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SuperFerry Schedule of Voyage (Biyahe/Trip Guide)
Here's a voyage schedule of SuperFerry (Daily schedule ni sa ilang biyahe - shipping/trip guide). The time indicated below is the time of departure. Find the place of your destination below.

Place of Origin
to Place of Destination
- Days - Time of Departure
SuperFerry Daily Shipping Schedule (Biyahe/Trip)

SuperFerry Shipping Schedule


SuperFerry Voyage Schedule

Cebu to Manila

Mon - 845 am
Tue - 11:30 am
Wed - 5:15 am
Thu - 10:45 am
Fri - 10:30 am

Manila to Cebu

Wed - 8:00 pm
Thu - 7:45 pm
Fri - 5:15 am
Sat - 6:45 pm
Sun - 9:00 am

Cebu to Cagayan

Mon - 10:30 am
Thu - 930 pm
Fri - 10:45 pm

Cagayan to Cebu

Mon - 11:59 pm
Wed - 2:45 pm
Fri - 11:00 am

Cebu to :

Cotabato - Sun 9:45 pm
Iligan - Sat 8:45 pm
Nasipit - Fri 10:45 pm
Ozamis - Sat 8:45 pm
Zamboanga - Sun 9:45 pm

to Cebu from:

Cotabato - Tue 10:45 pm
Iligan - Sun 7:45 pm
Nasipit - Wed 10:45 pm
Ozamis - Sun 3:15 pm
Zamboanga - Tue 10:15 pm

For monthly shipping schedule, fare and promos of SuperFerry, you can visit their site here. Schedule may change without prior notice.

SuperFerry Travel Tips:

Travel Tip no. 1
When packing your bags, separate your cash, and other valuable and frequently used items in a bag that you would always carry around with you. This will allow you more time to spend on the different areas of the ship instead of going back and forth your accommodation for items you might suddenly need during the trip.

Travel Tip no. 2
Always be ready with your ID and other documents that you might need for your trip for a hassle free entry.

Travel Tip no. 3
Book early. There are two ways to get the best price on SuperFerry: book early or anticipate promos. Both will save you money, but early bookers get the best price—and avoid being disappointed because the trip is sold out.

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91 noel morata   (05-April-2015 9:02 AM)
please send me the price of a ticket from cagayan, to cebu on wednesday...

90 dexter86   (25-June-2014 1:49 PM)
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89 Ogie   (16-June-2014 12:03 PM)
please reply my message for inquiry re Superferry schedule from zamboanga to manila and how much the fare on the economy class with meals?

88 rowena l. santos   (26-May-2014 7:04 PM)
Good pm , can I have the schedule of Manila going to cebu on december trip so that we can maximize our things and also our budget. this is our trip with my husband and I want him to enjoy.

hope to receive schedule and amount.thank you.

87 Allan Celis   (19-June-2013 12:13 PM)
Good Day,

we want to know how can we determine if you are passengers travelling from CEBU to manila yesterday and today.

We are expecting a person who will arrive here in Laguna soon.

86 romano sambajon   (07-June-2013 9:55 AM)
is there a trip today? What time?

85 Rene G. Marasigan   (27-May-2013 7:01 PM)
May I know your trip schedule going to Iloilo from Davao?
Supercat - Iloilo to Bacolod. (sked and fares)

Do you have travel promotions this june?

Thank you.

84 REy   (09-May-2013 2:13 PM)
Good DAy! ,

Please advice the cost of ticket from manila to cebu voyage..

thanks & regards

83 Jeslie Marie   (03-April-2013 5:20 PM)
good day po...... can i ask... how much the fare cagayan de oro city to cebu??

82 menard   (29-March-2013 11:34 PM)
good day!! how much is the fare cagayan to cebu? do you have trip from cagayan to iloilo?

81 jeline gilles   (20-March-2013 4:00 PM)
good day. where is your branch office in baguio for tickets? thanks

80 Shaila   (18-March-2013 4:57 PM)
how much is the fare cebu to manila?
Wed. 5:45

79 Cecille   (15-March-2013 10:51 PM)
Good pm. Do you have promo this coming May, Manila- Cebu and Cebu- Manila?thanks :)

78 Joel Tabora   (13-March-2013 4:22 PM)
travel from cebu to cagayan, will it dock in dumaguete city?

77 aime rose dayag   (10-March-2013 11:43 PM)
do you have promo fare from cebu to manila next week will be the travel?

76 ALLEN RAY   (19-February-2013 0:20 AM)
how much is the fare? manila to cebu? please reply! please search my email in FB. I'll reply on FB if possible.

75 jun   (11-February-2013 8:15 AM)
wala na po bang manila-nasipit?

74 jean pielago   (10-February-2013 1:29 PM)
magkano pamasahe manila to dipolog at sched po thanks...

73 amor   (31-January-2013 11:33 AM)
ano poh true sked zambo-cebu?ilan days\nights din poh ang biyahe?ang 9yrs old n bata kasali n din poh ba xa sa pamasahe?

72 victor   (27-January-2013 11:05 PM)
magkano pamasahe cebu to manila bukas?

71 fritz   (25-January-2013 12:52 PM)
Taning ko lang po kung mgkano pamasahe mula Butuan to manila at sched po ng byahe...maraming salamt po.

70 emmylou potenciando   (19-January-2013 11:48 AM)
magkano pamasahe nasipit to cebu?

69 hazel   (11-January-2013 8:11 PM)
tanong ko lng po kng may byahe manila straight to cagayan de oro?

68 yvonne   (06-January-2013 12:14 PM)
magkano po pamasahe ng manila to cebu this jan. 18,2013

67 Gretchen Leah A.Montejo   (05-January-2013 12:04 PM)
Howmuch is the fare from manila - cebu and manila - ozamiz?

66 reynel sanchez   (28-December-2012 4:51 PM)
ask ko na may biyahi sa linggo ng 30 ng dicember

65 Usman Hassan   (28-December-2012 6:02 AM)
ask ko lang if may schedule trip ang manila to gensan at magkano ang fair ng state room for two person plus one

64 raymund s. resabal   (27-December-2012 3:52 PM)
do you have trip from cagayan de oro to tagbilaran? when?

63 raymund s. resabal   (27-December-2012 3:48 PM)
may byahi ba kayo cagayan de oro to tagbilaran city or jagna? when and how much is the fare?

62 tom b. braga   (17-December-2012 9:50 AM)
How much is the boatfare tourist from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu. TOURIST Accommodation?

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