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Negros Navigation Schedule of Voyage (Shipping/Trip Schedule)
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Here's a schedule of Negros Navigation's Shipping (Daily schedule ni sa ilang biyahe - trip guide). The time indicated below is the time of departure. Find the place of your destination below.

Negros Navigation Shipping Schedule


Shipping Schedule

Time of Departure
Cebu - ManilaSaturday1:30 PM
Cebu - TagbilaranThursday10:00 PM
Cebu - OzamizThursday10:00 PM
Cebu - IliganThursday10:00 PM
Tagbilaran - ManilaSaturday6:30 AM
Tagbilaran - OzamizFriday6:30 AM
Tagbilaran - IliganFriday3:00 AM
Tagbilaran - CebuSaturday3:00 AM

For more destinations and updated Negros Navigation Shipping Schedule, please visit this site: www.negrosnavigation.ph

Negros Navigation Travel Reminders:

  1. CHECK-IN. Please check-in three (3) hours before departure time. FOR YOUR SAFETY AND SECURITY, GATE IS CLOSED THIRTY (30) MINUTES BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME.

  2. IDENTIFICATION OF BAGGAGES. Put your name, address and destination on all your baggages and hand-carried cargo. This is done to avoid lost baggages. Baggages without identification marks will not be loaded onboard the vessel.

  3. BAGGAGE INSPECTION. All passengers are required to undergo baggage inspection before boarding the vessel.

  4. NON-TRANSFERABLE TICKETS. Your ticket is strictly non-transferable and is valid only on the vessel and on the time and date specified.

  5. TICKET INSPECTION. Don't forget to bring valid ID cards when traveling. Keep your ticket for inspection at the pier and onboard the vessel. Lost tickets cannot be replaced.

  6. TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN. Children under 3 years old (lower than 100 cm in height) will be charged the basic amount of PHP 150.00 plus 12 % EVAT. Children between 3 - 11 yrs old (above 100 cm in height) will be charged half of the regular fare for the designated destination.

  7. FARE OF MINORS. Passengers aged four (4) to eleven (11) years old and children below four years old but are more than 100 centimeters will pay only half (1/2) of the fare.

  8. PREGNANT PASSENGERS. Be sure to bring all medical documents (especially a doctor's certificate) when traveling. Pregnant passengers are advised to undergo medical screening at our port clinic to determine fitness to travel. (In fair weather conditions, pregnant women below their 6th month are allowed to travel.)

  9. REVALIDATION/REFUND. In case you are unable to travel on the date specified on the ticket, just bring your ticket to your nearest issuing ticket outlet for revalidation or refund. Be sure to bring a valid ID or have a representative bring your ID and an authorization letter. A penalty maybe charged depending on the reason for revalidation/refund. Tickets are valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance (except for complimentary tickets which are valid only for six months).
Shipping schedule may change without prior notice.

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177 Teodorico P. Galanido   (09-November-2015 5:07 PM)
How much is the fare to Manila from Pueto Princesa on November 30,2015?

176 marissa.delgado   (07-November-2015 9:16 AM)
I would like to verify how much the fare from manila to Bacolod, travel date is on December 19, 2015. what is the name of the vessel for this date?

Thank you.

175 Aileen Masula   (02-September-2015 5:20 PM)
Hi how much the fare to travel to Gen.San.city,on sept 13,is there any promo at this month,pls kindly inform my email,as soon as possible,thank you sir/madam

174 Jennifer C. Bana-ay   (24-May-2015 3:48 PM)
hi.. how much is the fare of travel from manila to bacolod city on September 17, 2015? is there any promo for the round trip? please kindly inform or text me to this number 09207500076 or just sent me an email as soon as possible if it is okay.. thank you and god bless

173 marilou divino   (04-April-2015 2:40 PM)
you have a schedule on MAY 1?

172 marilou divino   (04-April-2015 2:39 PM)
how much the fare of manila to bacolod,on MAY 1 of negros navigation?

171 marilou divino   (04-April-2015 2:36 PM)
how much the fare of manila to bacolod?

170 miguel suyat antonino   (03-April-2015 11:44 AM)
we are retirees that wishes to see places for less. Do you have a cruise style set-up that can meet our expectation . Kindly contact us
soonest, we expect to travel in the month of may.

169 graven   (10-June-2014 9:05 AM)
how much the fare of cebu to iligan?

168 graven   (10-June-2014 9:01 AM)
good morning. How much is the fare of travel from iligan to cebu? thank you.

167 kiko   (01-June-2014 7:47 PM)
how much is the fare manila-dipolog ang dipolog-manila and when are the schedules? thanks for reply if okay reply to this number 09352369324

166 cromwell ferrer   (29-May-2014 3:40 PM)
do you schedule trips zamboanga city to bacolod?

165 charlyn dilidili   (12-May-2014 1:22 PM)
is there a promo this month ? dipolog to manila . how much will it cost ? can you sent the ans. to this number ? 09126112445 . thank you .

164 jovelteh monleon   (27-April-2014 11:50 AM)
do you have travel from manila to tagbilaran or manila to cebu this may..thanks and how much is the fare and where to buy ticket thanks kindly txt me at 09355374482 thank you..

163 elizer alinio   (24-April-2014 1:06 AM)
what is the time and day of travel from tagbilaran city, and how much is the fare for tourist accommodation

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