano tnx poh. hoping for your immediate respose or kindly text me to this nimber tnx a lot.

148 diane   (30 November 2013 2:29 PM)
hi i want to ask if how much if we send a toyota hilux to cebu tnx

147 rodolfo a. gimino   (29 November 2013 10:09 AM)
gud am po.. my sched po ba mnla to cdo? kailan po at mgkano?

146 delbert achas   (02 November 2013 9:17 PM)
gud eve... is there any schedule for ilo2 to cagayan de oro city on nov. 7? how much? kindly give me some info regarding the timeof departure n arrival?

145 Edgar   (20 October 2013 2:01 PM)
hi.. may i ask what are the requirements needed in shipping motorcycle from bacolod to manila and how much would it cost ? thank you

144 Franz   (31 August 2013 8:25 PM)
Hi gud day, how much would it cost for my honda xr 200cc from manila to bacolod? Im planning to ship my motorcycle this sept. 2013 tnx

143 marchie balasabas   (12 August 2013 7:53 AM)
how much the pier from manila to dipolog city? then when the schedule of travel this month of augst?

142 LILIBETH   (30 July 2013 12:32 PM)

141 LILIBETH   (30 July 2013 12:31 PM)

140 clifford   (07 July 2013 12:02 PM)
schedule for the month of August Manila to Cebu pls..

139 princess mahinay   (05 May 2013 10:58 PM)
hi, i am realy having problem on how to bring my car from manila to mindanao.. i wish to know if you can help me with this and how much would it cost for my car shipment from manila to mindanao, dipolog or ozamis port.. please send a helpful reply in my email.. thanks and GOD bless..

138 Elderico erez   (28 April 2013 6:06 PM)

137 Ellen joy K. Selim   (26 April 2013 12:40 PM)
gandang araw po ,, gusto ko po mag tanong kung may byahe ba kayo cagayan to tagbilaran at kailan at anong oras po... salamat

136 Maykee Gamao   (15 April 2013 11:27 PM)
ask lg poh kng my promo po kau this coming may 11..manila to bakolod po..patxt nlg po sa no... ko 09234940552 .tnks..

135 ma.concepcion f,zamora   (12 April 2013 8:54 PM)
ask ko lang po kung meron pong promo ngayong month?bacolod to manila.and magkano po ng fare?

134 joemar navarro   (12 April 2013 9:51 AM)
ask ko lng po kng my promo po kau ngaun 14 tnx po pki txt nlang po sa n# ko 09301455884 bacolod to manila

133 joemar navarro   (12 April 2013 9:47 AM)
ask ko lng po kng my promo po kau ngaun 14 tnx po pki txt nlang po sa n# ko 09301455884

132 Jane   (10 April 2013 1:24 PM)
ask ko lng po kung may trip sched po on may and if may promo on that month thanks.

131 matthew john espiritu   (09 April 2013 10:45 AM)
do you have a schedule from manila to bacolod, april 21,2013, and how much is the fare?

130 Princess G. Dela Torre   (07 April 2013 10:18 PM)
tanong ko lang po, magkano po ba ang ticket ngayon...puntang PALAWAN.... AT KILAN PO ANG may promo?

129 sheilamaesendico   (02 April 2013 4:59 PM)
eloi.po tanung k lng po f my promo po kau this coming june po?tnx po pkitixt nlng po s number k 09081705458........................god bls po

128 rosalinda   (31 March 2013 10:16 PM)
meron po ba schedule ng manila to bacolod tomorrow april 1 2013

127 ltbustamante   (30 March 2013 4:40 PM)
please could i have the current fare of manila-cebu. and if she ia leaving at 1:30 on saturday from cebu what time will she reach manila

126 noli   (29 March 2013 5:31 AM)
ask ko lang po kung mag kano po ung fare ticket ng funeral from manila to butuan city thans po..

125 melessa   (17 March 2013 1:13 PM)
gud pm.meron po bang promo for this month.magkano po?

124 joy m antonio   (14 March 2013 9:04 PM)
gud eveningg..anung araw ang byahe. manila to zamboanga.. at magkano po.. txbak ASAP

123 ariel p. coleto   (04 March 2013 12:01 PM)
I just want to ask from you, how could i ship my nissan vannete vehicle from manila to north cotobato? Do u have a trip going there? what is yor schedule of trip? How much will be the expenses? What are the requirements? Pwede bang iship lang ito mag isa at intayin nalang duon sa pier na pag dadalahan? Thanks in advance for answering all these inquiries. God bless u!

122 raymiller   (24 February 2013 5:08 AM)
please send departure schedules from manila to cebu and tagbilaran city, plus rates for a suite or state room plus one cousin travelling with us.

i have been on your vessels before, they are excellent,

we will travel in april, late, not sure of schedule yet

how long when reserve till full payment for ticket and how is ticketing done, similar to airline, or do you mail it, or do we print on line?

sincerely, ray miller

121 Rachel Garzon   (23 February 2013 5:08 PM)
good day po,ask ko lng kung may sced.kau ng beyahe this coming march 10?magkano po at what time po?.

120 Vinz Valle   (22 February 2013 2:17 PM)

I want to ship my car from Manila to Cebu on March 10, 2013. My car is 2nd hand Chevrolet Venture model 2002. The approximate resale value is P200,000.00

May I know the schedule, rate and what are the documents we need to prepare, and things t do?

119 jandelyn baloria curambao   (20 February 2013 7:03 AM)

118 delia   (19 February 2013 1:25 PM)
good day po!!! may schedule ba kau cgayan de oro to ilo ilo city...magkano po ang fare...thank you n god bless

117 rex delarmente   (02 February 2013 11:13 AM)
mayron ba kyong scduled para manila to zamboanga anong pitsa thanks

116 Fritz Torreon   (30 January 2013 11:28 PM)
Ask lang pa ako kung magkano lahat ang bayad kung mag sakay ako nang car ex.vios,altis or honda civic from Manila to Cagayan de Oro..at libre po ba ang driver or owner sa pamasahe..salamat po...

115 joy   (26 January 2013 3:54 PM)
wen ang sked papnta manile dis week

114 brenda era   (22 January 2013 9:28 AM)
ano po ba schedule ng saint michael from bacolod to manila this last week of January? magkano po tourist?

113 arcelyn   (20 January 2013 9:46 AM)
tanong ko lng po ung manila to bacolod na trip. kung kukuha po ba ako ngaun month
pero first of may pa po ang sakay may promo po ba ? makanu pag round trip?

112 kim   (12 January 2013 12:25 PM)
tanong ko lng po kong may promo kau iligan to manila ngaung april..khit anong araw po basta april..thx. po have a nice day..god bless

111 leah   (09 January 2013 1:17 PM)
tnong ko lng po..
myron po ba kyong from mnila to bcolod na sched sa april 2013..?

110 leah   (09 January 2013 1:15 PM)
tanong ko lang po....
wala po ba kayong from manila to bacolod na schedule sa april 2013 po..?

109 tintin   (08 January 2013 7:56 PM)
ask q lng po qng kelan sked ng byahe mula manila to dipologat qng magkan

108 alimar   (07 January 2013 4:05 PM)
tanong ko lang po kng meyron po bang byehe ngayong jan.14 2013.
thankz po

107 jeanne basense   (06 January 2013 11:04 AM)
wla po ba kyong byhe from cagayan-zamboanga?

106 martin john maaño   (04 January 2013 5:15 PM)
wala po ba kayong promo fare this february 2013 manila to bacolod and what site po makikita mga sched nyo. tnx

105 jojo mag-abo__   (04 January 2013 3:10 PM)
wala po bang shipping manila to ozamiz tomrrow?

104 juanito l. bacani jr.   (03 January 2013 12:55 PM)
ask ko lng po meron b kyo trip sched from manila to cebu sa sunday? ano oras po ska magkano ang pamasahe?

103 juanito l. bacani jr.   (03 January 2013 12:51 PM)
ask ko lng po kung meron b sched ng trip from manila to cebu city sa sunday? ano oras po at magkano ang pamasahe ?

102 mary ann santillana   (03 January 2013 12:17 PM)
mayroon po ba kayong prom sa march ?

101 Jan Castaneda   (02 January 2013 4:20 PM)
We would like to check with you all how much would be the cargo charges for 1 unit of Toyota Hilux Pick up from manila to cebu samething with Hyundai Elantra cedan car with the same destination? and whats the requirements?

Appreciate your feedback.


100 eltonaro@yahoo.com   (29 December 2012 1:12 PM)
gud pm.pwd poh bang magtanung,mgkanu hu ba ticket price.tagbilaran to manila via cebu,on jan 5, 2013 sat 15:OO.Tnx

99 ferdi postigo   (28 December 2012 11:36 PM)
h! ask ko lang po yun voyage date this february manila to ozamis? thank you...

98 ruben jamelarin   (28 December 2012 10:38 PM)
good eve po ask ko lang kung magkano ticket from manila to iloilo this comming april 15? thanks

97 ruben jamelarin   (28 December 2012 10:33 PM)
good eve po. magkano po ticket from manila to iloilo this comming April 15?

96 hilaria gutang   (26 December 2012 10:21 PM)
may schedule po ba from Ozamis to Tagbilaran this Friday?

95 jah   (26 December 2012 4:10 PM)
Tuloy po ba ung scheduled trip tomorrow 10:00pm?

94 ROY M. JAMILI   (26 December 2012 10:06 AM)
gud mrning,tuloy po ba ang byahe ngayon bacolod - manila?

93 nezel   (24 December 2012 11:43 AM)
may biyahe pa ba manila to tacloban o kya manila to maasin?

92 brandon c baquita   (16 December 2012 10:48 AM)
May byahe ho ba manila to bacolod january 2 or 3

91 vicente gerardo c. atanas   (15 December 2012 9:21 AM)
magkano bayad nang super custom van toyota brand.at magkano fare pasenger from manila to iloilo travel time december 22 or 23,2012.

90 aikee alipe   (10 December 2012 1:05 PM)
wala po bang byahe manila to cdo ?? tnx po

89 jaive   (06 December 2012 8:28 PM)
pwede po makahingi ng list ng schedule ng byahe from manila to ozamis this december..pati po ticket prices.. and paano po magpa book ng motorcycle..i'll be expecting your response poh..tnx ahead..

88 Joy Capa   (03 December 2012 9:31 AM)
Just wanna ask po yong price ng ticket manila-bacolod tapos yong shipping schedule po...please emai mel na lang po..thanks

87 Alvin Abril   (01 December 2012 4:28 PM)




86 anabella pendon   (28 November 2012 8:49 PM)
pakisend na lng ng sagot sa email qo.. hingi rin po aqo ng number ng outlet here in Manila.thnx

85 anabella pendon   (28 November 2012 8:48 PM)
good evening...ask qo lng po f my promo keu this december going to cagayan?

84 Michelle valencia   (23 November 2012 10:26 PM)
ask ko lng po kung accept kyo ng booking for december 2012, at kung me byahe kyo manila to raxas city.tnx po

83 ivyrose pradia   (23 November 2012 11:03 AM)
ask ko lang po anu ang sked manla to bacolod this coming dec 2012 tnx po

82 Daids8rex   (22 November 2012 4:13 PM)
Magkano po fair sa isang motorsiklo mula manila papunta dipolog city (Mindanao)

Thanks... waiting ur rply...

81 errol c. torregoza   (19 November 2012 8:12 PM)
kailan schedule nyo manila to cagayan de oro city

80 errol c. torregoza   (19 November 2012 8:10 PM)
taning ko lang kung meron kayong schedule from manila to cagayan de oro city, tnx

79 ruel g. ramirez   (19 November 2012 3:58 PM)
hi tanung ko lang po my promo po ba kayo this dec. manila to bacold how much po thnx..

78 jess shebel   (17 November 2012 3:09 PM)
gudpm...wana ask f magkano ang fare iloilo to butuan? meron po bang byahe iloilo to surigao? tnx. Godbless!

77 rolina rabanes   (17 November 2012 8:17 AM)
gud am...inquiry lg po f may sked po kayo sa dec 22 n magkano po ang price?tnx po...

76 rosy militante   (16 November 2012 9:35 PM)
magkano din po fare cebu iligan on dec,20 thnx po i

75 rosy militante   (16 November 2012 9:33 PM)
ask lng po magkno po fare bacolod iligan on dc 18?

74 rycel grey   (16 November 2012 11:47 AM)
pwede po bang malaman ang sched. po ng manila to bacolod this dec.10 at magkanu po ba?thanks po

73 emman   (13 November 2012 3:39 PM)

Just like grace concern:

May schedule p b kau this coming december 22-25, 2012 from manila to zamboanga?

And by January 4-6 from zambo to manila?


72 rose pagunsan   (12 November 2012 6:02 AM)
Pwde po ba malaman ung sched po ng manila to bacolod this nov 25...the how much po...tnx

71 jacqueline c. tanate   (11 November 2012 10:58 PM)
makano po ba ticket sa barko biehe ng DEC 21 yon pong affordable.ok kang po ba mag pa reserve na kunin sa sunday san po b pwede ma kuha?

70 Mercy Nietes   (08 November 2012 1:44 PM)
can i have the schedule of fare from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City promo rate?

69 ashly narciso   (08 November 2012 1:37 PM)
my promo po ba kau>? manila-mindanao?mgkano ticket po?

68 roberto gadingan   (07 November 2012 10:37 AM)
ask ko lang po sched ng barko manila to bacolod for the whole month of november

67 john   (04 November 2012 11:22 AM)
ano oras po ba dating ng saint joseph ngayon from bacolod to manila.

66 shelly   (03 November 2012 11:25 PM)
need to know if u have schedule nextweek from Roxas Capiz to manila.. thankz and more power

65 shelly   (03 November 2012 11:23 PM)
may schedule po ba kayo ng byahe from Roxas Capiz to Manila? or from caticlan to manila? thank you and more power NN:)

64 drew   (03 November 2012 5:58 PM)
is there any trip from MLA to GENSAN this week? please accommodate this inquiry thank you.

63 selina dungog   (31 October 2012 6:43 PM)
may schedule kyo bukas cebu to manila at anong oras

62 grace   (31 October 2012 11:08 AM)
sir/madam may schedule p b kau this coming december 23-25, 2012 from manila to zamboanga? thnx po...

61 grace   (31 October 2012 11:07 AM)
sir/madam may shedule po ba kau from manila to zamboanga december 25, 2012?thnx more power..

60 elkie   (31 October 2012 10:22 AM)
sir,madam pwde poh vah malaman kung anung schedule ng cagayan to iloilo pah ngaung december :)
tx a lot poh :!!!!

59 ma.loisa n. lebumfacil   (23 October 2012 8:02 AM)
magkano po ba ung cost of fare schedule on october 28

58 Irene So   (21 October 2012 4:09 PM)
Just want to know how much is the cost of fare of motorcycle from Roxas to Manila? Thank you.

57 Irene So   (21 October 2012 4:07 PM)
Hi good day pwede po ba malaman magkano fare ng motor if dadalhin from RoxasTo Manila?
Thank you.

56 mae   (20 October 2012 1:55 PM)
pwd po mlaman anu po schedule between nov 2 to nov 5 po from manila to iloilo? tnx poh

55 nhic basa jr   (15 October 2012 2:26 PM)
we would like to request vessel schedule for the month of october...

thank you

54 Armeda Kelley   (08 October 2012 5:24 AM)
pwede ba maka hingi nang Phone # of the sales representatives? Also if any promo? Maraming salamat po.

53 tiborsabugaa   (06 October 2012 12:28 PM)
mayroon po kayo schedule ilo ilo to cagayan de oro october 27

52 efren Lim   (04 October 2012 4:33 PM)
why don't you indicate your teelphone numbers where we can talk directly to any of your sales representatives?

51 janith ruiz   (04 October 2012 3:38 PM)
hi puweding makuha ang tel.# nyo dito manila para naman makakatawag kami kapag may problem ang aming ticket......or makakuha man lang ng impormasyon ka pag ang barko nyo i delay......thanks pls.repy me...

50 Mae   (27 September 2012 11:54 AM)
Hello po mayroon po ba kayong byahe cebu to iloilo this saturday september 29,2012?
Magkano po ba pamasahe?may promo ba na pwedin kong ma avail on that date?Pls reply...Thanks

49 sonia   (26 September 2012 9:16 PM)
hello wala po ba kayong manila to dumaguete mgkano pamasahe manila dumaguete

48 rose mae   (24 September 2012 5:25 PM)
tanong ko lang po, meron po ba kayong iloilo to general santos na biyahe at kailan?

47 grannie rey jamelo   (13 September 2012 2:00 PM)
gud pm meron po ba kayung sched manila-bacolod sept 14 oo 15.thanxs po

46 farah amihan   (12 September 2012 1:50 PM)
magkano ngaun ang pamasahe iloilo to manila?

45 lila nardo   (10 September 2012 12:51 PM)
My promo po b ngaun ang nn mnla-bclds ganitong date,,,either sept30,12-oct1,12..reply asap po.thanks po

44 sittienor ampuan   (01 September 2012 5:02 PM)
saan pba banda ung pier 6? ska anong time pba darating sa monday ung
negros navagation?? yong paalis ngaun?????????

43 rosalina epe   (25 August 2012 9:08 AM)
Do you have schedules fom Manila to Cebu what ime?

42 hazel   (22 August 2012 1:50 PM)
magkano po ticket ngaun 25 po meron aliz bac manila

41 noel   (03 August 2012 9:08 PM)
magkano pasahe ng sasakyan crosswind nasipit to dumaguete

40 Fegemar Silang   (24 July 2012 2:10 PM)
Magkano po ang rate from bacolod to manila? pang economy lang po na accomodation

39 apple orquia   (20 July 2012 8:24 PM)
.would you please inform me about the schedule of nae.nav from iloilo to gen.san city..thank u..

38 erlinda suarez   (19 July 2012 7:59 AM)
beyahe ko from manila to nasipit.meron ba kayong trip to nasipit? at kelan?

37 MARICEL   (17 July 2012 10:33 AM)

36 imelda   (12 July 2012 5:25 PM)
i need to know if may travel kayo tomorow night from manila to iloilo. need your answer asap plsss.tnx a lot

35 imelda   (12 July 2012 5:24 PM)
need to know if may byahe kayo tomorrow night? need your answer asap plssss. thanks a lot.

34 emily amor bragancia   (09 July 2012 8:14 AM)
meron bng byahe general santos to iloilo?

33 rosa ma. el v. cajutay   (02 July 2012 10:34 AM)
maybiyahe po ba ngayong wednesday? magkano po pamasahe?

32 Nick Alco   (24 June 2012 3:29 PM)
Pwede po ba malaman if magkano ang fare from Iloilo to Manila to Iloilo with vehicles (pick up) isang tao lng po. Pls also include ang schedule ng trip.


31 noel bondoy   (21 June 2012 1:44 PM)
pwede po b malaman kong magkano ang pamasahe papuntang iligan city,mayron po ba kayong promo dis month?maraming salamat po.

30 Ernesto   (06 June 2012 9:54 PM)
magkano po ung ticket ngaun? yung sa PROMO po? need ur reply ASAP thank you so much!

29 may javier   (05 June 2012 11:25 AM)
pls rply f magkno ticket

28 may javier   (05 June 2012 11:24 AM)
magkno ticket nw po

27 dhoren klein jagonal   (16 May 2012 4:22 PM)
kailan po ba ang trip from iloilo to cagayan

26 Joemar Tan   (14 May 2012 6:03 PM)
pwede malaman yung promo rates ng manila to bacolod july ang schedule ng trip thanks!!! yung discounted promo po ha.

25 Joemar Tan   (14 May 2012 6:01 PM)
pwede po bang malaman kung may schedule trip from manila to bacolod at how much ang price nya? need reply asap thanks!!!

24 marlo dela cruz   (12 May 2012 2:42 PM)
maam. mayron po kayong schedule trip- Bacolod to cagayan de oro this coming May 18?

23 kevin abkilan   (07 May 2012 6:00 PM)
pwede bang mag tanong kng may byahe kyomay 12 2012/

22 kevin abkilan   (07 May 2012 5:59 PM)
pwede bang magtanong kng may byahe kyo may 12 2012?

21 kim gumilet   (06 May 2012 3:05 PM)
kailan po ang schedule ng negros navigation of may,manila to puerto princesa?

20 genelyn padul   (02 May 2012 12:37 PM)
manila to palawan

19 genelyn padul   (02 May 2012 12:35 PM)
ask ko lng po kung anong time po angbiyahe ng barko niyo sa may 8

18 jerryl talingting   (28 April 2012 11:39 AM)
at magkano ang fare rate ng barko,,, per each? cebu to manila,,,may 14

17 jerryl talingting   (28 April 2012 11:37 AM)
helo,,ask lang po ako may byahe ba ng barko nyo,,, ngaung may 14 cebu to manila,,asap plsss,,,tnx

16 Melvin Jambalos   (15 April 2012 3:08 PM)
may papromo po ba ang negros navigation from manila to dipolog voyage ngayong may.i need your response asap.thanks

15 evelyn debelen   (09 April 2012 10:20 PM)
may promo pa ba kayo sa MAY , manila to bacolod???

14 mayjoy   (08 April 2012 11:22 PM)
ask ko lng poh kng magkano papuntang manila to bacolod....moth of dec. may promo kaya.... thnx poh.. asahan ko po...
pareserve poh ng apat person...

13 eikznav ecarg   (09 March 2012 4:51 PM)
ask ko lg po f heb ba kayo promo zamboanga-bacolod? tnx mor power!!

12 teresa amararon   (05 March 2012 10:57 AM)
ask ko lng po kng may promo pop ba kayo frm manila to dipolog or magkano ang pamasahe frm manila to dipolog....tnks...

11 jessica severino   (03 March 2012 6:10 PM)
ask ko lang po kung mgkano ngayon pamasahe manila to bacolod,

10 eyah   (27 February 2012 2:23 PM)
meron po ba kaung iligan to cebu...tnx

9 Carina M. Bangrain   (18 February 2012 1:16 PM)
ask q lng po, magkano manila to bacolod?,. my promo po kayo this feb.

8 michelle lozada   (07 February 2012 2:45 PM)
ask ko lng po kung mgkanu po galing cagayan de oro to manla...may promo po b kau ds month of feb.

7 norvic   (28 January 2012 1:25 PM)
ask ko lng po kung may promo kayo papuntang osamiz from manila ?

6 nathan camarig   (06 January 2012 10:00 AM)
gandang umaga po ask lang po ako kong pwidi ba ako makakuha ng tecket d2 manila para sa jan 22 2011.iloilo to manila magkano kaya.........

5 nicole cruz   (03 January 2012 11:58 AM)
pwede po ba malaman kong my byahe sa january 6 from dipolog city 2 manila?tnx po...

4 rosmary guevarra   (20 December 2011 7:22 PM)
pwedi po ba malaman kung magkanu ung teckit from manila to bacolod ngaung dec.22
txt bk po asap

3 Froilan R.   (13 December 2011 4:28 PM)
pwede po ba malaman ang travel schedule sa month of dec. 2011 asap po.

2 shaira   (12 December 2011 8:21 PM)
pwede poh ba malaman ang shedule niyo sa month of january 2012... i need ur response as soon as posible thank you

1 bengie navarro   (09 November 2011 1:58 PM)
saan po ang main office sa cebu?